"If you still don't…"

Ye Zichen has already thought of the ending of the story. All of Gu Zichenโ€™s appearance is here. He also said that he is a loser. The natural result of his failure is the fall of the auxiliary star.

If he said that in his world, Yang Lan is also his assistant star.

Then his ending can be imagined.

"Well, don't you want to know now?"

The ancient child in the chair smiled at him, and the smile was somewhat lonely.

Ye Zichen, who knows the ending, is naturally hesitant, but there is still a thought in his heart. It is to know the ending of the story in advance, and maybe it is possible to reverse it here.

After a little struggle, Ye Zichen threw this distressing problem to Gu Zichen who had experienced all this.

"Can you say that?"

"of course."Guzi Chen nodded faintly. "It seems that you misunderstood me. I think it is necessary to make it clear here."

"thatโ€ฆโ€ฆYou say it. โ€Ye Zichen opened up after some stagnation.

"Okay, then I will start from what you said before."Guzi Chen looked at Ye Zichen, with a faint mockery in his eyes. "Before you said, is it right for me to get you involved in this storm?"

Ye Zichen nodded.

If it is really traced back to the source, it is Guzi Chen who did not know when he was exposed to the Heavenly Court. After that, a series of problems also followed.

It's all like a butterfly effect, he can't get rid of it.

"In fact, I was the same idea as you were a long time ago."Guzi Chen suddenly smiled at this moment, said, "Really, you and I are not the same person in parallel space, the idea is so amazing."

"What do you mean?"

Ye Zichen Emei, I donโ€™t know why he always feels…

"Know it, in fact, I stepped into it all, and it was also made by a person named Gu Zichen, but the way it was rolled in was different."


With this news, Ye Zichen's knowledge of the sea is like an explosion.

His heart suddenly tightened, and his eyes were full of unbelief and looked at Gu Zichen.

"This is not a good joke."Ye Zichen said, "You said that you were taken in with Guzichen, so why are you all in the morning, and I am Ye Zichen."

"Do you think I am joking about this?"Guzi Chen grinned and said, "So I can tell you very well that this is not a joke but a real one. And, at the time my name was the same as Ye Zichen. As for what you said, you are Ye Zichen. I am Gu Zichen. I will naturally know when you get to the gods. โ€


"Don't look at me with this kind of look."Noticing the suspicion in the eyes of Ye Zichen, Guzi dawned and laughed. "In fact, I still want to tell you that Guzi Chen, who brought me in, he…It was also called Ye Zichen. And when he was Ye Zichen, there was also a man named Gu Zichen who brought him into it, and his ending was a failure. And the beginning of the ancient child is actually…Ye Zichen, and he…"

Like an infinite loop of infinity, the ancient morning is infinitely repeated.

Ye Zichen can't remember how many Ye Zichen he said, he only knows…a lot of!

"Really, I didn't believe it at the beginning. I think they are joking with me, how could there be so many me appearing, until I crossed your plane, I really believed. Behind this letter, there is an unspeakable fear and a loss of confidence. โ€

Can you not be shocked?

Can you not lose confidence?

If everything that Gu Zichen said just now is true, Ye Zichen will do the same.


Countless failures!

So many parallel worlds have failed. Is it really successful to be here? If everything that Gu Zichen said is true, then his result is also in the same way as Gu Zichen, who can't help but cross the other inescapable, to find the inevitable one to find a turn.

Or as a sustenance of oneself.

No, absolutely not.

After a short absence, Ye Zichen shouted in his heart.

He must not be in the footsteps of the former, he will never let the people around him leave him.

The fist suddenly gripped, but the clenched fist did not add much confidence to him. More in fact, after learning the truth about Gu Zichen, the powerlessness in my heart.

So many things have failed, can he solve everything with a simple cry?

Gradually he lowered his head like a cock that lost his fighting spirit.

"Look, you and I are really like."After observing all the performances of Ye Zichen, Guziโ€™s morning stalls laughed. โ€œI was like you at the time. I clenched my fist and told me to stop it all here, but I lost my confidence. And that ancient child, I looked at me quietly with me, and then explained the same words I just said. โ€

"But, do you want to give up like this?"

"of course not!"Ye Zichen, who was hanging his head, raised his head fiercely and shouted like a fire. "I will definitely let it all end here."

"The idea is good, or in fact, every idea is the same. Ye Zichen, it is undeniable that when you said that to me before, I was resentful to you. You and me who are parallel spaces, or those who are before, we are all the same kind of people. โ€

Gu Zichenโ€™s eyes looked at Ye Zichen with a gentle look. From his body, he could really see his shadow.

In the same year, he was as angry as he is now, and his heart was roaring…

Can be the result.

Not that way!

A terrible laugh emerged from the corner of his mouth, and Gu Zichen opened his mouth again.

"You said before that you are on the path of my failure, and the result can only be failure. But I want to tell you, you are wrong, everything I have arranged for you is not the way I am going. โ€

"Innumerable parallel crossings, let us constantly improve the Raiders. What I have taught you now is to improve the Raiders on the basis of my failure. Under this Raiders, I have made minor adjustments. โ€

"We have come across us, and our eyes are too limited. They simply think that we are the sons of destiny, and we are the end of everything. And they all forget, in fact, when we become the son of the destiny, it is actually a double choice. They didn't put the man in, but this time I used him as the target of the turnaround. โ€

"I want to try it, if it helps him, there is a possibility of change. Itโ€™s just that I donโ€™t want to reuse him. โ€

"why?"Ye Zichen stunned and said, "Heavenly chooses the emperor, maybe he…"

"You don't worry, if I say his name, I don't know if you will have this idea."


"Old away!"

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