When the icy blade was on the guest's neck, more than half of the guests on the floor gave up resistance.

If you don’t care for the soldiers, you will not collect money.

Most of the people who gave up the resistance were businessmen, and most of them did not have much noble feelings. In their view, life is more important than their lives.

To be sure, as long as someone dares to start thinking, the vast majority of these businessmen will definitely follow suit.


Seeing that Li Jiayi was also under the blade of the Mozu, Lin Xiyue wanted to help the first time. Although they had not had contact before in the world, they have been since they came to Xianyu.

One is the sister of the city owner, and the other is the chief disciple of Baihuacheng.

They are the same people who come from the world, so their relationship with each other is naturally better.

But before she even ran a few steps, a sword front was in front of her neck.

"Zao Ziming !"

Lin Xiyue almost shouted out. At this time, Zao Ziming's mouth was accompanied by a soft smile, and his right hand was holding a long sword and standing on his neck.

"Xiyue, I absolutely can't bear to start with you. You are standing here, I can guarantee that no one will hurt you. However, all of this is based on the premise that you are obedient, if you are not jealous…"

Jianfeng pointed forward, and the sharp Jianfeng suddenly left a blood mark on Lin Xihe's white neck.



Even if it is now, Lin Xihe does not believe it, nor does he want to believe that Zhao Zikai is actually afflicted with the Mozu people. She looked at him very puzzled, but she only got the indifferent eyes of the other side.


Lin Xihe couldn't speak, she squirmed her lips and was filled with disappointment.

"I don't think so, I am just a piece in your hand."

"Don't say Xihe, I really love you in my heart."Zhao Zikai raised his hand to touch Lin Xihe's cheek and said, "This fairyland has long been a thing in my bag. There is no necessary connection between the weddings we held."

"Then you can put them all, look at my face."Lin Xihe looked at his eyes and said.

"That can't."Zhao Zikai smiled lightly and rubbed Lin Xihe's cheek. "This group of guests is an important condition for me to go out. I can't let them go, but I really love you…"

Finger gently passed over Lin Xihe's cheek, Lin Xihe smiled.


"Take your dirty hands away."

The cold eyes swept over the faces of Zhao Zikai and Black Dragon, but the heart was full of smiles.

She is really stupid.

She never thought about why Ye Di would find him trouble when he saw Zhao Zikai. Is it purely because of Zao Ziming?

Should not.

Ye Di is a person with status in any case. He will not go to Zhao Zikai for the small person of Zao Ziming.

Then it must be that some of his actions are not done well in Ye Di’s eyes.

From the current situation, it is true that Ye Di has long known that Zhao Zikai and the Mozu people are infected.

But he never doubted him.

She asked herself to be the master of a city, and there were some constructions in the deliberate thinking.


"Lincheng master is really ruthless, Zhao brother is a red heart to Lincheng."The black dragon leaning against the door smiled.

"To shut up."Lin Xihe was cold and angry and said, "You are all a mess."

As soon as the voice fell, she looked at the situation in the scene. Nowadays, she is not controlled by the Mozu, and she and Ye Di are the only ones.

"What do you want? I want to take this opportunity to put Xianyu in a pot, then you really think too much. The power to attend the wedding is indeed quite a lot, but Lin Xihe asked herself that there is not such a great ability to find the entire elite of the Xianyu. The facts also prove that the people present are not the full power of Xianyu. ”

"What do you want, this seat now wants to ask Ye Di what to think."

The black dragon leaning against the door held his shoulders, with a condescending gaze, and a playful smile.

"Ye Di, you just wanted to talk about the means of this seat. This seat has already been shown to you, I don't know what Ye Di feels. ”

"Hey, come to me."

Ye Zichen's brow scorned, a little smile between the smiles, shrugging.

"It's quite good. I immediately control the situation in my hands, but I have grown bigger than before." To be honest, the stealth of your Mozu people made me quite surprised. It seems that you have not been idle for a while, but you have developed a lot of team skills. ”

"This is much more than the loss of Ye You, your best friend Su, the invisible group of people, can make your own people invisible, and can also hide the breath. This hidden atmosphere is the highlight of this spiritual array. If you don’t hide your breath, you want to come to the strength of Ye Di, and you can break this spiritual array in seconds. ”

It seems that the Black Dragon at this time is very proud. He seems to be arrogant and arrogant.

The eyebrows are also accompanied by a touch of play. Before he fled from the land of Xianyu, half of it was due to Ye Zichen.

Now if he can see how he eats, Black Dragon said that he is very cool!

"It's quite self-aware."Ye Zichen is not modest, but it is affirmation of the touting of Black Dragon.

"The means of Ye Di is seen in the next."

The black dragon smiled faintly, his eyes staring at the group of guests who were being held, and then he set his eyes on Ye Zichen's body, but found that there was no heavy performance between his looks from beginning to end.

Very relaxed, and a little cynical.

"Look at Ye Di as if he is not worried at all. Is it true that Ye Di and others will want to use the Three Realms to marry me? There are some news in the downside. The current three realms are also defensive emptiness, and the internal high-level is to go to a meeting. ”

"You know this as well."Ye Zichen smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"Knowing ourselves and knowing each other can win every battle. Ye Di, you and the Three Realms left such a wonderful memory, how can you be cautious this time?"Black Dragon’s modest smile.

"Cautious is good."Ye Zichen affirmed the words of the Black Dragon and immediately said, "Yes, you don't seem to be particularly cautious."


From the words of Ye Zichen, Black Dragon has noticed something.

After a while, he saw Ye Zichen standing in front of him raising his hand.


Take a snap.

When I saw this scene, the black dragon suddenly subconsciously lifted the heart, and then he saw it…

The guests who came to this wedding have all become distorted, and the Mozu soldiers behind them are all looking at this scene until the guests disappear one by one.

In an instant, the situation reversed.

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