Deep inside.

At the chair of the dressing table in the room, Lin Xihe sat on the red hijab, and her hand kept holding her clothes corner. Obviously her mood was very tense at this time.

"Yueyue, are you going to see if they are coming?"

Lin Xihe, who is covered with a red hijab, can't help but joking around Lin Xiyue, who is pretty in a white dress.

"Sister, even if you want to marry, don't be so anxious." At this half hour, you have asked me more than ten times. ”

"Who said no, Lin Jie, you are a little too anxious."

Zuo Mo couldn't help but joke. At the beginning, Lin Xihe invited her to be a bridesmaid. At this time, she and Lin Xiyue, both as bridesmaids, stayed with her to stay in this squat.

"You both swear, you dare to tease your sister."

Lin Xihe under the hijab was upset, and both Zuo Mo and Lin Xiyue couldn’t help laughing. However, under this laugh, Zuo Ma’s heart is just as anxious.


On the day of the wedding, Zuo Ma and Ye Zichen sat in the room, just after Ye Zichen finally couldn't stand the soft and hard foam of Zuo Ma, and told him his tricks.

"This is what you said?"

When she heard that the content of Zuo Ma couldn't help but frown, Ye Zichen heard a word and grabbed her mouth, and looked around with vigilance.

"You whisper, for fear that others don't know if it is."

"Emm…"Pushing Ye Zichen's hand away, Zuo Mo lowered his voice and said, "Do you blame me? You said that you have a good idea. I thought you had any wonderful means, but now you tell me, your trick is to go. When is Zhao Lijun’s best man?"

"Any questions?"

Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow toward Zuo Mo, grabbed an apple from the fruit plate on the table and put it in his mouth and took a bite, vaguely said.

"Tell me, this is definitely a trick. When he is the best man, then I can always be with him, as long as he has any small movements, I can detect it here. ”

"But that is too dangerous."Zuo Ma is eyebrows.

"If you don't get into the tiger's hole, you can't get a tiger. Then, what strength can I make me risk?"Ye Zichen didn't care about the opening.

"I still have some concerns. You can't see them from here. Can you use that trick?"

"No, no."Ye Zichen’s breach denied Zuo’s suggestion, “I have already decided, that is, to be his best man, and not to persuade me. You will stay with the city owner in the city hall, I will never have anything, believe me. ”


"Ye Zichen, why don't you come yet?"

Zuo Mo bite his lips and his heart is full of anxiety.

Just then, a subtle drum sound came in from outside the room.

"Sister, you don't have to worry about this time. It seems that your husband has arrived."Lin Xiyue laughed and laughed, but Zuo Mo was the most nervous at this time.

"There must be something!"

"There must be something!"

She kept praying in her heart until…


The door of the boudoir was pushed open.

"Xihe, I am coming."

Zhao Zikai, wearing a red dress and wearing a safflower on his chest, walked in the forefront, behind the man in black in his half step…

Ye Zichen.

Zhao Zi took a sly smile and walked toward Lin Xihe, but her two bridesmaids were at this moment, watching Ye Zichen was crazy.

Stars and eyes, if the face is cut, and then with his black clothes, and cold eyes.

This image is definitely a girl killer!

"Hello, Miss Bridesmaid."

Ye Zichen waved his hand, and Zuo Mo and Lin Xiyue also came back to this moment.

"Zi Chen, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Lin Xiyue said something a little shy, Ye Zichen snorted and shrugged his shoulders, and some sighed laughter.

"Lin police officer, you can't say this right, we will meet again during the day. Can you say that your thoughts on me have reached the point where you have not seen each other for three days? That half a day has passed for a year and a half. It has been gone for a long time. ”

"You guys."Lin Xiyue brows a lock, Ye Zichen quickly stepped back and said, "Why, I still want to catch me. Tell you that this is not the world, you can't do it with me. ”

"Too lazy to deal with you."

With such a sentence, Lin Xiyue walked to Lin Xihe's back, but her afterglow was always paying attention to Ye Zichen.

Standing on the side of Zao Ziming, it was a horrible haze, Lin Xiyue was her fiancee, but she and Ye Zichen were in front of him.


The fist hidden in the sleeve is tight.

Can't stand it.

"Zi Ming."

At this moment, Zao Ziming’s knowledge of the sea was a anger. Zao Ziming, who was almost stunned by anger, returned to God and saw Zhao Zizhen glaring at him.

He slammed his fist and Zao Ziming walked to Zhao Zikai.

"Do you know what you were doing?"Zhao Zikai’s voice appeared again.

"I am angry."Zao Ziming gnawed his teeth. "Lin Xiyue, the nephew and Ye Zichen, I’m looking at it, I’m not happy.”

"Look at your point."Zhao Ziyi tilted him and said, "If you are not a woman, you will be mad at you. How can you become a big event?" Tell you, even if you are angry, you will endure it for me. If something goes wrong, both of us will die. ”

Knowing the explosion in the sea, Zao Ziming couldn't help but tremble, and he immediately replied.

"Got it."

In fact, all of this is in the eyes of Ye Zichen, especially when Zao Ziming is ready to start, he clearly feels the suffocation he emits.

Very strong.

Strong makes Ye Zichen feel a bit stunned.

On the surface, Zhao Zimin is roughly the strength of the immortal, but the arrogance he has just exuded is not something that the master of the immortal level can have.

And helium is not like spiritual power, it needs to be savage and bloody for years to become thick.

General generals of the battlefield are heavier, but Ze Zi Ziming, Ye Zichen, can't figure out why he is so embarrassed.

Could it be that this is the trick of Zhao Zikai at that time?

But this kind of trick is absolutely impossible to deal with those of the Mozu.

After Zao Ziming learned a lesson, Zhao Zikai converges his face and pulls Lin Xihe’s hand to open his mouth.

"Ye Di, do you see if we can go out to hold the ceremony?"

"General Zhao, I told you on the way when I came. This is your wedding. When there is no matchmaker and high church on both sides, what do you say is what you need to do to consult my opinion at every step? ”

Ye Zichen said very helplessly, and immediately he turned his eyes to Zao Ziming, only to find that the other party did not look at him.

"Ye Di’s identity is respectful, and Zhao does not dare to neglect."Zhao Zikai and Yan smiled. "That since Ye Di has no opinions, let's go out and salute."

The people in the room walked behind the newcomer, and Ye Zichen fell to the last side, just as he was ready to leave…


The phone screamed out of time and pulled it out of the pocket.

"The three real world hegemony is about to open, is it transmitted in advance?"

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