"sweet……Sweet? ”

When Xiao Yumei looked back and saw the sweetness behind her, she was unable to determine for the first time whether she was her or not.

It’s still the cute face that makes people feel the cuteness, but the hair behind her…


It's not that kind of white, her white color has a faint sparkle.

"How, can't you recognize it?"

At this time, the sweet tone was particularly cold, and the long white hair dragged the ground straight. She walked barefoot on the moon palace with a faint smile on her lips.

This indifferent tone made Xiao Yumei somewhat unacceptable. She shook her head and got up from the bench of the moon palace.

"Is it sweet?"

Chang'e Fairy also looked back at this time, and when she saw the sweet look, her pupils also shrank.

"It's me, I am sweet."The sweet smile made the doubles into a line, and immediately she put away the smile on her face and licked her neck. "Of course, you can also call me, the goddess of war…The pool is sweet. ”


The scene at the moment is to make Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy can't speak.

The same problem is in their hearts, why sweetness will become like this.

"Look at your expression should be quite amazing."

There was a lovely smile on the sweet-smelling face of the pool. She was stunned by the eyes, and the momentum of a superior was slowly diffused.


Xiao Yumei bit her lip, and after a little hesitation she ran towards sweetness.

"Who are you, hurry out of the sweet body."

The breath of the superior is terrible.

As for the little fairy of Xiao Yumei, it is no problem to tremble on the ground without scaring legs. But when she faced this fear, she rushed toward sweetness.

This is the love of a mother for her children.

At this time, she is not a person who feels fear under the breath of the superior, but a mother who is worried about her daughter.

The pool smiled sweetly.

The smile was no different from the usual sweet smile. She looked softly at the crazy Xiao Yumei in front of her.

"I am sweet, I didn't say it at first, I am sweet. I am just sorry, I have deceived you from all the time, deceiving you and my true identity, Chi Tian. ”

"you are not."

"How am I not? Would you like me to re-narrate you, when you took me away from the welfare home? ”

Hold on.

Xiao Yumei looked at the front, and when she heard the welfare home, she didn't know what to say.

"Know why I have never loved to talk all the time. You think I am autistic, right? The fact is that my broken godhead was falling from the realm of your life in the world. At that time, I was full of resistance to this strange environment. I am not familiar with it, then I can only use my mouth to cover up my identity. , has achieved its own security. ”

"how come."Xiao Yumei whispered to himself, "Sweet, how can it…"

"After this, we met Ye Zichen. From the first sight I saw him, I knew that he was the son of the destiny chosen by the Father. He also said that you are his life star. Therefore, I deliberately pretend that I am very close to him so that you can get in touch with them."

The pool was sweet and faint, but her smile was in the eyes of Xiao Yumei, no longer the innocence.

The sweetness at the moment is only strange to her.

"In fact, I have always been grateful to you, it is your appearance, let me have a little warmth on the strange environment. In order to repay you, in fact, I have been protecting you from concealment, but you have never noticed it. Of course, you can't find it. ”

"I could have left it long ago, but to be honest…I don't know why I am reluctant to leave you. And I also want to see what kind of circumstances the people of God who are chosen by the Father will have, and they have always stayed with you. You may not know that it has been very tired to pretend to be a child. In order not to let you doubt, I am always stupid. But I really want to say that I really really appreciate you. ”

"do not talk."

Xiao Yumei was at this time to reach out and stop the sweet words of the pool. At this time, she could not listen to them. Every word of Chi Tian is subverting her once, she can't accept it, and she doesn't want to accept it.

At this moment, she had some weakness in her feet, and Chang'e on the side shot her, and the pool in front of him saw it when she saw it, but finally she endured it.

"Chi sweet is right."For a while, the red-eyed Xiao Yumei was a long sigh of relief. "You said that you pretended to be very tired. Now you show your identity, you don't want to pretend, right?"

"actually, I……"

"Needless to say."Xiao Yumei interrupted her words and smiled. "If that's the case, then…Then let's go. ”

No one can understand how painful she feels when she says this.

Just now, Chi Tian said that she was grateful to Xiao Yumei for her appearance and made her feel a little warm to the strange environment.

Xiao Yumei Why not?

It was Chi Tian who accompanied her through the darkest and lowest valley of her life. Her presence supported her through the road.

She treats the pool as sweet as she can, but now…

Goddess of war?

Pool sweet?

She would rather believe that it was just her dream. When she woke up, she would be lying on her side with a sweet voice, and her mouth screamed and shouted at her mother.

For a time, Xiao Yumei cried.

"Yu Mei."

Chang'e fairy is very worried about her name, somehow, she is also in the heart of the pain.

Feel the same!

It is clear that Chang'e is not Xiao Yumei, but she can feel the sourness and desolateness in her heart.

As everyone knows, Chi Tianjiao, who is indifferently standing in front of her face, is also shaking gently. She is the goddess of war among the thirty-six true gods born in the beginning of the world. But she…There are also feelings.

Get along for two years.

Although for her, two years is nothing.

But what it means to her in the past two years is especially important.

Looking at Xiao Yumei, who was weeping at the shoulder of Chang'e fairy, the sweet heart of the pool is like being pinned.

She has always warned herself in her heart that she is the goddess of war among the thirty-six main gods of the gods. She must always be calm.

But her heart is pain.

For a long time, she only finished her emotions.

"I have something to do before I leave."

As soon as the voice fell, she volleyed, her hands were constantly imprinted, and two key-like lights fell to the eyebrows of Xiao Yumei and Chang'e Fairy.

In an instant, the light is shining.

At this time, the sweet face of Chi is full of loss, and he is deeply envious of Xiao Yumei's position.

"that……I am gone, mom! ”

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