Su Yiyun, who is standing on the altar, is already the body of the candle, but he is facing the fire rituals of the tens of thousands of sacrifices below.

He didn't go to the screaming exhaustion to gain recognition, or that his current body has no more strength to make him burst.

He is so faint to say, but can pass his indifferent words to the ears of everyone.

"Who do you think you are, can we not live without you? Not just the space collapse, then we are not looking for a space. ”The public burst into tears.

"See it, this…It is the foolish people. This is the ignorance of the people. ”

Su Yiyun's gaze fell on Bell when he said this. His faint smile turned back and looked down at the foolish road.

"At this time, Su Mou does not need to be self-effacing. Apart from me, there should be no other people in the Mozu."

When the voice fell, he did not interact with the following fools, laughing.

"After I die, this space will collapse. And you will be completely exposed to the sight of the Three Realms. How do you live when you arrive? Do you think that the people of the Three Realms will be soft to you, leaving you with a barbaric land to let you thrive. Or, do you think that the ancients will return the space you lived in before? Wake up, no, then you only have one result, that is death! ”

"We can completely attack the Three Realms, and don't use death to scare us. Our Mozu warriors are not afraid of death."

Su Yiyun actually noticed that the existence of these people was absolutely deliberate.

Concealed and looked at Bell next to him…

This kind of small means, playing is not bad. However, for those of whom he has participated in countless debate contests, it is simply a question of sending points.

With a light cough, Su Yiyun sorted out the blouse.

The show begins!

"Very good, it’s good to have a bloody experience, then I want to ask you now, have you ever seen the three realms of today? At that time, our Mozu defeated and lost.Understand that it is defeat is not a retreat! After this, the Mozu Dragon has appeared, and its overall strength has a qualitative leap. And what are you doing, drunk, dreaming, passing, and stealing, right? ”

"The strength of the enemy is growing exponentially, and we are stagnating. So, now, if you rely on you to attack, how many odds can you have? Or can you change one of the ten people in the Three Realms? If you change one, you may not be able to do it. And the number of our Mozu is not dominant, then…Your sacrifice is meaningless! ”

Everyone is silent.

"You all know that in the face of absolute strength, there is no advantage in quantity. Just like a fairy in the face of hundreds of thousands of refining bodies, he can let the hundreds of thousands of refining bodies fly away. Nowadays, if we want to win, we need this person who can have absolute strength. The person I have set is the leader of the current Mozu, Black Dragon. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun glanced at the Black Dragon. It suddenly took the time to release all the pressures of the half-step supreme.


A little closer, even Bell and Lee Min couldn't help but fall to the ground, revealing the painful color.

You must know that they are the most elite of the Mozu, and their strength is the same as the top strength of the Three Realms. Then their status is the most direct state of the top three in the face of the Black Dragon.

"Okay, Black Dragon will stop."

A faint wave of waving to Black Dragon, Su Yiyun looked at Bell and the ignorance of the bottom.

"I feel it, this is absolute strength."

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun said to the group of fools.

"You said in a hurry that the Mozu warriors never fear death, so why can't we die? As you said, you have to rush to the death squad, but the result is just to send the other person's head, then your death has any meaning for the Mozu? No, you have no meaning in dying! That being the case, why do you not die? ”

"How can we make sense of death?"Some people in the fools couldn’t help but open their mouths.

"The sacrifice."

Su Yiyun pointed to the altar behind him and opened his mouth.

"This altar is what I got by chance, the secret of your demon. The effect is that after the sacrifice of the rituals, the refining and blood will be transformed into a certain spiritual power to be infused into the body of the beneficiary. Your sacrifice is to improve the strength of the Black Dragon. As long as he is strong enough, then when we go to attack the Three Realms, the odds will be a big point. ”

"You said that my heart is hot, but you have seen me let the children go to live sacrifices. You said that I am a stone heart, aren't I thinking about the future of your Mozu? Please think about it, you want to let your children live in a stable future, or want them to be captives of the Three Realms and live a life without a future. ”

"You have old people who have been married for a few years. You want to enjoy your old age, but now you can't enjoy your old age, so why don't you go to the future of the Mozu? Among you, there are talented young people, you want to grow up with your children, but now your strength can no longer protect your children, then why don't you devote yourself to your own future and give your child a hope in the future! ”

"Now you are not abandoned by the Mozu. On the contrary, you are the hero of the Mozu. For the life of the Mozu, for the future of the Mozu, give up the hero of your own! ”

The last sentence Su Yiyun almost burst out, and the Mozu people under the altar began to stir up.

To be honest, their blood was ignited.

Not only they, but even Bell, who has been watching Su Yiyun's dissatisfaction, has changed his opinion on him just now.

"we……We are willing to be sacrificed! ”

"Yes, we are willing!"

The people under the altar shouted one after another, and when the blood was burned, they were fearless.

"I am here to thank you for your dedication. You gave us the future of the Mozu, and the glory of the Mozu will last forever!"

Under the extreme emotional rendering, the atmosphere of the masses below was shaken to the top. At this time, they almost did not need the suppression of the guards, and one after another, they jumped off the altar.

Seeing this scene, Su Yiyun took a sigh of relief.

"Master Su, it’s my Bell who blames you."That passage was so touching that he came to apologize for the first time.

"The ignorant is not guilty."Towards Bell's faint nod, Su Yiyun yelled at the Black Dragon. "There is news from the Three Realms, and there are some things to discuss with you."

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