The group of immortals under the steps are all looking at the power of the chair.

Declared war.

Yang Tianshen issued a gauntlet to the Tibetan king.

These two people represent the two giants of the government and Heavenly Court. If these two people are hit, it is not as simple as the competition. The representative is the honor of the two worlds.

Although the relationship between the three realms has eased, the hostile relationship of a thousand years has not been annihilated in the friendship of these two years.

The immortals began to cheer for their own power, and the people of Xianyu were rushing to fight.

Obviously, they are not afraid of things.

Yang Lan half-squinted, the evil charm smiled. He leaned back against the back of the chair, listening to the shouts of the immortals under the stage, the face of the dew, the left hand toward the Tibetan king with his fingers.

"How, how do we get to the opening of this prosperous world? Don't say that I bully you, I let you take the mount to fight. How, even if the beast is losing spiritual power, the strength of its power is not comparable to that of a mortal. I am very interested. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Yang Lan spread his hands and mobilized the atmosphere. The people who eat melons under the stage suddenly sipped under his mobilization.

"Great God is domineering."

"Yang Dashen is good."

Yang Lan was enjoying this shouting. He grinned and raised his eyebrows toward the Tibetan king.

"Being waiting for you on the field."


With his right hand on the armrest of the seat, Yang Lan leaped high.

This action has been evolved countless times in his heart. He put pressure on his opponent before the station, and he will come to a perfect body and call out the Erlang knife.


Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

This is definitely not to say that it is played.

The opening of the script was indeed as he thought, but at the moment he jumped deep, he suddenly felt his body became heavy.


He was able to jump up two meters high, but at this time it was the spirit of the people who fell down and fell to the ground.

The group is stunned.

Especially the immortals on the other side of the government saw this scene even more hilarious.

"What Yang Tianshen, this is not like falling with a dead dog."

"I still want to challenge our Bodhisattva. Do you see our Bodhisattva take care of you?"

There was a scream in the field, but the power to sit on the chair was all, and looked suspiciously at Yang Lan who could not move on the ground.

In order to take care of his face, the powers did not speak, they wanted to wait for him to say something, they took a haha ​​to give him a step.

However, he has not been able to keep up.

"Yang Yang, are you still abandoning enough people?" Hurry up, what kind of system do you like! ”The Ziwei Emperor couldn't help but convey his voice. But it was not long before he received Yang Hao's very painful answer. "You thought I didn't want to, I can't move now."

The emperor frowned.

After that, he got up and walked to Yang Lan, licking his arm and trying to pick it up.

The silk does not move.

His eyebrows were stunned and still motionless.

"Ziwei the Great, Yang Tianshen is" the other immortals in the chair noticed this weird, and asked.

The Ziwei Emperor got up, and Yang Lan, who looked at the ground, immediately began to speak.

"He has a weight on his body and can't leave."

The voice did not fall, and Yang Lan, who was kneeling on the ground, was a bloody spurt.

"This can't be done. Now we are all mortal, and the load on the organs is quite huge."

Yan Di's look was dignified. At this time, Yang Lan's mouth began to lie outside, and his nose and ears began to gradually penetrate the bleeding.

The group of immortals realized that the situation was not good, and the snoring stopped.

The power of the steps on the steps is also a frown, and the rotation is about to fall on the high-position Ye Zichen.

In the case of all the spiritual seals, they can think of him only to start with Yang Lan.

"Please also ask your high-ranking staff."

Ziwei Emperor first greeted Ye Zichen as Yang Lan. He was the first of Heavenly Court. Yang Lan was the god of his Heavenly Court. He didn't want to see Yang Lan's mistakes.

"Yang Hao, he is a bit embarrassed, but his heart is not bad. If there is any place that angers you, please ask him once. ”

"Please ask your boss to be high."

Other immortals are also speaking, even if it is the Buddha domain that was provoked by Yang Lan.

At the same time, Ye Zichen knows the sea.

"Are you playing with Yang Lan? He is my brother who is alive. If he has three long and two short, you believe it or not."

The spiritual Ye Zichen was tied to a pillar of sorrow. He glared at the black robes in front of the pillars, and the words were threatening.

"Do you believe it or not?"

The black robe was accompanied by a playful tone, and immediately a finger appeared behind him.

The texture and structure of the chair was exactly the same as that of Ye Zichen outside. After sitting on the chair, he tilted his legs through the gap of the hat as if he could see it. He was laughing at this time.

There is no fear of the other party, and Ye Zichen has some anger.

Indeed, what he can do now, the consciousness of the ontology deprives the other party, and the spirit also allows the other party to bind.

But Yang Lan is his brother who is desperate, how can he see it?

Taking a deep breath, Ye Zichen smiled indifferently.

"You can appear in my knowledge of the sea, it should be spiritual. I don't know, if I blame myself, will your spirits disappear with my knowledge of the sea? ”

"you dare?"

"What do you say?"

As soon as the voice fell, the spirit of Ye Zichen began to expand dramatically. Seeing this scene, the eyebrows under the black robe caps picked and picked, and immediately the right hand waved it and suppressed it by Ye Zichen who was preparing to blew himself.

"I am afraid of you."

The black robe shook his head quite helplessly, and immediately snapped a finger, and the rope tied with Ye Zichen disappeared.

"I am actually making a little joke with you. Why are you so serious?"

"joke?"Ye Zichen smiled. "I don't think this joke is particularly funny. Now you'd better put Yang Lan, or I won't give you a second chance."

Between words, Ye Zichen is the spiritual power to mobilize the spirit, as long as he wants

His knowledge of the sea will disappear in an instant, and he and the black robes who stand in his knowledge of the sea will also annihilate along with his knowledge of the sea.

This is just a means of threat, but this time the threat is to make the black robe people look disdainful and disappointed.

"You are the son of the destiny that makes the purple microstars appear. How can you say that you are blew yourself? Do you think your life is cheap? Purple MSI is showing up, do you know how many people are involved in your lifeline? If you want to blew yourself, you can blew yourself. You can think of your life star. Can you think of your assistant star? ”

Long sighed, the black robes were disappointed and sighed.

"Ye Zichen, you really disappoint me."

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