"Young people, can you hear my call?"

Suddenly there was such a call in the depths of the sea, and the heart of the ground was filled with unwilling Yang Lan’s heart.

"Who is talking?"

"Can you hear my call, that's really great."

The whispering call in the sea is also happening, but this time it is a bit closer than the beginning.

"who are you?"

From this call, Yang Lan can feel the excitement in the tone of the other party.

"Hurry up the name, don't do it in the sea of ​​your grandfather Yang Lan. Your grandfather Yang is the first god of Heavenly Court. If you let me catch you, you will want to look good. ”

As he was concerned about the cause of this call, Yang Lan did not realize that he could not feel the load of gravity on his body.

"young people……"

"You are here with both of us."Yang Yu’s madness interrupted him. “Who is a young man, this god has become famous for thousands of years. You are here with me, young people, young people, don’t make a fuss in my knowledge of the sea, and get out of the way.”

For a long time, there is no more call in the sea. What followed was the pain of tearing the heart caused by gravity causing his body to load.


Sitting in Ye Zichen’s knowledge of the sea, Gu Zichen saw this scene and could not help but anger.

"what happened?"

Ye Zichen also noticed that the pain on Yang Lan’s face had disappeared at the beginning, but it didn’t take long for it to appear suddenly.

He is particularly concerned about the situation of Yang Lan.

"Hey, it was already going to be successful, but he pushed the opportunity away."In the early morning, Gu Zichen hated iron and did not become steel. He immediately raised his eyebrows. "Is it necessary to answer your question?"

"Don't play the little boy's temper here."Ye Zichen will turn his eyes to him. "You said that Yang Lan took the opportunity away. Is it his chance to become a god?"

Playing a child's temper.

After the hearing of Guzi, the look changed dramatically. He kept telling in his heart that he had to hold back the fire. For a long time, he is converging his mind.

"Yes, this is the only way for him to become a god."

"Then he still has a chance, if there is no chance, he will quickly withdraw the gravity."Ye Zichen was very concerned about it. Gu Zichen glanced at him and said, "These don't need you to tell this seat. As for whether there is any chance, it depends on his creation."


The body of Yang Lan lying on the ground explodes with a haze, which is unable to withstand the pressure and caused by capillary bursting.

All the celestial beings in the field are anxious, and the bursting of blood vessels may not be anything for them.

But this is based on the fact that they have a fairy power.

At the moment, they are sealed, and there is no difference between them and ordinary people. Then the blood vessels burst and the damage done to him can be said to be fatal.

"Who has a cure for the drug."

Yan Emperor burst, the group of celestial beings began to look over on their bodies…


They are used to putting everything in space appliances, and when they are used, they are opened and obtained from them.

Who will put the medicinal herbs on his body.


The immortals are as eager as the ants of the hot pot mountain. Yang Lan, who can bear all of this, gradually feels that his line of sight begins to blur, and consciousness gradually dissipates.

On the verge of death, Yang Lan wants to seize any hope of survival.

He suddenly thought of the person who called him. When he confessed that the sea people disappeared, and the pain came one after another, he knew…

He missed the opportunity.

There was a chance to be in front of him. He did not cherish it until he lost it.

If he can make that chance come back, he will never…Give up!

It would be great if he could come once.

"young people……"

Just when his consciousness was completely blurred, there was another inaudible call in his knowledge. Yang Lan has almost no hesitation, and the only consciousness that keeps the gods is to explode in the sea.

"Presidents save me!"

"that……Come in. ”


At the time of the horror of the group, this pure white space is a violent turmoil.

The immortals above the steps are almost subconsciously protecting the ground, Yang Lan, but they have not felt close to them and feel a thrust, pushing them ruthlessly.

A six-strand star map appears from the back of Yang Lan, the star map is blue, and the light is dazzling.

Oh, la la la.

The star map on the back is like a gear that is spinning and making a creaking sound. Immediately, the star map of the six diamond stars is turned into two, and the rotation is fast in the reverse direction.


Blasting together.

The dazzling brilliance was released from the star map, and all the immortals covered their light and dared not fight with it. At that moment, the star map was once again merged into one, falling into Yang Lan’s body.

Yang Lan, who knows the sea, is in the Xinghai. He walks in the darkness of the darkness and sees the stars.

Looking at the thousands of stars, I don’t know why he felt a hint of rules in the vagueness.

For a time, he was a little intoxicated by the Xinghai, watching the stars around him mad.

"young people."

Just as he indulged in the mystery of the Milky Way, a call called to wake him up.

This call and the beginning of his general knowledge of the sea, he did not dare to neglect, open both eyes.

The Galaxy is still a galaxy, and nothingness is nothing.

I didn't see a predecessor in front of his eyes.


Yang Lan is very rude to the ritual. If this is to let the outsiders set their sights, their Yang Tianshen has had such a gesture to anyone.

He kept looking around the place and immediately began to speak.

"Why did my predecessors appear in this vast river of stars, shouldn't I be in my knowledge of the sea?"

"This is your knowledge of the sea."

The voice reappeared, and Yang Lan was stunned with a look of horror.

Here is his knowledge of the sea.

He once viewed his own knowledge of the sea, which should have been a place of chaos, why it turned out to be a comet.

He is puzzled, but he can't refute the words of his predecessors.

"I don't know if the predecessors can show up to let the younger generation see, so that the younger generation will remember it in mind, remember the good fortune of the predecessors. If there is a coming day, the younger generation will be reported to Yongquan. ”

Yang Lan bowed toward the starry sky, and his eyes were not afraid to look around and feared the predecessor.

"Is not in front of you?"

Knowing the sound inside the sea is again, Yang Lan raised his head…

Still no one.

"Predecessors, are you really in front of the younger generation?"Yang Lan asked carefully.

"Yes, I will be your eyes again."

The voice in the sea was very calm, and Yang Lan fixed his eyes and looked forward. The starry sky that can be seen except this emptiness is the star of the hustle and bustle.

Immediately, his gaze fell on a star in front of it.

"Predecessors, are you?"

"Yes, it is me, you finally found me!"

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