When the sound of the door closed was heard from the ear, the dim room returned to silence.

Ye Zichen was sitting in a chair at the beginning, leaning against the door and looking at the position where Su Yiyun was sitting.

For a long time, a sigh rang from the room.

"Repent, right."

This whisper is like talking to yourself, and if not. He reached out and passed the cup that Su Yiyun used. When his hand left the cup, the cup disappeared from the table.

There is also a chair he has been sitting on.

Immediately, a curtain appeared in front of him.

"Since you have said it, then…See you on the battlefield. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the mountains and rivers began to appear on the curtain, and it was the entire blueprint of Xianyu.


Red Maple City outside Xianyuan.

After many scrutiny by Ye Zichen, he inferred that if the Mozu were to invade, it would be the most direct location for them.

Of course, he can't insist that it will be here. No one can say whether they will open up and exit from other cities, or the beasts, and kill them by surprise.

To avoid this possibility, Ye Zichen did not mobilize all of them here. Instead, they are still stuck in their respective ethnic groups or spheres of influence. As long as any party explores the whereabouts of the Mozu, other people will immediately rush to the rescue.

As for the Red Maple City, which is most likely to appear in the Mozu, Ye Zichen naturally wants to be personally guarded.

He is wearing a black robe, and his shirt is made up of hundreds of turns of light. Don't think that this shirt is not well guarded, but in reality it is amazing.

There is also a bloody cloak on his shoulder, holding a bloody blade of blood.

Xuanyuanjian broke down in order to save him. Although Ye Zichen glued her to the top when she was descending, the incense is still too heavy and is still in a deep sleep.

The Xuanyuan sword without the spirit is just the name of an empty artifact, but the strength that may be exerted is ten.

Therefore, he can only retreat to the next, choose to use the blade of blood to meet the enemy.

He was sitting on the red trenches, and the crimson cloak fluttered in the wind, just like the generals who were placed on the battlefield.

The forces under his command are leisurely, and the guards and people with lofty ideals in the Red Maple City City pool are also helping each other.

Due to the implementation of the elite strategy, it is the master of the Tianxian level who can directly meet the enemy in the city.

There is a blessing of Dragon Pulse, and now the overall strength of Xianyu has a qualitative improvement.

Looking around the city, there were four hundred people, and all of them were looking at the void.

Always ready to meet the enemy!

The atmosphere outside the city pool has solidified for a while, no matter who is at this moment, they dare not take it lightly. The invasion of the Mozu before half a year was still vivid, even though they finally won, but now still, no one can face the Mozu with a relaxed attitude.

It is such an atmosphere, but there is a very impatient anger.

"Ye Zichen, I have reminded you more than once, now I am the ruler here, not your followers, can you not find anything to help me?"

Just next to Ye Zichen, Lin Ru sat with his hair wrapped around his brow.

To tell the truth, she is very annoyed in her heart. In her capacity, she should have been detached from this worldly dispute. She is the principle that she should stick to.

But the guy in front of her eyes always said things with the worldly sentiment, so she told her the ruler of the rule and asked her to come and help.

"Can you not be so ruthless?"Ye Zichen opened his mouth and said, "When we are in the world, the relationship is quite harmonious. The injury of the father is also my cure." Also, you and Su Yan are quite good girlfriends, right? And your boyfriend, I am a good buddy with him! With so many factors in front of you, do you still want to ignore me? ”

Lin Ru is a pretty black face, and the reason she appears here is to let him use these sensations to tell.

"I don't need you to repeat it with me. Now I want to tell you that I am the ruler here. I can't follow the heavens and I can't be in your worldly disputes." To tell you the truth, in fact, we have to pay attention to this line, if you offend the heavens, you have to resign. ”

"Ok?"Ye Zichen pretended to look at her without knowing how to look.

"Don't dress here, I know you can understand."Lin Ru said, "I really can't help you to deal with the Mozu in this, although I have hated the Mozu because of your relationship with Susu, but I still can't intervene."

"Ok?"Still fainting.

"Ye Zichen !"Lin Ru simply called his full name.

On the woman's side, shouting the full name means that the problem is really serious. I know that Ye Zichen is not going to stun and laugh.

"Don't be so violent, be careful that your aunt is bloody."

Lin Ru was another brow, and Ye Zichen hurriedly waved.

"Well, the Queen is asking for anger, but I know that you are a master of the rules."

"Then you still…"

"But the difficulty is overcome!"Ye Zichen said in a semi-smooth tone that he felt the opposite person explode again. He quickly said again, "Don't be excited, I haven't finished talking." I know that you have difficulties and will never let you touch your bottom line. The ruler of this rule is to say that the simple point is that the civil servant is awkward. I can’t let you lose the iron rice bowl. You stay here, just help me to fly those who use more than the strength of the king, you can. How is it, this is reasonable. ”

"This is really reasonable."

Lin Ru nodded lightly, and the task of their ruler was to stabilize the rule chain of this party and remove the existence of provocative rules.

She can do it if she only wants to use someone who is more than the strength of the king.

"Look, let's reach a consensus."

Ye Zichen also grinned and looked at his contemptuous look, Lin Ru couldn't help but frown. She always felt that there must be some conspiracy behind this guy, and there was definitely a pit waiting for her to jump.

But she just can't think of it as a pit.

"In any case, if there is no more than the king of Xian, I will look at it. I will not mess with it."

Lin Ru thought in his heart, but at this time…

A thick pressure came from the air, and the faint purple gas merged into the air, and the sunlight formed a faint purple light.

The flag swayed and covered the sky.

Above the void is a demon warrior who can't look to the end. At this time, there are still Mozu warriors coming out of the space transmission array in the void.

I really let Ye Zichen calculate it, their landing point…

Really red maple city!

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