The phone was shaking all the time, and Ye Zichen looked straight at the prompt on the screen.

The three real world hegemony is about to open, is it transmitted to the mission location in advance?

There are really two options under this.



"What the hell."

Ye Zichen looked at his eyebrows. He naturally knew that the mobile phone would remind him of the three realms, but he did not expect it to be this way.

Live off is a sense of sight in the task of doing games.

"Ye Zichen, what are you doing, come out."

Outside, Zuo Mo stopped waving, and after Ye Zichen responded, he refused on the phone and put the phone back in his pocket.


How can he transfer the past now!

Zhao Zikai’s intrigues have not yet been resolved. If he flies to the mission site of the Three Realms, it will not be destroyed.

"What are you doing just now?"When Ye Zichen ran past, Zuo Mo began to frown. "Is there anything found?"


At this time, Ye Zichen’s head was still thinking about the hegemony of the Three Realms, so that he did not even understand what Zuo Ma had said.

"Can you beat the starting point and the future?"

Zuo Mo looked at him with some helplessness, and immediately sneaked a few people in front of the front, and said.

"You haven't always been with Zhao Zikai, have you found anything?" Seeing this wedding is just about to be held. ”

"It’s all people who are patriarchs, how can they still be so frizzy."Ye Zichen reached out and patted Zuo Ma's shoulder. "Don't be too nervous, learn from me, take a deep breath."


Indignantly, Ye Zichen’s hand was shot down, and Zuo Zhan’s eyebrows were cold.

"Don't smile at this hippie, you haven't said whether it has been discovered."

"No."Ye Zichen has a little helpless handicraft. "This guy can be safe. At the time, I did not find that he had any unusual moves, but the soldiers would block the water and cover it, no problem."


Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo are both whispering in the back, holding Lin Xihe's hand in the forefront of Zhao Zi's mouth but there is a strange smile.

After a short time, he converges that smile and walks slowly to the front hall.

Lin Xihe is also a city owner outside the fairyland, and it is also a status quo. The people who come to her wedding are not.

The front hall of the city's main government is full of people at this time. This group of guests is also very particular when they are seated.

The higher the natural nature is to sit closer to the ceremony of the newcomer, and the lesser one is to sit outside.

And each of them is a businessman and a businessman sitting on the table, the bureaucrats and the bureaucrats sitting together.

As for the top forces outside the Sin Dou, they are all alone in a table, or headed by the head, or led by the elders, and the table is followed by several disciples within their power.

"Lincheng Lord is here."

I didn’t know who was shouting in the guests, and all the guests present were looking forward to the past. Then I saw Zhao Zikai wearing a red groom's suit, and Lin Xihe, who was covered with a hijab, stepped forward to the front hall.

“Lincheng Lord Congratulations.”

“Congratulations to Lincheng’s main marriage.”


All the guests present were congratulating Lin Xihe, but no one had mentioned Zhao Zikai next to him.

Indeed, Zhao Zikai is a general, and he is also famous in Baihua City.

But he was only a general after all, and it was still a lot worse than Lin Xihe. In the eyes of this guest, Zhao Zikai is also an inverted door.

In this regard, Zhao Zikai is not at all concerned.

He just kept a polite smile and nodded to the guests.

"Congratulations to Lin Chengzhu and General Zhao for tie-ups, my master is retreating, there is no way to be present. I will take the teacher and brother to congratulate the two. ”

Just then, Li Jiayi at the table of Baihuamen got up and congratulated. She was wearing a light-colored dress and her hair was scattered on her shoulders. At her side, she followed a group of brothers and sisters and marched toward Zhao Zikai and Lin Xihe.

"Li Chief."Zhao Zikai arched his hand.

Just then, there was another commotion among the guests.

"Ye Di."

"Left patriarch."

Ye Zichen and Zuo Ma, who fell behind, also followed. Under the ceremony of the guests, the two of them came behind Zhao Zikai and Lin Xihe.


Ye Zichen looks at Li Jiayi…

He doesn't know what to say.

However, after Li Jiayi saw him, after a slight look, he recovered and laughed as usual.

"I didn't expect Ye Di to come."

"Yes, Ye Di is the best man of Zhao, which makes Zhao also somewhat flattered."Zhao Zikai smiled faintly.

"Before the retreat, I gave the same thing to General Zhao as a gift." Can Ye Ye actually be there, then this gift…"

"Hey, I don't have this pot." The gift will be sent and sent, what is the relationship with me. ”Ye Zichen sneered aside. "If it was because of me, General Zhao did not receive the gift of Baihuamen. If I blame me, then I can't afford it."

"Ye Di is really laughing, how can Zhao blame you?"Zhao Zixiao smiled.

"Well, then I will take it out. This is the gift that I personally handed over to General Zhao when my teacher was on the verge of retreat. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Jiayi turned his right hand and a medicine bottle appeared in the palm of his hand.

"This medicinal drug is a broken dan, can ignore the level 桎梏 direct breakthrough, the master knows that General Zhao has been stuck in Tianxian senior can not be perfect, although this medicinal medicine is less effective on the fairy, but may also be Zhao The general has some help."

"How can the head send such a big gift, which will allow Zhao to accept it."

Zhao Zi licked his mouth, but the hand took the medicinal herbs. Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen couldn't help but laugh.

Next to the left Mozhao quickly pushed him, he also apologized.

"Sorry, I thought of something."

Just the scene, clearly is the time to send the red envelope in the New Year, the mouth said not to red envelopes, but will open the pocket, let people stuff it in.

But let's not say that the head of this hundred flower door is really heroic.

Break the barrier Dan.

This medicinal medicine is absolutely uncommon, even if it is Old Lord Taishang.

"It seems that Ye Di is thinking of something happy."Zhao Zikai returned a sentence, and Ye Zichen nodded unanimously, and immediately raised his eyebrows. "General Zhao seems to care about my actions. From now on, we are preparing to meet our relatives. But this is clearly your wedding. Now that Kyrgyz has arrived, is General Zhao supposed to be…"

"Not urgent."

Zhao Zikai suddenly smiled at this moment, the smile…

There is a faint inexplicable color mixed inside.

"People are not yet full."

As soon as the voice fell, the gates of the city's main government were stunned.

"Well, people are finally there."

At the moment when the door opened, Zhao Zikai also spoke again, with a smile on his face.

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