The lights are colored and the drums are humming.

As long as you are in the city of Baihua, you can feel the joy of the city. And the whole city can be rendered for it, and it is the wedding of Lin Xihe.

From the horizon, there is a white belly, and the firecrackers are everywhere in the city.

In fact, the wedding is held in the normal case that the arrangement is at noon, but Lin Xihe’s wedding is left in this night.

The explosion of firecrackers in the city is also from the early morning to the night, and it is time to stop.

At the time of the fall of the night, from the gates of Baihuacheng, there are festive red lanterns hanging in front of the merchants on both sides of the street, and the red rose petals are all the way to the main road of the city.

These flowers were scattered by the people of Baihuacheng. They also sincerely wished the hard-working city owner to find the destination of her life.

A group of people are parked about a dozen miles from Baihua City. From the perspective of their configuration, they are a team of musicians.

There were three people riding on the high horses. The three horses were decorated with safflower on their necks. The white horse stood in the center and was at the forefront. The two horses that were slightly behind him were two pure black horses.

"Ye Di, you actually said that when I am the best man, this really makes me a bit flattered."

At this moment, the man riding the white horse wearing a red dress with a crown on his head turned back and spoke to the person on his left hand.

This person is the bridegroom's official Zhao Zikai, and the person he opened is Ye Zichen. As for another gentleman riding a dark horse is his brother, Zao Ziming.

Ye Zichen is dressed in black and is wearing him.The dark horse under him made him look a little cold under the night light.

"General Zhao said that there are two bridesmaids in Lincheng. In this group of guests, I am only suitable for being the best man with your brother. What's more, when General Zhao and Lin Chengzhu were at the time of the invasion of the Mozu, I was considered to have some friendship with the two. When the best man was not over. ”

When he said this, Ye Zichen didn't have any expression on his face, just a faint gaze at the top of the moon.

"Ye Ye said so, then I have to be polite and I seem to have done it."

Zhao Zikai smiled a little, but noticed Ye Zichen's gaze, and could not help but smile.

"Why did Ye Di always stare at the moon?"

"Don't you think that the moon tonight is beautiful?"

In the middle of the month, the moonlight is spread over the ground.

It should have been late at night, but this moonlight is driving away the dark night.

Ye Zichen is still watching the bright moon ahead. He is not talking about it. The moon tonight is indeed much brighter than usual, and I know that today is not the day of the moon.

"Yes, Zhao is a rough person, but he can't comment on this beauty."

Zhao Zikai raised his eyebrows and his mouth faintly groaned.

Ye Zichen behind him did not hear him, so he stared at the moon. In the vagueness, he seemed to see two pretty shadows on the moon.

"I finally gave my little ancestors to sleep, and these days I disturbed the fairy, and I also asked the fairy not to care."

Xiao Yumei Liu Yemei is accompanied by a touch of fatigue. The little ancestor in her mouth is naturally sweet.

In fact, their mother and daughter came to this Heavenly Court for a few days, but here is the feeling that there is no day and night in the world.

This sweet taro was followed by Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy for a few days, which was a little tired and went to the Chang'e fairy's dorm, holding the moon rabbit to go to sleep.

Thanks to Xiao Yumei's strength now, this is the only way to resist the scourge of this little ancestor.

"Children are more like to play." It is natural not to care, I like the sweet child. Moreover, I am above the Guanghan Palace, and I can't come to the individual for thousands of years. You can come here to add some popularity to me. I am too happy to come, why don't you talk about this. ”

Chang'e, who was sitting next to the moon palace, grinned, and immediately she looked at Xiao Yumei, who was sitting next to her.

"For so long, the two of us are still sitting together for the first time."


Xiao Yumei nodded. If she was careful, she would find that the tone of both of them is so close to each other, and there is some feeling of no desire and no desire.

"In fact, I had some words to say before, but I have never found an opportunity."

Chang'e smiled and said: "Me too."

Four eyes are opposite.

When they saw the shadow of their reflection from the other's nephew, they all had a faint instigation in their hearts, and the strange emotions were extended from their hearts.


Xiao Yumei turned his head elsewhere, as did Chang'e Fairy.

Neither of them spoke, they all looked at the darkness under the moon palace.

a long time.

"You said……"

"You said……"

Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy opened at the same time and turned back. When they see each other are watching themselves, they are very tacit understanding.

"You speak first……"

"You speak first……"

When they uttered the same sentence again, they laughed after watching each other for a while.

"The two of us really have some similarities."

After a few moments of laughter, Chang'e fairy said with a cover.

"Yes."Xiao Yumei nodded undecidedly. "When I first saw the fairy, I always had a strange feeling in my heart. Can't say it, but it is very strange. ”

"me either."Chang'e fairy nodded. "The predecessor also mentioned it implicitly. We may have some relationship with each other. I just don't know what the relationship is. If it really matters, it seems to me that they are sisters. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Chang'e fairy looked like he thought of something and raised his eyebrows.

"Almost forgot, how did you come to me?" Is it that he sent you up in the morning, so why didn't he come to me with you? ”

"Ok?"Xiao Yumei heard the words suddenly, she stared at the Chang'e Fairy Road ahead. "Isn't it a sweet baby that sent us here?"

Chang'e couldn't help but sway.

"Guanghan Palace is part of Heavenly Court, but there are some prohibitions. The lower bound cannot go directly to the Guanghan Palace. At that time, you and sweetness suddenly appeared in the palace. I thought it was the morning to send you over. Isn't that the case? ”


Both of them looked at each other in a strange way, and they felt that this strangeness was not adulterated from the eyes of the other party.

"Could it be that……"

Xiao Yumei Some unbelief, at this moment, she felt like someone behind her. When I look back, I see…

The person standing behind her is the sweetness that should have fallen asleep.

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