When Ye Zichen heard the sentence, he twitched involuntarily, and immediately arranged the emotions on his face to turn back, staring straight into the old man in front with a light and gaze.

"You came."

"Yes."Su Yiyun nodded with a chuckle and said, "You haven't changed much in the past."

"Your changes are quite big."Ye Zichen then replied.


Su Yiyun looked down at his dry palm, and his look was a bit lonely. He took a deep breath and shrugged his shoulders.

"This is also helpless. When you want to get something, you have to learn to choose."

Huazhangmen and Su Liuer are all looking at Su Yiyun. They have never seen this person before, but he can use their own power to attack them both easily. All resolved.

This means of looking at the entire three realms is absolutely impossible to find.

Seeing his position at this time is standing on the side of the Black Dragon, but he knows Ye Zichen again.

"Ye Di, don't tell us who this gentleman is?"The palm of the hand is accompanied by a light smile.

"He" Ye Zichen heard some hesitation. After a short hesitation, he smiled and smirked. "Su Yiyun, a good brother who was in my life." However, people are aspiring, and now he is standing on the side of the Mozu, and he is a master of the Fa. ”

For this introduction, Su Yiyun just smiled and nodded toward Su Liuer and Huamao.

"Flower Gate, Ice Emperor, is not as famous as it is, long-awaited. In the next incumbent, the Mozu commander is the governor, but this is a vain job. I only want to delve into the spirits, and there is not much pursuit for those powers. ”

"It turned out to be a figure of the sect of the sect of the sect. It is no wonder that the arrangement of the squad can be so swift, and the attack that I and the ice emperor can join together is resolved."

Huahuamen smiled and nodded to him.

"It is a pity, so the talents have to be with the Mozu, but unfortunately."

"No shame."

Su Liuer directly screamed without mercy.

Thinking about her position, the Mozu is like a street mouse. Looking at Su Yiyun's previous look, he seems to be proud of being a Mozu.

Still squinting at the face of the Mozu commander, the big governor, shameless!

When his eyes fell on Su Liuer, Su Yiyun couldn't help himself, and he would sink his heart and smile.

"Why should the ice emperor say this, and he said in the morning, everyone has their own interests. Anyone will have a choice for the future, and I am more optimistic about the future of the Mozu. Of course, we are all their own, and it is understandable that you say so. Yes, I almost forgot, Su Yan, she is on your side now. ”

"Ok?"Su Liuer frowns.

"Don't mind, Su Yan and I are also brothers and sisters in the world. After leaving the world, we have never seen it, and I am quite missed in my heart. Now I want to ask her how she has been? ”

"Small smoke is your sister?"Su Liuer Liu Mei's eyebrows erected, and immediately smiled. "Then I feel that it is not worth the little smoke. The worldly brother who always chanted is actually your guy."

"Have she mentioned me?"Su Yiyun opened the door.


Ignore it.

Su Yiyun also saw that he was not particularly to be seen on the side of Su Liuer. In this case, he was not going to affix his cold face and smiled at Ye Zichen.

"It seems that I am still annoying when I stay here. In fact, this time I came to save the Black Dragon. In any case, he is also the king of the Mozu, can not let him be here. ”

"Su brother, are you going to withdraw?" Why should we withdraw this situation?"

The black dragon didn’t say much, Su Yiyun screamed.

"In the family, I told you that everything should be obeyed by my arrangements, but you are greedy. If I don't arrive in time, you think you still have a life to live. Now Zhao Zikai’s means is to let Ye Zichen break. Do you still want to tell me that the situation is good for us? ”


The Black Dragon seems to want to defend, but when he notices that Su Yiyun's bad face, he is a hard-boiled word that will be swallowed.

Indeed, he is the king of the Mozu. But in fact, after really seeing Su Yiyun's means, I really can't disobey him.

"Sorry, I am in trouble. This Zhao brothers are on your side at this moment. If you want to come, you can't live, then I will bring them back to the Mozu. There are also the warriors of our Mozu who have sealed the ice emperor, and I can't give them away. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the group of demons who let the Su Liuer freeze, the outside ice began to melt.


Su Liuer frowned, she has been frozen for so long, and no one has ever melted her ice.

"You should not waste your spiritual power when you are Ice Emperor. As long as I think, it is absolutely impossible for you to seal them in the ice."

Su Yiyun in front of me smiled lightly.

"Oh, that will seal you."

The handprints are lightly pinched, and the goose feathers are falling from the sky. The snow fell on the top of everyone's head, but it fell only half a meter away from Su Yiyun, and the snow disappeared out of thin air.

"Your ice rumors have indeed reached the peak, but Su is not talented. Zeng Xiaoxiao has studied some ice system decisions, such as the more commonly used ice seals."


An ice layer suddenly appeared from the foot of Su Liuer, and immediately the ice quickly swept toward the top.


The words have not been said yet, Su Liuer has been frozen into an ice sculpture.

Everyone was astonished.

Seal the Su Liuer with the ice system. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it.

"Su Yiyun, quickly untied Liu's sister."Ye Zichen was drinking red eyes, and Su Yiyun just smiled faintly. "Don't be so nervous. I said before, it didn't hurt you." Ice Emperor has been obstructing me, which makes me feel very troublesome. There is no way to only seal her for a while, and after a while, the ice sculpture will naturally be unsealed. ”

At the same time as the words, the Mozu people who had been released from the ice in the courtyard gradually disappeared from the courtyard.

Ye Zichen stared at Su Yiyun and immediately gnashed her hand to the back. A masked Mozu warrior let him grab it out of thin air and throw it at his feet.

"Look, this little trick is useless to him."

Su Yiyun didn't feel any surprise when he saw this person being caught. He turned back and talked to the Black Dragon.

"You all take away your people, but you better not lie to me."Ye Zichen looked indifferently at the front, Su Yiyun nodded undecidedly. "Of course not. As long as I can't leave for a quarter of an hour, the ice is automatically unsealed."

"hope so."

"Then see you next time."

Waving a wave, Su Yiyun pulled the Zhao brothers to the side, and several people turned into a blue smoke and disappeared into the courtyard.

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