The sundial is coming.

The Mozu above the void did not have any movements until this time. With the passage of time, these Mozu warriors did not have the enthusiasm to start. They began to swear, blasphemy or whisper with the people around them.

This is like the drumming of ancient warfare.

Do it all at once, second time tired, third time exhausted.

Before the Mozu set foot in the Three Realms, the preparations and encouragement of the station must have been the ultimate. Because of Su Yiyun's relationship, they can't live in that meta-space and want to continue the future, then the only thing they can do is to grab.

Their dispatch of troops has already prepared for the ruin, and they will become unsuccessful.

The blood is full of enthusiasm, but when they really come here, their leader is to let them stay here.

Thousands of people!

There are only a few thousand people outside Hongfeng City, and even if they are living sacrifices, there are also 300,000 soldiers.

The leader did not issue an offensive command, let them stay here.

All of this is seen by the soldiers of these. In the beginning, they might think that there is a black dragon, but this has already passed several hours, and the sky is dark…

Even if their blood is burning, it will be extinguished.

"Big brother, waiting for it, the war of our soldiers can be exhausted."Some people in the demon can't help but open their mouths. "There are only a thousand people outside the Red Maple City. They are all in the level of the fairy. It seems that this is all the elite of this city. We have hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Do you still have to fear them?" As long as they are eaten, even if there are more people in the city, how can they be more than the Mozu family? ”

"Yeah, we can't drag on."Other demon respects should also be harmonious.

Their demon can be said to be the top members of the Mozu, and they are very clear about the purpose of this trip to the Three Realms.

This is to win the land.

But after the arrival, there is no action, and the warriors’ wars are drastically reduced. If they are dragged down, they may not be able to find the sense of tension, and they will not be able to play 10% of the battlefield. .

Then they are the Mozu, is there a possibility of winning a little?

After a faint look at the demon statues around him, the black dragon simply looked at the soldiers behind him. As a commander of the Mozu, how can he not know how serious the consequences of such a delay?

But he really worried in his heart…

To be honest, even if Su Yiyun doesn't remind him, he might be impulsive at the end.

Ye Zichen disappeared too suddenly, and this sudden disappearance really made him afraid.

There is also a person in the demon respect who mentioned that there are only a thousand people outside the city. I don’t know that it is a simple thousand people, which is the one that makes him most worried.

Since I know that the Mozu wants to attack the family, why is there only a thousand people outside this city? Is it true that Ye Zichen can resist the elite of the Mozu?

Certainly not.

Then maybe there is somewhere, hiding the ambush. As long as they give a little flaw, the ambush will appear.

There are not many opportunities for their Mozu, and there really can't be a slight loss.

The black dragon in his heart couldn't help but put his eyes on Su Yiyun's body. To be honest, after experiencing the shadow of the last defeat, he now has no such arbitrariness. In decision-making, especially in big decisions, he always appears to be arbitrarily swaying and swaying.

Su Yiyun is from the military division for his time, regardless of the big things, he would like to consult the other side's opinions.

"Su brother, we have been here for six hours." The warrior's warfare is sharply reduced. If we wait here, it will not be too good. But I am still worried about this Ye Zichen…Su brother, what do you think is good for us? ”

"cough……"Su Yiyun, sitting in a chair, coughed down and opened his eyes. He squinted at the sky that had been turned from dark to dark, and immediately said, "Isn't the position of Ye Zichen still found during this period?"

"No."The black dragon with deep brows shook his head. "I have been using the spirit to detect the surrounding area. In order to avoid disclosure, within a few hundred miles, I have not let go of a grain of sand, but I have not found the trace of Ye Zichen. ."

"Then he can't disappear."Su Yiyun shouted.

"This……"The black dragon face hesitated, and said, "This is also my strange. In fact, the first time he disappeared, I have already had investigations, and there has never been any gain. During this period, I have been thinking about where he went. I only want to think about it when I want to go. ”

"Say it."Su Yiyun said.

"Su brother, do you think there is such a possibility."

After a little hesitation, Black Dragon yelled.

"When we came here, we got the information. It is these days that the three circles of the three circles will go to the Three Realms for hegemony. Therefore, we only choose to come and plunder resources at this time."

"Yes, Not Bad."

"Then you said that Ye Zichen’s sudden disappearance was to participate in the hegemony."

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun sitting in the chair looked inexplicable. But soon he converges and smiles.

"Black Dragon, you think it is good, it is indeed possible, but…"

"but what?"

"But I don't really want it."Su Yiyun said with a tired voice. "If he really went to participate in hegemony at that time, the two of them let his disappearance scare him for six hours. If you say it, let's face it." ."

"Su brother said, so I said that I have never heard. However, our Mozu warriors really can't wait for this. According to Su's brother, let's play or not. ”

"A little more, wait."

Su Yiyun's voice just fell, and a spy ran over.

"Report, there are hundreds of miles away…"

The spit has not finished yet, and the Black Dragon has already jumped up and looked at the front, and the spirits spread out.

The rest of the Mozu are also keeping up, spreading the mind.

"Big brother, send troops."The demon singers sang in unison, and the black dragon looked at the front and looked at the position where Ye Zichen disappeared. He bit his teeth. "Go personally protect Su brother, the rest…Fight against Red Maple City! ”


The horn blew.

The sluggish Mozu warriors heard the horn sound all the shock, and in a flash they lifted the spirit to seize the weapon in their hands and heard…


The warriors of the Mozu are like a locust swarming down. The Lowells and others who have been waiting outside the city are also shocked.

Just then, a voice appeared in his knowledge of the sea.

Suddenly there was a smile on his face, and even if he held his gaze, he burst into tears.

"Take the enemy!"

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