Buddha domain.

The old-fashioned cloak of the bald head, the devout worship on the futon. He still holds a scroll of Buddhist scriptures in his hand, and the long table around him is full of Buddhist scriptures.

He whispered every character on the scroll in his heart, until he saw the last word. He closed his throat and thought about the avenue in the scriptures.

For a long time, he folded the warp and put it on the top of the roll that was piled up on the table.


A faint swearing of the Buddha's truth, not long after, in the hall of his worship, a bodhisattva floated.

"Ancient away."

The bodhisattva standing at the door of the door scorned, and the old man turned back and leaned toward him.

"The disciple meets Guanyin Bodhisattva."

"The Buddha has a saying. When you read these three thousand Buddhist scriptures, let me come over and ask you. Do you want to leave or want to stay in the Buddhaland and convert to the Buddha Gate. ”

The Guanyin Bodhisattva faintly asked, this is what the Buddha told him when he left.

Originally he was going to follow the Buddha to participate in the hegemony, but the Buddha counted that he would thoroughly penetrate the Buddhist scriptures during this time, leaving him to cross him.

Can go!

In the ancient days of the precipitation of the Buddha's domain, the heart suddenly swayed. What he wants to look forward to every day, is not to leave from here.

Convert to Buddha!


I don’t want to ruin the rest of my life in this old vulture.

He is the emperor of heaven who makes the emperor star, and he will definitely shine in the future. What's more, he still has to go out and solve the guy…

Thinking of this, the ancient heart always has a sigh of relief.

"Ancient away."

A scorn was passed to the ears of the ancients, and the suffocation in his heart was dissipated. He licked his lips and converge on his heart. For a long time, he returned to the light and faint look and opened his way to Guanyin Bodhisattva.

"The disciples don't know, but also ask the Buddha to point out the way."

"You are not doing anything, the fate is not awkward, and it is indeed far-fetched to convert to Buddhism. However, you can penetrate this Buddha's three thousand in such a short period of time, and it is also the genius of Buddhism. This seat can't cross you. When the Buddha left, he said, put all the choices on you, and decide for yourself. ”

When the voice fell, Guanyin Bodhisattva turned back and left the temple.

"Out of this door, you are not my Buddhist disciple, you choose."


The ancient departure standing in the ancestral hall is facing his sin, even if Guanyin Bodhisattva disappears from his sight, he has not had any movements for a long time.

Half an hour has passed, and I have been watching the ancient eyes of the door to converge.

But he left without much impulsiveness, but returned to the position where he had just read the Buddhist scriptures and put all the Buddhist scriptures he had seen back to its original position.

After that, he picked up the broom of the room and cleaned up the inside of the hall.

Come to the door, squatting, beheading.

Resolutely decided to leave.

"This is a good thing."

In a courtyard of the Buddha's domain, Da Yong came to the picture of the Buddha on the stone table and nodded lightly. Obviously, the move before leaving the country was very good for him.

"He is not exhausted, leaving is a fixed number. I can still know this before I left. It seems that the scriptures still give him some insights, Amitabha. ”

"Da Yong, you look too superficial."Guanyin Bodhisattva shook his head and poured a cup of tea from the stone table.


The general trend to the Bodhisattva is incomprehensible, and of course he will not confuse his voice.

The two of them who Amitabha sat down, Da Yong is indeed a kind of brainless but courageous bodhisattva, belonging to the war.

The Great Pessimistic Bodhisattva is a kind of civil servant, and it is more detailed.

"When he left, I saw that he did a good job."

Guanyin Bodhisattva smiled softly and said, "Although he said that he was chanting three thousand in the Buddha's domain, his heart was not suffocating. He read the Buddhist scriptures so quickly, just to leave the Buddha field as soon as possible. As for the move he just made, it is simply for us to see. ”

The great brave in front of the stone table came to the brow of the Buddha, and he reached out and touched his bald head.

"Do you want to show it to us? How could he know that we are staring at him. ”

"This is also a great place for this."Guan Shiyin smirked, "He knows that we are watching him. In order to pass through our mouth, pass to the Buddha some wrong news. But you have to look carefully. When he cleans up, the movement is very slow. It seems to be very peaceful but unorganized. Obviously his heart is no longer here. To put it simply, in fact, from the moment he stepped out of the door, he could assert his heart and there was no change at all. ”

Until then, the general trend to the Bodhisattva was nodded, said.

"Or you see it clearly."

As soon as the voice fell, he looked at the ancient departure that was about to go to Xitiankou and asked him to Guanyin Bodhisattva.

"Then what should we do now, the Buddha did not leave other explanations when he left."

"Since the Buddha has never left, why do you have to pay special attention to it?"Guanyin Bodhisattva's right hand waved, and the light and shadow in front of it disappeared. "The Buddha has no choice but to have other ideas in his heart." You and I are sitting down as disciples for the Buddha, or don't think too much. ”

"Ok."Da Yong Bodhoo nodded and immediately raised his eyebrows. "The few beasts…"

"Well, they are gone too."

West Heaven Buddha Field.

As long as you are here, you will be able to hear the three thousand Buddhas as long as you can't wait.

Looking around, there are no defensive measures.

The Buddha's domain is compassionate, and for any wicked and wicked person, it is still awakened, even if it is a sinful demon, it will open its doors.

The ancients were placed in the western sky, as long as he thought, taking a step forward and getting rid of the control of the Buddha domain.

"It's really that simple."

The ancient departure from the original place has not yet stepped out of that step. He has been carefully watching the surroundings and making his performance calm.

With his heart, he can be said to be a step by step.

If you take a step, you have to count ten steps. No matter what, he is habitually thinking darkly.

His philosophy, it is better to think that it is better than to think better.

From the moment he stepped out of the ancestral hall, he always thought that all this might be the temptation of the Buddha. In order not to leave a disclosure, he handled everything to perfection…

Until now, I really came to this junction!

β€œIs it really that simple?”

Gu couldn't help but ask in his heart. He carefully looked around, and in his opinion, someone was watching him.

Just then…

"Oh, isn't this the old brother?"

Behind the ancients, there were four shadows, and they fixed their eyes on them.

"you guys……"

"An old brother, don't come innocent!"

Very polite, but also very cloudy.

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