Suddenly there was an exclamation in the pure white space, and the group of immortals raised their heads. After a short while, I saw Ye Zichen dancing and appearing on this space, just like a comet…


Heavy fell to the ground.

"I am going to you…"

After a short pause, Ye Zichen, who was slamming, sat up and screamed.

It was hard to vent the anger of my heart, but he found that countless eyes were paying attention to him.

Quietly sneaked a few eyes around…

"How are you all here, why are you having a meeting?"Ye Zichen raised her eyebrows at the surrounding fairy, quite a strange opening.

"Brother, how do you run this?"

In the case of seeing Ye Zichen, Yang Lan got up directly from the chair and walked towards Ye Zichen.

"How do I know why I will come here."Ye Zichen looked speechless and turned his eyes to Fuxi.

Notice the eyes of Ye Zichen, they are all heading towards their arch.

"Ye Di."

"What kind of emperor Ye Ye, how many of you have a long heart?" Tell you that the Mozu has now hit the Red Maple City, and quickly go out with me to meet the enemy. ”Ye Zichen locks the eyebrows.


The group of immortals in the space is a glimpse, and Yang Lan is even more eyebrows.

"Don't the devil world let us fight back, how come they come again?"

"He is holding the three worlds to fight for hegemony…"Ye Zichen said half of it, but he couldn’t speak. For a long time, he looked at the fairyland around him. "This…This won't be…"

"Yes, this is."Fuxi affirmed his speculation and immediately said, "Ye Di, you just said that the Mozu hit the Red Maple City. What is the situation?"


Ye Zichen is a bit embarrassed.

Just now that he was shut down, why did he still come here? But now is not the time to consider these!

"Why did they attack me? I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is. I knew that when I came here, the Mozu people just came over. It seems that they are coming from the family, and the situation is not optimistic. ”

Deeply locked eyebrows, Ye Zichen looked at the crowded openings around him.

"You are powerful, the Mozu is our common enemy. He is now in Hongfeng City. Although it is the territory of Xianyu, you should be clear about the truth of the lips." I urge all of you here to give a helping hand, how can I go out to meet the enemy? ”

"This should be unlikely."The Ziwei Emperor opened the way.

"Ziwei, you are a bit unreasonable."Wen Zi, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. "Jade Emperor asked me to take control of Heavenly Court when I left. I can help you for half a month, now you…"

"Ye, I don't mean this."Ziwei Emperor shook his head and said, "I don't want to help, but I can't really help." When we set foot here, there was no way to go out. The news here is also shielded from the outside world. Even if I want to send a message in the group, I can't send it. ”

"What do you mean."

"Ye brother, you may be here for the first time, it is not clear. This space is amazing, can only enter in one direction, but can not go out. Only after the end, the space disappears on its own, and we can return to the various races. ”

At this time, Emperor Yan explained that he was a high-ranking person in the fairyland, and he was naturally worried about the situation of Xianyu.

But this space is so strange, even if he wants to help, but he can do nothing.

"We can't go out, what about Xiannian?"Ye Zichen locked his eyebrows, "But I don't take the initiative, it is…Is it so good to come here inexplicably? ”

He did not know that he was forced to transfer here.

Ye Zichen, who was in the air at the time, was ready to talk to the group of the Devils. But before I finished speaking, the picture in front of him was just becoming. .

What caught your eye was a chaos and a crack in the space.

This is frightening to him, and he thought it was a trick of Black Dragon.

He carefully avoided the cracks in the space, but he was violently subjected to a suction and kept pulling him. Of course, he didn't want to die so badly, he struggled with his hands, and then there was a scene just now.

"I really came here!"Ye Zichen muttered in her heart.

"Xianyu can only let them ask for more happiness and see how long it will last. In fact, the three real world hegemony is a rewarding link, and the treasures are obtained according to the ranking order. As long as we carry out the fast, then this hegemony will end early, when we are going to deal with the Mozu. ”

Fuxi also spoke at this time. Although the immortals around him said that the news of the Mozu was a little nervous, they all nodded.

"I really took it, then let's get started!"

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen sat in the second-ranked chair. According to the order of the seats of the group when he came, the position of the seat should be the ranking of the list.

When he was seated, the celestial beings just smiled.

The words of the former Tibetan king have already led them to guess that it may be Ye Zichen, but Yang Lan…

"Brother, the owner of this seat is actually you."

"What's wrong, can't you?"Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. "Oh, don't talk." Let's get started, now my time is very tight. ”

"Ye Xiaoyou, this is not what we said!"The Buddha smiled at this moment.

"Whoever said that."

Ye Zichen's mood is very unstable now. When he came, he witnessed the Mozu people coming to the multi-ethnic group.

On the large scale, he really worried that they would encounter unexpected events.

He is just eager to end this hegemony!

"When you wait, it will start when time is up."

The Buddha smiled softly and his face was full of peace. Ye Zichen heard his eyebrows and glanced at him. What I wanted to say, I thought that the Buddha field itself was beyond the limits of their three realms, and there was no use of nonsense with him.

"Then wait."

Pure white space, when everyone is silent, it is to find anomalies in this space.

Those who are here will be inexplicably sullen, and the feeling of refreshment will grow from the bottom of my heart. Those who can be found here are well-known people from all walks of life who are busy in their daily lives.

To be honest, they have not enjoyed this peace of mind for some time.

Gradually, some people closed their scorpions and used their heart to enjoy this purity, but they just…

Some people will destroy their peace, such as our Yang Da Shen!

"Hey, you said that the chair was made. When it came, it seems that there is no chair."

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