In the vast stars of the river, the stars are vying to show its glory.

Among the countless stars, the star in front of Yang Lan is the one that is inconspicuous. It is covered by the stars around it, and it stays in the galaxy.

For a long time, Yang Lan did not speak.

It is obvious that he needs his choice at the moment, and his choice may affect his future life.

To be reasonable, this star actually has something to do with his character, at least for now.

It is very embarrassing to be the most common one among the stars. But Yang Lanโ€™s character is absolutely thorny, no matter where he is the most eye-catching.

This kind of collocation is not perfect in Yang Lanโ€™s view.

Only now has a very important question in front of him. If he does not accept it, maybe the star will disappear again.

After that, he has to go back to bear the pain.

This is like you are going to starve to death, but let the daughter of the landlord look at it. But the daughter of the landlord is like a flower, she wants to be with you, you agree or disagree.

Agree, you can live, maybe you will live in the future.

But disagree, you can only starve to death. Maybe it will also anger the landlord's daughter, look for his family's family to slap you a meal.

Of course, comparing this star to a flower is not right, but the problem is similar.

After rubbing his lips, Yang Lanโ€™s eyebrows kept twitching, and immediately looked at the star.

"Predecessors, can you tell me your name?"



Yang Yi took a moment, and there are still unknown stars in this star. Could it be said that this star is too low-level and has no name?

Wow, that wave is really a blood loss.

Thinking of the fit with this kind of star, Yang Lanโ€™s heart is somewhat unwilling, and even if he opens his mouth.

"Predecessors, then you can count the number of echelons around the stars?"

"The last seat."

"Why, are you disappointed?"This is another sentence, Yang Lan has not known how many times he has listened. Seeing that the stars have become dim at this time, he bit his teeth. "Not disappointed, since the seniors chose the younger generation, the younger generation will naturally live up to the pains of their predecessors."

"Then you are"

"The younger generation is willing to accept everything from their predecessors, your glory is also your sin."


Yang Lan mourned in his heart, he really has no way. If you don't accept it, he is still young. He still wants to live!

What glory, what sin.

Not a small transparent in a star

The heart kept groaning, and immediately Yang Lan suddenly thought that he and the star could be one, and if there was no confidence in it, maybe it would disappear.

Thinking of this, Yang Lan will cheer for himself in his heart.

I can't help but let me know that this star is a small transparent, but Yang Hao is not a small transparent!

"Then you will reach out."

Knowing the stars in the sea, Yang Lan converges and looks at the front and stretches out his hand. This star and his distance seem to be at your fingertips, but when he reaches out, he feels so far away.

There is still resistance in his heart. I donโ€™t know why when he put his hand out, his heart has even raised a strange emotion.

A hub is built from him and this star, and at this time

At this moment, the faint stars suddenly shined brightly, and the stars around them did not dare to compete with them at this time. Only Purple MSI could still release its light at this time.

Seeing this scene, Yang lived, and he looked at it all with a dull look. His eyes were marked with the dazzling moment of this star.


"The test for you is over. The stars are unknown. The task is to obliterate all threats to the existence of the stars. People who live in the dark can't be too dazzling, and this seat has always lived in the shelter of the stars. Only when you need this shot, this seat will be surprisingly successful in this darkness. This seat is dim, it is because you want to hide your body, and when you want to bloom in this seat, you must avoid it! โ€

The voice of the stars is powerful, and Yang Lan looks at it all with a sluggish look. I donโ€™t know what words to describe.

I thought it was a small star with a singularity. I didn't expect this to be a hidden bss.

"You are too embarrassed, which is not particularly beneficial for the future. If you can, you need to change your nature. Of course, this is just a proposal. The road to the future is between you and the emperor. It is up to you to decide. What I can do now is to give everything to you, young people, the future will be your world! โ€

Pure white space, the group of immortals are nervously watching Yang Lan lying on the ground, the dazzling brilliance just let them draw a question mark in their hearts.


At this moment, Yang Lan, who had not been moving for a long time, suddenly released a violent airflow around his body.

This group of powers that did not have the spiritual power to let this air flow to the flying, very disgraced fell to the ground.

The Liuling star on the back appeared again. It took Yang Lan to the performance field next to the space. After lying flat on the ground, it left the body and flew more than ten meters to the sky. under.


A blue light fell from the stars, and then the spirit array on the battlefield was suddenly brightened.

Pro, soldiers, fighting, people, all, array, column, in, before.

The nine-character rumors flash in sequence.

When the last word flashed, the nine characters were shining at the same time, and the light and the stars in the air were handed over.

After that, the upper star began to shrink until it was only half the size of the palm. It flew away from the ray of the nine-character rumor and flew to the eyebrows of Yang Lan.




Another wave of straits passed by, and Yang Lan lying on the ground was also suffering.

I donโ€™t know how long the people in the space have passed. There is no day or month here.

They only knew that after a long time, the pain in Yang Lanโ€™s face disappeared.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and as long as he observed it carefully, he would see a star in his pupil disappear.

"Predecessors, your glory is remembered by the younger generation."

Yang Lan is deeply envious of the East. At this time, he and the past have had some changes.

Calm and restrained.

In fact, when he was struggling, he accepted the memory that the stars left for him. Glory, it does have too much glory, but it does not have the blessing to enjoy it in the dark.

It only enjoys endless sin, all sin is in its own body, and Yang Lanโ€™s embarrassment is the pain that the sin has given him.

Even so, Yang Lan still has not wavered.

Because its glory cannot be erased!

The deep ambiguity expressed respect for the stars, and immediately Yang Lanโ€™s right hand waved, and his Erlang knife appeared in his hands.

He stared at Ye Zichen sitting in the chair and jumped

"Grandson, come out from my brother's body and die!"

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