After repeated confirmation, Zuo Mo finally confirmed that this is a nine-tailed fox family. But she was surprised in her heart, why they suddenly appeared here.


The guests around him are still saying that they are fat people.

"You have not made a mistake."The lingering lingering around can make Zuo Ma unable to hold his mouth. "We are now the nine-tailed fox in the animal domain. Why do you want to say that they are Mozu?"


When the words came out, all the guests were stunned.

Due to the extremely tense relationship, they simply did not confirm the surrounding environment. In addition, some people said in advance that this is a Mozu, they subconsciously really regard this as a demon.

The guests began to look around, some merchants who had traded with the animal domain, or monks who had come to the animal domain after careful observation…

"This is really a nine-tailed fox."

"It really is."

The guests rushed to speak, and the businessman who was kneeling on the ground at the very beginning, after careful examination…

Nine-tailed foxes.

The people on the ground face each other, and from the other's eyes they all see the so-called landlessness.

Before the extreme fear, they showed the truest ugliness in the eyes of everyone.

It is impossible to imagine whether their future chambers of commerce can still be done.

You must know that people who can appear here are all in the face of Xianyu. Let this group of people hate them, then their future days are definitely not good.


Just as they thought about the future, there were already more acute people on their bodies.

"In order to survive, you really spare no effort…"

The ridiculous laugh appeared behind them, and at this time I didn't know who shouted.


The guests suddenly swarmed and shook hands with the merchants who were pleading for mercy. Of course, there are also some self-proclaimed people who have not gone up, but they can see from their gaze that those businessmen really make them hate.

I have never experienced the whole process of Zuo Ma, and seeing this scene is another glimpse.

Can speculate a little, she can think of something.

She is scornful of this kind of person who can give up everything for her own life, but this time is definitely not the time to care for this group of people.

"Okay, don't fight."

She wants to go forward to discourage, but her voice is drowned in the screams of this group of guests.

"Do you stop."

Yin Fatzi’s use of the spiritual explosions shocked the chaotic scene. After the group’s short-lived **, all the stops were stopped, but they couldn’t help but give it to the hand. Several businessmen have added a few feet.

It all lasted less than half a minute, but the look of those businessmen was still terrible.

The ground is covered with the broken teeth who do not know who is, and their mouths are constantly spitting blood. The face is black, the Chinese costume for the wedding is also torn at this time.

When they passed by them, Yin Fatzi did not look at them.

The reason why they drink them is simply not wanting to make the scene too chaotic.

"Fat, you should know why we all went to the Nine-Tailed Fox."

Zuo Ma, she knows Yin Fatzi and Su Zhu. Because of the special circumstances, she has no politeness and goes straight to the subject.

"The arrangement of Ye Di."

Yin Fatzi also knows that this woman in front of her eyes seems to have a little relationship with Ye Di, and she is more polite to speak to her.

"Early three days ago, Ye Di made a transmission in the main city of Baihua City. You can appear here, it is Ye Di, he has urged the spirit. ”

"It's him."Zuo Mo nodded thoughtfully.

No wonder that the guy has always been a look of fearlessness. He had already had arrangements.

She has been worried about it, this guy…

When you see him, you must pack it up.

Yin Fatzi’s words did not shun the outsiders, so that the surrounding guests also heard the news.

"Ye Di, it is Ye Di who saved us."

The guests were stunned and whispered, even if they kept on thanking and praise. Yin Fatzi looked at them like this, but it was not his temperament, but after inheriting Zuo Fuxing, his position for himself was the prime of his emperor. This group of people is in his eyes. A group of people who don't understand anything.

No matter how high their status in Xianyu, as long as they do not inherit the stars…

All are people!

"Okay, don't be flattered here. Ye Di, his heart is thick, whether it is a bowl of water for anyone. But I am not, Ye Di is in danger to save you, but among you…"

The cold eyes of Yin Fatzi swept through the merchants and immediately became cold.


This coldness almost scared the group of businessmen, and the surrounding guests were glaring at the group of businessmen under the yin of the fat man.

There are many people who are here, and the actions of these businessmen have already touched their bottom line.

If Yin Fatzi just stopped them, now these businessmen have already reported to the local government.

"What should he do with Ye Di?"A famous guest in the crowd said, "When we came, we all stood behind the famous demon people. Ye Di now sent us all here. Isn't his situation very dangerous?"

"Yes, he is very dangerous now."Zuo Ma is also an eyebrow.

"You don't have to worry about this."

Yin Fatzi waved his hand, and at this time, Su Yan and Lin Ru came together in the void, and Lin Xiyue and Li Jiayi were around them.

"Yueyue, you are here too, I am still looking for you. but……How are you…And Li’s chief, why are you not from…Didn't you send it from the wedding scene? ”

After a few women in the air fell to the ground, Zuo Mo’s eyes were filled with surprises, but in a flash she looked suspiciously at the transmission line behind her.

"No, I have never been to the wedding scene, I was kidnapped by her."Lin Xiyue pointed to the Lin Ru road around me. "But why are you here too, are you kidnapped?"

"me too."Li Jiayi replied in a concise manner.


Zuo Mo kept blinking, and she suddenly felt that the brain circuit was not enough. If they have never been there, then they are at the wedding scene…who is that?

"It’s really unexpected."Black Dragon replied with a smile, "Why can you explain why you still have to leave these two people?"

"What do you say?"Ye Zichen looked at the black dragon with helplessness and smiled bitterly. "It is natural to leave them behind."

As soon as the voice fell, he smiled at Li Jiayi and Lin Xiyue.

"Liuer sister, Huazhangmen…Let's not play it. ”

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