When Ye Zichen sat in the special chair, the moment of the voice fell, this emptiness suddenly appeared a shock.

Qunxian’s subconscious mind wants to run the spirit to stabilize the body, but finds

Their spiritual power has all disappeared.

"what happened?"

The three realms in the chair are all brows, and this has not happened before when they participated in the hegemony.

His eyes fell on Ye Zichen's body, but he found him sitting in a chair without being affected by this shock.

He just looked at the front with both eyes and hands, holding the armrests of the chair with both hands.


The shock disappeared.

Until then, the group of celestial people who participated in this hegemony was a long sigh of relief, but at this time

"what is this?"

Suddenly, some people in the immortal exclaimed, and this group of immortals also noticed that on the right side of their space, there was a show of martial arts on the right side of the space, which was marked with a clear line of spirits and a vein extension. The entire performance field is covered.

Pro, soldiers, fighting, people, all, array, column, in, before.

The nine-character rumor is depicted in the nine directions of the spirit array, and the crystal green owl is flashing above the font.

Most of the immortals under the steps came here for the first time. They all looked at the show in amazement, but the immortals who had been there before were brows.

This scene has never been seen before.

Three circles for hegemony.

To say that it is hegemony, in fact, it is just an activity to accept the reward.

According to the ranking of the prestige list, you can also choose to add gas transportation and change your life.

In the beginning, they all thought about who is behind the scenes of the three worlds. Even the Buddha who has experienced hundreds of times has never seen the appearance of the people behind the scenes.

Another thing that makes them hesitate is that hegemony

As the name implies, it is natural to decide a hegemon. There are so many times of hegemony, but there has never been a trial.

This time, it was the appearance of this martial arts field, and the seat that had never appeared before.

Is it this time?

The powerful people sitting in the chairs looked at each other, and immediately they fell their eyes on the two Buddhas in the seat.

"Buddha, this"

Shakyamuni shook his head and Amitabha shook his head.

If they know, they must be inscrutable smiles, and then come back to a secret that can't be revealed, or can't be said.

This time they actually shook their heads directly. It looked like they didn't know what it was.

"Buddha, don't you know the middle of it?"The old man’s face is accompanied by a faint twilight. “There has never been such a situation in the past, this is the end.”

"It is only the Ye Xiaoyou who sat in the chair that can clearly understand the status quo."

Sakyamuni’s face is also accompanied by dignity. There are three thousand books in the Buddha’s domain, but he has no way of knowing what the current situation is.

"Leaf brother."

The rest of the powers fell on Ye Zichen's body, and he could see his situation. This group of abilities also knew that he couldn't say anything in the chair.

The sloppy pupils, the godless eyes, have lost their sense of autonomy and become the shackles of this behind-the-scenes.

"You have already felt it, and our spiritual power is all sealed."

Yan Emperor spread his hand and immediately made a fist. From this fist he could not feel a little strength. In the past, the spiritual power that often accompanied him was completely disappeared at this moment.

He is used to the spiritual power to work in the body, and he is used to using spiritual power to solve everything.

Nowadays, the spiritual power suddenly disappears, even though his physical strength is strong, but in the use of mortal power, it may not be more than an ordinary mountain village husband.


Just when everyone thought about it, Yang Lan’s disdainful coldness was passed to the ears of everyone.

"It’s so good that the spiritual powers are gone. It seems that the performance of the military field is already a match. Now that our spiritual power has disappeared, it is fair to each other. Laozi will challenge all of you today, especially you, you, you."

Fingers pointed at the Buddha's Sakyamuni, Amitabha and the Tibetan king, Yang Shudao.

"The old vultures of your Buddha domain, I have been unhappy for a long time." I am going to solve your private sin with you today. Of course, this vengeance can only be solved here. You can't find me trouble after going out from here. ”

Yang Hao has a gluten but does not mean that he is stupid. Now that the spiritual power of the group is gone, he has no disadvantages compared with the Buddha.

After going out, it is not the same. After going out, the spiritual power has recovered. If it is one hundred, he can't beat Sakyamuni.

He has to say something to death here, and he will only be able to live this life of death when he or she goes out.

"Yang Hao, don't let go."

One bite, one old man, one old vulture, this kind of speech is greatly disrespectful.

As the head of Heavenly Court, Ziwei Dad needs to consider the future of Heavenly Court. If Buddha angered them to Heavenly Court, it was a big disaster.

"How to let go of it, the situation at the moment is already very clear. The appearance of the military field will also seal our spiritual power. Obviously, the people behind this scene want to let us compete fairly. Here, we are not Buddhas and emperors. Their status is equal. Anyone has the opportunity to challenge each other. Isn't it? ”Yang Xiao smiled.

"Under the circumstances, Ye Xi has never spoken again until now, and obviously he is waiting for us to take the initiative to recognize the situation. I can't think of such a simple question, your emperor is also white. OK, don't talk nonsense with you, wait until you get a meal. ”

Yang Lan’s words made everyone immersed in contemplation. For a long time, Sakyamuni smiled and nodded.

"Yang Tianshen said that he was right. I didn't expect Yang Tianshen to be the clearest person to watch at this time. I admire it."

"Hey, old monk, I am very comfortable with what you said. Look at the part of your speech, then I will marry you later. ”

He smiled awkwardly, Yang Hao’s mouth looked a few times around the faces of everyone, and finally his eyes fell.

The body of the Tibetan king.

Yang Yu’s thoughts are very meticulous. This must be successful in the first battle to boost morale, and it can also cause jealousy in other people’s minds.

If you choose the immortal under the steps, it seems that he is too bullying.

On this step, choose Ziwei Emperor, how to say it is also a family member. The group of guys who chose Xianyu, it seems that it is not easy to deal with, only the Buddha domain

The Buddha field is always high, giving a deep feeling.

If he can win the people of the Buddha domain, then the effect of this contest can definitely reach the highest. But playing Buddha, he has no bottom in his heart.

You can only use the Tibetan king to try the water.

With a fixed number in his heart, Yang Lan is grinning and smiling.

"Just start from you, dare to fight."

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