Stop the minister.

The rest of the zombie ancestors also stopped.

They all looked at the spar in the hands of the ancients, and their eyes showed greed.

Until then, the ancients were just getting up, and they stared at the front with vigilance.

The spar in his hand is lavender and long. Looking at the crystal clear, the interior seems to be emitting a fascinating light.

The texture of this spar is not particularly hard, as long as he is a little harder…

One paragraph and two paragraphs.

"Do you want to kill me?"In the ancient shackles, accompanied by taunts, the feet of the ministers were just about to be lifted up, and they heard the ancients yelling. "Standing there, don't you move, do you want to see if I cut it off?"


Hanging in the air, the minister was taken back. He swallowed his eyes and looked at the spar in the hands of the ancients.

"Isn't the ancient brother not only saying that it has its whereabouts, how can this be in the hands of the ancient brothers."

"I am so mad at you, do you think I am stupid?"The old and disdainful smile, the spiritual power on the palm has not been dispersed. "Who are you, you and I are very clear in my heart." Working with you is tantamount to trying to get a skin with the tiger. If I don’t leave some hands, I don’t know how to die. ”

"The ancient brother, you are…"

"Stand there, don't move."

Seeing that they will have a tendency to go forward, the ancients burst into tears.

The zombie ancestors stopped laughing and stared at the spar with greed. They want to get it too much, but this spar is now in the hands of the ancients, if it is cut off…

I can only stabilize him now.

"Want to kill me, hehe."

The ancient sip of hatred, the four ancestors of the zombies did not dare to have the slightest disappointment.

"The ancient brother, since the spar has fallen into your hands, is it true that you should keep the promise and hand over this spar to us. In contrast, we can also complete your task at the time. ”

After Qing squatted and smiled and opened his mouth, Gu smiled and squeezed the spar.


The ancestor of the zombie nodded.

"When are you a three-year-old?"The ancient face changed, and smiled. "Now it is my life-saving baby. Give it to you. You may kill me directly."

"An old brother, you are saying this…"

"Well, shut up."The old-fashioned face turned cold and could not be stopped. "I know that you urgently need this spar to return to the power of the ancient beasts, but your behavior has made me very dissatisfied."

"You are not too far away, have you not sold us before?"The drought is raging.


A sudden force on the hand, the court will see this heart jump, back to the face of the drought is a slap.

"To shut up!"

After taking her, the minister will put his posture to the lowest level and owe his body.

"The ancients are away from adults, how can you give us this spar?"

Looking at the action of the minister, Gu Li is very satisfied with the nod.

"Yes, the situation at the moment is very thorough, not so brainless as the ugly woman."

The drought and flooding screamed in the sorrow, and the minister returned to her body and gave her a look. Although a few of them are the ancestors of zombies, they are all ancient savage beasts…

But the minister is the one with the highest status among them.

Do not dare to disobey the minister, the drought can only bite his teeth and hang his head.

"Not bad, I am very satisfied."At this time, the ancient separation had no tension at that time. He smiled and kept nodding. "It is very simple to get this spar, and still perform the task according to the original plan. After the end, I will naturally give you this spar in my hand. ”

"How do we believe in you."Will be swearing.

"Do you think you have a choice?"The old smile was indifferent, and immediately raised his eyebrows. "But I am not absolutely not a person who keeps the promise. I can swear by my heart, as long as you have completed the task that I handed over to you, this one in my hand. The spar will naturally be handed over."

A touch of purple light flashed.

The vows have been made.

"How, this time you should let go of your heart?"

The lord standing in front of him turned his eyes, and his gaze was on the spar from beginning to end. For a long time, he nodded to the ancients.

"Yes, it's a word."

As soon as the voice fell, he raised his eyebrows at the other ancestors of the zombies.



"Hang Chen, are you sure that he will not be in the ancients?"After leaving, Qing couldn't help but frown. "I don't think this guy will be so kind."

"Swear by the heart, this kind of deterrence, he does not dare to disobey."The minister said without hesitation, "As long as we complete the task of his account, even if he does not want to give it, the vow will force him to give the spar to us."

"So much the better."Hou Qing Chang breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't you feel strange?"At this moment, the red-browed win hooked the eyebrows. "The beast god is the ancient wonder, even if it is above it is difficult to obtain. When the East Emperor Taiyi was so lucky, he was fortunate enough to get a beastly god in his life. He had to go to the ancient deity to become the demon world, but why could this kid be able to get fine? ”

"Some people's air transport is like this, there is nothing to doubt."Said the minister.

"But you haven't found it, the power contained in that spar doesn't seem to be particularly strong."Winning the hook still locks the eyebrows. "You think about it carefully. The essence of the beast god, even if it is one in a hundred million, it is impossible to be so fluctuating."

"Actually, I think so too."Let the slap in the face of the drought.

Silence the minister.

If you carefully think about the fine fluctuations before, the fluctuations are really small, and the feeling that can be given to him is indeed the beast.

"Don't think so much, whether or not we have to get the spar. If he scams us, then we will kill him again and vent their anger. Now it is just to let him live more time! ”

I watched the ancestors of the zombies leave until they really disappeared from their eyes, and there was almost no hesitation and madness in the opposite direction.

After more than half an hour of galloping, he stopped to look at the spar in his hand and kept breathing.

Not long after, he was a big laugh.

"A bunch of silly hats, but it is a purple crystal jade that is stained with the beastly spirit. It really thinks it is the beast god."

At that time, in an extremely dangerous situation, he was forced to come up with this method.

He is gambling and they will use this spar as a beast.

If it fails, it is naturally a dead end. If it is successful, it is that he makes a big profit. Fortunately, the guys were too nervous and bewildered, but they really didn't notice.

"Give me a life, wait until everything is over, how can you give this amethyst to you?"

He smiled and put the spar back in his pocket, and the ancient eyes looked at the void.

"It seems that I should go and give them some information."

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