With the call of Ye Zichen, the appearance of Li Jiayi and Lin Xiyue has changed.

Su Liuer was still surprised by the blue dress. When she appeared, Zao Ziming subconsciously swallowed.

Beautiful woman.

Looking at Su Liuer, he is almost crazy.


Feeling the gaze from the side, Su Liuer's involuntary brow lock, she hates men with such a slightly greedy look at her.

"court death."

Accompanied by a spoiled drink, Su Liuer's right hand was lifted.

The cold current passed, and Zao Ziming, who held the sword with his hand, let the Su Liuer freeze into an ice sculpture.

Not only Zao Ziming, the Mozu people in the courtyard felt that it was too late to feel the cold current when they felt the cold.


The ice layer is from the face of the Mozu soldiers, and the time of several breaths is turned into a set of ice sculptures.

"The female emperor Su Liuer ice system is the first in the three worlds. Before this, I also suspected that the ice emperor of the elk family could not give more. Itโ€™s taken for granted today when I saw this one. The ice emperor's ice-making system is at its peak, and it is not an outsider's rumor. โ€

Li Jiayi, standing at the table, changed shape and changed into a man in a green shirt.


The sound of the previous voice was a female voice.

This is really strange to outsiders, but as long as it is a fairyland person, it will not be surprised.

The owner of Baihuacheng City never showed up easily, but the outside world passed it as a male face. Today, it is true.

Reaching out to push the Mozu people behind him to the ground, he was a moment to come to Ye Zichen.

"Ye Di."

"Flower door."Ye Zichen leaned towards it.

To be honest, in fact, Ye Zichen is very resistant to this situation.

The reason why Baihuamenโ€™s head can appear here is also the negotiation he found in advance. It seems that this head will also be easy to handle, Ye Zichen is to make him change into Li Jiayi, just to cope with this situation.

Even so, the resistance is still contradictory.

Obviously, it is a big man. When you can talk, it is a woman. This can't be controlled by anyone.

The contradiction is a contradiction, but it cannot be denied.

Among the top forces in Xianyu, the owner of Baihuamen is the strongest one. As early as the millennium, there were rumors that his strength reached the level of the king.

In order to confirm, Ye Zichen was also tested in Baihuamen.


His true strength is not weaker than Su Liuer.

With this kind of affirmation, Ye Zichen can rest assured that Huahuamen and Su Liuer will carry out his plan.

"Really, when Ye Di went to the sect to find his seat, he did not believe what Ye Di said at the time, but he simply did not want to refute the face of Ye Di.

The maleโ€™s body was spit out of the door of the palm of the hand and smiled.

"Now it seems that Ye Di is really a magical figure, even knowing the purpose of the Mozu people, it is this guest at the wedding."

"so far so good."

Ye Zichen's face is awkward, and this Nima is really strange.

"Ye Zichen, why are you still looking for a personal demon?"At this time, Su Liuerโ€™s voice also appeared in his knowledge of the sea.

But before Ye Zichen responded, he saw the face of the flower door sinking.

"Is it true that the Ice Emperor was so gossip? It is a bad habit to talk about others behind the scenes."


Su Liuer and Ye Zichen are all a glimpse, and the flower door can actually know their voice.

However, this time is not a surprise when it comes to these things. What you have to do is to explain what you just said. Itโ€™s not good to be in this fight.

"Don't care about the palm of your hand, she is definitely not the kind of meaning."

The face of "Hehe" Huamao Gate is still cold. In the face of this sneer, Su Liuer is also a sinking face. "What do you mean by this laugh?"

"Why, the ice emperor is talking about this seat in the back, is there any right to laugh in this seat?"

"You are so annoying to me."

"Yes, but this seat likes it."

"Is it?"


In an instant, the spiritual power in Su Liuโ€™s body was suddenly released, and nine white tails appeared behind her, swaying behind him.

"Frighten your seat?"

The palm of the hand faint smiles, and the spiritual power in the body is suddenly released.

Two spiritual forces collided with each other fiercely, and Su Liuโ€™s eyes glanced without any hesitation.

"Frozen three feet!"

"Residual flowers."

Spiritual release.

The white snowflake is mixed with petals from the sky, and the release of the spiritual Su Lier and the Huamao door is also a cold eyebrow.

The black dragon standing at the door looked at the excitement, but he suddenly noticed

Ye Zichen has disappeared.

"From the fire sword."

Just then, behind the black dragon, there was a shadow of a giant sword of flame. He stepped forward in a step-like manner, and he was able to hide the flame sword.

"Itโ€™s too cloudy."

This is not a fight at all, which is obviously a routine for him.

After he was able to escape the Ye Zichen attack, the spiritual skills released by Su Liuer and Huazhangmen followed. He was very embarrassed to roll to the right. After a while, there was a spur on the ground, and when the petals fell on the ground.


The petals fell on the ground for a few seconds, and the marble floor was eroded out of a large pit. Fortunately, the petals did not fall on his body, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

The heart has a long sigh of relief, and the black dragon haze smiles.

"On the mind, your Terran and the Yaozu are better."

"Itโ€™s as if you are more decent than the devil."As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen, who was hiding above the void, burst into tears.

"Hundred flowers are dying."

"Ice and snow."

At the same time, Huazhangmen and Su Liuer also opened at the same time.

In fact, the two of them just squashed their mouths to deliberately do it for the Black Dragon. I thought about solving it with a single move. I didn't expect him to be aware of it.

Since it has been exposed, it can only be hardened now.

And the big move is used up, in order to defeat the black dragon at the fastest speed.

ๆ“’ ๆ“’ ๆ“’ king.

As long as you can solve the Black Dragon here, it will be much easier to solve other Mozu in the future.

"Hey, this one is trying to see how you can take this seat."

The wolf-stricken black dragon was also a sinking face. After a while, he was gradually bleeding around him, and the scales on his body began to climb toward nowhere.

"Well, now is not the time to use the cards."

Just then, there was an old light drink on the side of Black Dragon.

After a while, in his former convenience, there was a defensive formation, and the spiritual skills released by Ye Zichen were absorbed.

"Su brother."

Seeing the old man who appeared in front, the black dragon looks like a happy face.

Gently nodded, the old man raised his head and smiled at the void.

"Ye Zichen, I haven't seen you for a long time."

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