Yang Dashen is definitely the unstoppable Lord. When he sees people around him not talking, he is uncomfortable. He is the kind of person who is extremely unhappy. There is no way, he can only deliberately find a topic to destroy this silence.

The rest of the immortals glared at him with some anger, even if Heavenly Court had a good relationship with him, he couldn't help but sigh.

Feeling the strange atmosphere, Yang Lan picked a eyebrow.

"Why are you looking at me like this, don't you notice the chair?"

I got a bunch of silent eyes.

They are not embarrassed, even if the eyes are really bad, through the spiritual knowledge can also detect the existence of the chair, how may not notice.

"Look at me!"

Yang Yujian’s eyebrows were erected, and they glanced at the group of celestial beings that were arranged in turn.

"Come, you are looking at me this time. Whoever looks at me, I remember it well, and wait for it to go out and settle the bill. ”


The group of non-Heavenly Court will all look back, they can smash in their hearts, but if they really look at the big god, they really have no courage.

As for the fairy tales of Heavenly Court, they all have a look of "this guy I don't know", and they don't want to be like this, but this Yang Lan is really too shameful.

Sitting on the three-placed Ziwei Dadi's face is dark, this Yang Lan is deliberately engaged in him.

"Yang Tianshen has never changed."Sakyamuni smiled faintly, and his smile was like that of Maitreya. It was very kind and gratifying.

"Thank you for complimenting."As he arched his hand toward Sakyamuni, Yang Lan raised his eyebrows. "Buddha, you are all high-ranking people, and you know more than our little people." Can you explain to me, what is the chair doing? ”

"It’s been a few times before I saw this chair."Yandi is also an open channel.

All eyes fell on the two Buddhas for a time, and Sakyamuni laughed without words.

Ye Zichen, who was annoying in his heart, also looked at the chair at this time. On the surface, he could feel that the chair was much better than their chair.

Especially the chair is still in the most central position, still above him and Amitabha chair.

It is obvious that the owners of this chair are higher than their level, but they are already the chief and second seats on the prestige list…

For a time, he was also interested in this chair.

"Buddha, what is the use of this chair?"

"The thing that vents the open-air machine is that you can't do it. Do you want the Buddha of Western bliss?"Sakyamuni smiled kindly, and Amitabha, who sat in the first place, glanced at him. "You can't say no."

"So I said that you guys in these Buddhist fields are really annoying!"

The heart filled with curiosity, Yang Lan, got up from the chair and pointed at the two Buddha's silent talkers without hesitation.

"Look at the two of you, you must know something." Oh, just don't say it? What else can't vent the open-air machine, if you know it, you know, don't know, you don't know if you are generous. You talk about you, what you are saying there can’t be said, can you tell me what to say? ”

As soon as the voice fell, he shouted at the group of immortals who had no seats.

"Brothers, I am right."

The bird is silent.

This level of power, how can these little immortals insert their mouths.

In the past, those Three Pure Ones Old Lord Taishang, as well as those who have status status, in order to let some young immortals have long-term knowledge, before this meeting, deliberately gave the prestige to this group of fairy.

It can be said that except for the ten people sitting in the chair, more than 90% of the rest of the immortals are here for the first time.

Yang Lan hardly swears the two Buddhas in the Buddha's domain. Even if they lend them ten courage, they dare not interrupt!

"Yang Tianshen is annoyed, there is law in this heaven and earth, and our Buddha domain is not touchable. However, this seat can tell Yang Tianshen about the news, it is about Yang Tianshen. ”

"what news?"Yang Lan raised an eyebrow.

"Yang Tianshen will soon be promoted to God. Here, I would like to congratulate Yang Tianshen in advance."Sakyamuni smiled lightly.


The group is stunned.

Even the powers sitting in the chair can't help but look good.

Will Yang Hao fly to God?

The news can be said to be too heavy, and for a time it turned out that no one had spoken. They are all inexplicably observing the faces of these two Buddhas…

a long time.

"Congratulations to Yang Tianshen."

Fuxi first got up and congratulated him. The news of flying to God was not known to the parties. It can be rumored that there are three thousand avenues in the Buddha's domain. It is not surprising that some news can be known.

Moreover, it is still said from the Buddha's mouth that it is not a proverb.

If you are a monk, don’t swear.

"Congratulations to Yang Tianshen."

"Congratulations to Yang Tianshen."

"Congratulations to Yang Tianshen."

The group of immortals are all saying something, but Yang Lan is the one who makes this heavy news to the stunned. He can only stand still in front of him, listening to the congratulations from all directions.

"Flying to God, me?"

For a long time, Yang Lan came out of this shock, pointing his finger at the nose, and immediately turned his face into anger.

"You said that I was flying up to God, Buddha, when did you go out and learn to make jokes?" Do you know what strength I have, I am now perfect, my fairy king has not arrived, you told me to fly to God? Can't you drag on here?"

When the words were just exported, he realized that he had lost his words and apologized.

"What, I am not talking about you, don't care too much. However, my strength is the most clear to me. It is impossible to fly up. ”

"The monks don't swear."Amitabha was laughing at this moment. "Yang Hao, you really want to fly to God. Just above this meeting, you will fly to God. Sakyamuni does not say anything."

"How can this be."Yang Lan kept shaking his head.

"It may not be possible to manage him. Isn't this a good thing?"Ye Zichen smiled at Yang Lan. "Brother, don't be nervous, you will remember this." If it is soaring, it is definitely a good thing. If you can't fly, you can go out and say that the Buddha is lying, and you are squandering the dirty waters of these high-spirited Buddhas. There is nothing wrong with it. You say no. ”

Yang Lan and Ye Zichen can't be brothers. He just made an exit and the two hit it off.

"Brother, you said nothing wrong!"

"This is right."Ye Zichen grinned. "I'm the most amazing thing about this chair now, and why this hegemony hasn't started yet, according to time…"

Immediately, Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow and looked at the chair and smiled.

"Maybe someone starts to sit up and see that everyone has no interest in this chair, so let me do it for you."

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen walked up two steps and sat down with his hands on the armrests. But at the moment he sat down, he seemed to be controlled by the people.

"Then…Let's get started now. ”

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