Not long after Su Yiyun left, the ice that sealed the Su Liuer was melted.

Get out of the ice, Su Liuer's teeth bite the red lips.

"There was his way."

"You can't say that, Ice Emperor, your ice system is not necessary to mention. But the one who just said that is the one who returned to the other, this is not the simple way. ”

The palm of the door is in a secluded opening, and there is no way to refute this remark.

She has been practicing ice since she was a child, and her resistance to ice attacks is quite high. Even if it was the ice emperor with her title, it would not be possible for her to have no resistance, so she would freeze it.

But Su Yiyun was effortless to offset her ice attack and freeze her.

More importantly, he is not a specialized ice system, but a spiritual array.

"He is not easy."Su Liuer is very reluctant to speak.

"So an expert has fallen into the hands of the Mozu, which is not good news for us."Huahuamen smiled charmingly at the side. "Ye Di, such a character, you let him slip away from your hands, this is your fault."

"Is it right?"Ye Zichen nodded.

Seeing Ye Zichen's mood is not high, Huahuamen did not go to joke him, laughed.

"It seems that this farce is over. I want to come here. It is a face that will be revealed to you. It will not take long for the elite of the Mozu to be overwhelmed by the army. Then the seat will not stay here, and will be arranged inside the door." ”

"Working hard."Ye Zichen opened the door.

"I can't talk about hard work, my lips are cold, and I can't think that I can be alone in this situation." I want to come to other martial arts as well. Ye Di can't talk to this seat. Where do you send those guests? This seat also wants to discuss countermeasures with them. ”

"Nine-tailed Fox."

"Well, then this seat will leave first."

"The palm of your hand will not go."

The door of Baihuamen floated away, leaving only Ye Zichen, Su Liuer and Lin Xi.

During this period, Lin Xihe has always been ruined, she will be like this, in fact, everyone else on the field can understand.

The person who wants to entrust his life is actually using it for her.

"Lincheng Lord…"

Su Liuer, who is also a woman, can deeply feel her mood at this time. Some of them can't see the past, she is ready to speak comfort, but she sees Lin Xihe smiling at her.

"It's ok."

She was forced to smile, but she was telling Su Liuer to leave her last dignity.

In any case, she is also the master of a city, she is not vulnerable to the need to comfort others to live.

"Zhao Zikai actually confessed to the Mozu, and when I saw him next time, I would personally hand him over."

Lin Xihe’s eyes showed a decisive light, and soon she converges and laughs.

"Thank you fortunate that this wedding has not been held, or I will still have some troubles. It’s not too early, or do I have to arrange two breaks? ”

"This will not bother Lincheng Lord. I still need some planning and arrangement here."Ye Zichen opened the door.

"Me too, the Nine-Tailed Fox family needs me to go back. The Mozu is already showing up. Maybe they are in the dark at this time. If there is no such thing as a town in the family, then there is still some peace of mind."Su Liuer also spoke at this time.

"In this case, then I don't want to stay strong."A faint smile appeared on Lin Xihe's face, and she immediately looked at Ye Zichen. "The place where Ye Di needs it, as long as I can do it, Lin Xihe will not deny it."

"I got it."

Nodding to it, Ye Zichen and Su Liuer both left the courtyard of the city government.

Lin Xihe smiled and watched them leave from beginning to end until they disappeared in front of their eyes, and she looked up at the moon in the sky.

She smiled and could see…

It is red.

Half an hour later, Ye Zichen appeared in Hongfeng City. Originally, he invited Su Liuer to discuss the matter of the Mozu, but since she was really worried about the nine-tailed Fox, she left in the middle.

Without disturbing anyone, Ye Zichen quietly returned to his place of residence.

Dispelling the spirit, in fact, this is already his subconscious behavior, when he comes back, you need to confirm whether Xiao Yumei and sweet are in the house.


"Glass, come to my room to see me."

A sound like a thunderstorm blew in the sea of ​​small glass, and this screaming scared her to throw the medicinal herbs that were about to be thrown into the ground.

It was a pity to look at it, and immediately she disappeared with her mouth open. When she appeared again, she was already in Ye Zichen's room.

"When you come back, why are you going to scare people?" Just a sugar bean just scared me, you lost it to me. ”

The little glass was very wronged and reached out, and Ye Zichen looked at him with a frown.

"How is the language and sweetness not in the house, is it not for you to be with them all the time?"

"Yeah, I told them, tell me if I go out." But they sneaked out and didn't tell me at all. ”Small glass eyes blink.

"Don't tell you? How long have they been away? ”

"You didn't take long to go with Zuo, they left."Small glass shrugs, "Hey, don't think about me." In fact, when they sneaked, it was discovered by me. I secretly followed. But they went to Nantianmen, where the guards didn't let me in. There was no way I would come back. ”

It was noticed that Ye-zi was not looking good, and the small glass quickly eloquently defended himself.

With this news, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and his look was slightly relieved. When they went to Heavenly Court, they should go to Chang'e without any surprises, and at this moment, Heavenly Court is indeed safer than Xianyu.

"I know, go out, I want to think about something alone."

Waving to the small glass, Ye Zichen saw the other side squinting and staring at him.

Wave your right hand.

A pile of medicinal herbs appeared at the table. After seeing the small glaze, I smiled and rushed up and took the medicinal medicine into her sugar bag.


At this moment, the small glass brows of the medicinal herbs were wrapped up.

She frowned at a corner of the room, and soon she yelled.

"I want to run."

A momentary appearance appeared in the corner of Ye Zichen's room, and the small white brilliance of the palm of the hand was a space that clawed the void.

"You still want to run in front of me?"

Ye Zichen also forgot the past, and in a short time, she saw a small black robes in the position of the small glazed palms, accompanied by a faint youth.

After a brief shock, Ye Zichen looked at the young man in a complicated look and sighed.

"why you!"

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