Everyone turned their eyes to the people of Fuxi.

"The king of the land can not talk nonsense."

The monk replied directly, and the emotional beard was constantly trembled.

"Hey, what do you say about offensive and defensive alliances, and what is not your fairyland."Yang Shu mouth curled his neck, and his mouth was very disdainful. "Let's stuff it up, the king of the Tibetans said that it is your fairyland."

"This is not…"

"Don't worry."Yang Lan squinted and smiled. "Yan Emperor took the initiative to mention the second spot. I want to let us guess. Then it is yours who are pointed out by our people. Let you have a face in Xiannian."

As soon as the voice fell, he reached out and pointed out the people in Futian.

"Spirit, too hearty."

The Heavenly Court staff standing on the periphery nodded with the same feeling. This trick is really a little careful.

"Yang Tianshen, you really misunderstood."Yan Emperor wanted to explain, but think about this time is definitely the more black, you can only look to the Tibetan king to open the way, "Tibetan king, you quickly explain, you say this is detrimental to the harmony between the three circles of."

Yan Di’s words are quite true, and it’s hard to relax the relationship between the three parties. He didn't want to make the parties feel a little bit guilty because of some small things.

Although this possibility is relatively small, it is hard to measure…

In order to avoid unnecessary results, it is better to handle it with caution.

"Yan Emperor is in a hurry."

The Tibetan king is still the unhurried tone, and the look is like a mount that is lazy to his side.

At this time, Emperor Yan really wanted to give Yang Hao a few words before him, really!

Now he is being pushed to the cusp of the cusp, he is also a bit angry, just why he squats and wants to fight, let the things just fermented.

If it really ferments, it may be the Ziwei Emperor.

Grab the itch on the mount, and the Tibetan king also took back his hand and smiled.

"That will explain it. In fact, the people I just said are not considered to be Xiantian people. Yan Di’s words at the beginning were not wrong. They did not know who the man was, but he was indeed a fairyland person. I want to come to you now, I want to think about it. Who is this person? ”


Yang Hao looked at him b, and telling the truth is a bit embarrassing to listen to his IQ.

It is a person of Xianyu, but a person of Xianyu does not know.

What a hello.

"what are you saying."

Yang Yan asked, he really did not think who it would be. Other people who can look at the chair, they all have a look of contemplation, and soon the face is a revealing look.

Obviously, they all guessed it.

"Hey, who is it, can you tell me?"

"To do this, you can't say more."

When the voice fell, the Tibetan king was laughing and not opening. Yang Lan kept blinking and looked at the people around him for a few laps.

"I didn't think of it when I got together?" The people in your Buddhist domain can really make you feel annoyed. Since they all know it, then say it. ”

"Yang Hao, how do people in our Buddhist domain get rid of you?"

It is here that a vain word is heard in the ears of everyone.

When the people heard the words, they saw two golden lights appearing on the white, empty, empty sky, followed by a few monks behind them.


The group of immortals owe their bodies, and the two golden lights are also seated on the top of the brand with "壹" and "捌".

Sitting in the first place is the Amitabha in the West Heavenly Bliss World.

Sitting in the niche is the Sakyamuni of the Central Auntie World.

"I heard that Yang Tianshen seems to have a lot of opinions about my Buddhist domain. I don't know why."

Sitting in the first place, Buddha Amitabha opened his mouth, and Yang Lan was not afraid of him. He said with a neck.

"When we were talking about who is the second chair, the Tibetan king said half of it. I said that people who can't stand your Buddha field always do."

"Is it?"The Buddha nodded faintly, but did not say this question, but looked at the fourth trading channel. "It seems that Qi Rensheng is going to break through this day. I am afraid I can't come here."


Yang Lan thought that the Buddha would tell him who the man was, and he did not expect to have passed the problem.

"You are a partner bullying me."

"Yang Tianshen is in a hurry."

The Tibetan kings, Sakyamuni and Amitabha are all Buddhas. The tone of speech is so similar.

"It will be time for a while. At that time, who is the second person in this meeting? When should Yang Tianshen rush to this, wait patiently."


With this reply, Yang Lan has no temper. He simply sat down on the chair and shrugged his shoulders.

"Forget it, even if you want to say it, I don't want to hear it."

"So best, wait."


"I really let me calculate it."

Looking at the Mozu warrior who kept appearing in the void, Ye Zichen smiled and said to himself. However, he did not take it lightly. The Mozu who came out this time is definitely more elite than the last time.

It seems that they are also taking the elite route.


The phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated at this moment, and Ye Zichen squinted, but he ignored it and turned to Lin Ru.

"Give me the signal I am ready to go."

"Hey, I am not your man, don't you let me work?" I didn’t say it before I said it, I don’t want to intervene in everything about you. ”Lin Ru blinks.

"Just let you send a signal and didn't let you get started."

"you……I am sending it. ”

Lin Ru ran to the distance and released a colorful light bomb in the void, and the phone in Ye Zichen's pocket was still shaking.

There is no way to pull out the phone and look at the screen…

"The Three Realms will be launched soon, and will be transmitted to the mission site."

Seeing this news, Ye Zichen didn't look good at it. At this time, he was still fighting for hegemony. I just canceled the phone and threw it back into my pocket. Not long after, he worried that the phone suddenly vibrated and simply shut down.

Above the void, the Black Dragon walked in the forefront of the team, behind him was the Mozu Warrior holding the flag at the end.

He looked at Ye Zichen underneath with a smirk, and the voice was mixed with the mellow voice.

"Ye Di."

"Ye Di, what do you think we should do."

Red Maple City Lord Luo Wei Emei, the number of Mozu warriors is too much, so that these people will not play any role at the moment.

"Don't worry, Lin Ru has signaled that it won't take long for someone to help us."

Ye Zichen handed him a reassuring look, and then jumped deep into the void from the reddish trench. At this moment, the mobile phone in his space artifact suddenly turned on automatically at this time…

Three real world hegemony starts counting down…






"You are coming this time…"Ye Zichen didn't finish talking…




Forced delivery!

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