Ye Zichen knows the sea.

"He is not a success."

Looking at Guzichen, Ye Zichen pointed to the staring of the stars lying on the back, and Yang Lan, who had a big star, opened his mouth.

"Not really."Gu Zichen’s indifferent opening, β€œIt’s good luck to be able to lead the stars twice, but when people are dying, they will always regret the regrets they have left. It is very likely that he was guessing that it was an opportunity for him but he did not catch it. He was very upset…I just couldn’t think of it, the star was so stubborn to him, and gave him a chance. ”

"That's great."

Ye Zichen heard a deep breath, and when he saw the bloody fog of Yang Lan’s blood burst, his heart had already hung in the eyes of the blind man.

Fortunately, this star appeared again at the most critical time.

Along with Ye Zichen's disdain, Gu Zichen said.

"Don't think everything is too good. Some stars' inheritance needs to be tested. This is the case with Yang Lan's star."

If Gu Zichen didn’t know why he said this discouragement, it might be that Ye Zichen taught him before, so that he was very uncomfortable.

"Stars still need to be tested?"

Ye Zichen didn't care about his deliberation, but his heart was full of doubts.

Yin Fatzi and Liu Erjie are also the ones who inherit the stars. Su Yan also has a life star, but they have never said that they have accepted the test of stars.

Looking at him, Gu Zichen knew that he was confused.

Although he is not happy with him, he can still explain it carefully.

"Do you think that the star of the emperor's star has come to an end? The four major stars of the emperor star do not need to be tested. That is because they have extreme confidence in their choices. They know that this is the choice for them. The life star is the person who is robbed by the emperor, and there is no need to make a choice. Other auxiliary stars, because they are irrelevant, will follow the stars of the emperor and judge their fallen stars. But there is a special kind of auxiliary star in the middle, it needs to choose! ”

Ye Zichen listened carefully and never interrupted. This is very new to him, and as a star of the emperor, he needs to understand this.

It is this knowledge that can't take notes in the sea, or else he has to draw a key point.

"This type of auxiliary star is still the assistant to the emperor star, but they will not always follow the emperor star, only when the emperor needs it. Most of them are hidden in the Milky Way, living under the protection of the stars, very inconspicuous, but they all contain superb power. Because of their speciality, they also need to choose the appropriate successor. ”

"Yang Hao's is this kind of star?"Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

"Correct."Guzi nodded in the morning.

"So, do you know what his star is?"Asked Ye Zichen.

Guzi Chen paused for a moment, and immediately his eyes showed the color of Huai Mian.

"If the trajectory is not wrong, his falling star should be…Killing stars are unknown! ”

Kill the star.

From this name, I can feel the sharpness, and Ye Zichen, who feels happy for Yang Lan, is vaguely feeling that the mood of Guzi Chen is very deep.

"Oh, what happened?"

"It's nothing."

Gu Zichen smiled lightly and wiped his eyes with his hand. This kind of lame performance is too exaggerated, unless it is the blind man who can't see the red color he just saw.

"Then just said that the killing star is the strongest of the stars, even the four major stars of the emperor are incomparable."

As soon as the voice fell, he grinned again.

"You will definitely think, why is the killing star so strong, but not the fifth auxiliary star of God Star? There are a lot of stories about killing stars in the realm of the gods. Killing stars is indeed a superpower, but he is not good at communicating with people, enjoying darkness, and living in darkness. ”

"When the Communist Party of Gu Tian was born, the killing star was a great success, and the four major stars could not be compared. The heaven and earth co-owners wanted to seal it as a god, and enjoy the glory of one person. He did not appear when he was crowned. Because at that time, the heavens and the earth were in the upper ranks, and there were too many killings. The six seas and the eight wilds were all dissatisfied. The killing of God gave the heavens and the earth a total voice, and pushed all the killings on him. ”

"For the sake of all living beings, the heavens and the earth have reluctantly done this." Killing God also bears the spit of all beings, carrying the endless killings, disappearing after witnessing the heaven and earth co-owning, until the heavens and the earth are exhausted, turning into purple, he will appear and kill stars, hidden in the stars river Among them. However, it is the position of the star that can be used to protect the purple, and it is called the first loyal god in the ancient times. ”

These messages…

It was really shocking for Ye Zichen, especially when he heard that Gu Zichen was talking about killing the stars, his heart was even more sour.

It has created countless glory, but in the end it has fallen.

Carrying an endless nickname, but only to protect this world.

What makes Ye Zichen feel the most shocking is that in the heavens and the earth, it turns into a purple micro, killing the gods is also the result of the loss of the number of killing stars, still sheltering the emperor…

Can someone really do this?

"The killing star can really be called the first loyalty of the ancients."

Ye Zichen couldn't help but admire him. He really convinced the loyalty of the killing star.

"Where did you hear the story, I also jumped into the classics, but there is no record of Brahma Stars at all."

"The destruction of the era will certainly not be recorded, I can know that it is here…"

Guzi Chen pointed to his head, and a star map of Turkic flashed from his eyebrows.

"I know, I can know all this because I am also a person who makes the emperor star, and I carry all the memories of the world. In my case, I am also a natural choice, but in the end I failed. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he was very bitter and looked at Yang Lan, who had no movement outside, and sighed.

"In fact, really, until the end I was very puzzled, why the killing star would choose Yang Lan to be his heir. His nature is actually not suitable for inheriting the killing star. If he didn't inherit the killing star, maybe he won't…Yang Hao, but I am a very good brother. Although this guy is a rib, it can be really harmonious with me. ”

In the inexplicable time, the eyes of Guzi Chen were red again. He noticed that Ye Zichen, who was lonely, suddenly trembled when he saw his two rosy eyes.

Guzi said before, he came from a space parallel to himself. He can prefab everything he is about to happen, provided that he has experienced it.

Then he is so…

"What happened to Yang Lan?"

Seeing that Ye Zichen was so nervous, Gu Zichen suddenly turned his mouth toward the top and immediately looked at him with a dignified tone.

"Are you sure you want to know?"


Ye Zichen's open mouth, but when he said the exit, he regretted it.

As a result, isn't that obvious?

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