The body of the guests twisted and disappeared from the city's main house, but in the blink of an eye, only Li Jiayi, the chief of Baihuamen, and Lin Xiyue, who let Zao Ziming reach the neck with the sword, were left behind.

Everyone was astonished.

For a long time, the black dragon leaning against the door stood straight and clapped his hands and smiled.

"Ye is a good means."

"The prize has been won."

Ye Zichen grinned humbly. At this time, Zhao Zikai’s face was full of gloom, and he yelled at Lin Xihe.

"You play with me."

The chest was violently ups and downs, and it was really annoying to see him.

For this day, he has been planning for half a year. Seeing that everything is moving in accordance with his ideas, he must proceed to the next step…

"General Zhao, don't be so violent, this time is not bigger than anyone."Ye Zichen smiled faintly. "The Lincheng Lord is unaware of it. You can infer what you think of her expression." Don't blame your failure on others, okay? ”



Just as Zhao Zikai was angry and wanted to start, Ye Zichen reached out and took a shot on his shoulder, and he stepped on the ground with one foot.


Absolute spike.

Everything happened in the electric flint, so that people around didn't see Ye Zichen's movements.

When they returned to God, they found that Zhao Zikai had let Ye Zichen step on his feet and couldn't move.

"I want to follow me, it seems that you have chosen the wrong object."

There was a faint light in his eyes, and Ye Zichen's sole slid slightly against the back of Zhao Zikai, and smiled at the black dragon.

"The piece you left behind is not very good-tempered, so let him change it."


One foot kicked Zhao Zifei into the wall of the city's main house, and the huge impact hit the wall.

"Ye's lessons are."

I don't know why, Black Dragon can't keep the kind of lightness at the moment. Just when Ye Zichen was dealing with Zhao Zikai’s actions, he didn’t even see it.

Of course, he does not think that Ye Zichen is better than him.

His strength comes from the hundreds of thousands of people of the Mozu, and his strength comes from the sacrifice of blood.

If this doesn't work, then…

Also talk about what hegemony.

I don't think Ye Zichen is stronger than him, but now he can't continue to grow.

"Ye Di, compared with you, is indeed a trick, but there is always a doubt in my heart."

"I want to know where they are going, right?"Ye Zichen gently tilted his mouth and opened his mouth. "A place you can never find."


"Yin Shang, would you like to take a break?"Suzhu Guanwei looked at her side, staring at the Yin Shang, who was staring at the front of the spirit array. "You have been here for three days and three nights. In this way, your body will be unbearable."

"Don't tell me so delicate, I am also a supreme, and it doesn't matter for a few days."

Yin Shang smiled helplessly. "Su Yan didn't pick up the two guests just now. It shouldn't take long for no accidents. Ye Di's account is going to be implemented."

"But you still have injuries on this body."

"This little injury is nothing, and Ye Di’s account is the most important."As soon as the voice fell, Yin Shang once again looked at the spirit array in front with a meticulous look.

This spiritual array was set up by Ye Zichen three days ago, and the role of the spirit array is very simple.

Space transfer.

It’s about another quarter of an hour.


The spirit array suddenly shines brightly, and Yin Fatzi, who has been paying attention to the spirits, also throws up the eight-figure map of Qianyuan toward the top of the spirit array at the same time.



A group of people appeared from this spiritual array. When they appeared in the back hill of the Jiuwei fox, they all looked at each other with a blank look.

This group of people is a guest who participated in the wedding of Lin Xihe.

"This……Where is this? ”

After all the guests were safely settled in the back of the Jiuwei Fox, the guests looked at each other and their eyes were filled with horror.

They shouldn’t be in the city’s capital at this time, and they are still in the Mozu…


Can it be said that the Mozu people gave them to…

Looking forward, the group of guests immediately noticed Yin Fatzi and Su Zhu standing not far away. Especially the dress of this fat man happened to be similar to that worn by the Mozu people at that time.


Some cartilage head merchants lie on the ground without any hesitation.

"Adult, I am a small trader, there is no rebellious heart, really. It is absolutely scarce for your Mozu to attack Xianyuan materials. I can provide you with resources here, so I will let you put this little life on me. ”

"Right right, me too."

"me too."

In such a blink of an eye, more than a dozen businessmen squatted on the ground for mercy, and there was no national justice.

Seeing their appearance, many guests were squinting.

However, there are still some people who seem to be hesitating. Do you want to talk to them in general?

"This group of guys."

When I heard this group of cartilage heads, Yin Fat’s face suddenly became less beautiful. The people who Ye De desperately saved are actually this kind of cartilage head scum!

Such people should let them fend for themselves.

He thought so in his heart, but the group of cartilage heads were unaware of it. Seeing Yin Fatzi locking the eyebrows, their hearts all mentioned the eyes of the blind, and the heads were more frequent.

Some guests can't stand it, they scolded.

"Are there any points in your heart?"

"Ah……"The cartilage head lying on the ground is just a sneer. In their opinion, their actions are counted as a matter of time.

There are some cartilage heads, which are shouted directly by the guests.

"Adults, kill them when you kill them. It’s time for them to fight against adults."

The guest who just said that is really not a cartilage head, he simply screamed at the fat man.

"The scum of the Mozu, oh, there is a kind of you who killed my grandfather here. If Grandpa says that he is not a word, Grandpa is not a man."

"Yes, the scum of the Mozu, there is a species that kills us."

Obviously, the cartilage head in the guest is only a small part of the person, and most of the guests have a passion. After a few guests shouted out, the guests who were still on the swing were also gnawing their teeth and screaming.

The guests kept yelling, and at this moment, the spirit array was flashing again, and Zuo Mo came out from the inside.

When she came out, it was also 懵b, some guests were very excited, and a group of guests were begging for mercy.

Was it not at the wedding scene just now?

Why now…

This group of people is still a Mozu, can you say that this is the Devil?

However, she has learned from ancient books that the devil should be a demon, but here…It feels very comfortable for her.

With a frown, she glanced forward.

Yin fat child.

Su Zhu.

There is also this familiar lush greenery.

Isn’t it here…

Nine-tailed Fox?

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