The majestic wrath came out from the void, and all the celestial beings raised their heads subconsciously, and they saw the ancient morning in the black robe drifting from the void.

The chair that made Yang Xiao’s break appeared again out of thin air, and Gu Zichen also sat down on the top of his sleeve.

The group of immortals can't help but face each other, this gentleman…

Is it that he is the one who has been organizing the three worlds for hegemony?

"Your Mightiness……"

The Ziwei Emperor couldn't help but speak. He actually wanted to call him a predecessor. I can think of him as the first of Heavenly Court anyway. If you come up, you will call yourself a younger generation, and it will be a shame to see Heavenly Court.

Moreover, there are so many immortals around the land and Xianyu, and he can't smear Heavenly Court.

The ancient morning of the ancient son sitting in the chair was indifferent and swept away from the front of the crowd. His sharp eyes made most of the immortals unable to resist.

Immediately, he fell his eyes on Yang Lan’s body.

"Yang Jian."Ye Zichen ran to the side of Yang Lan, and he helped him to sit on the ground and gasped.


Yang Lan’s face was bleak and smiled. Although the blow of Gu Zichen had already received a lot of power, it was still not the one who had just stepped into the Supreme.

"I saved you for you."

Ye Zichen couldn't help but hear a black face. Just now this guy almost drowned him.

It is conceivable that his intention is good, but it is just a dead brain, and there is no way to say anything about him.


Smiled and nodded, Ye Zichen looked worriedly at Yang Landao.

"How are you doing now?"

"My Yang Hao is also a Heavenly Court, and this is a small injury."

Yang Lan smiled contemptuously, and there was a light blue glow around his body.

After a short time, the paleness on his face was dissipated. He squinted from the ground, his right hand extended toward the front, and the Erlang knife that made him kneeling in the distance was trembled by induction and finally flew into his hands.


At the moment when the blade began, the momentum in his body was mentioned at the peak.

The power of the majestic stars haunts the surroundings, and suddenly, he disappears into the sight of everyone.

Almost a few seconds after his disappearance, Gu Zichen, sitting in a chair, looked at the front with indifference.

Give a shot.


A sullen sputum emerged from this space. I don’t know when Yang Lan, who appeared in front of Gu Zichen, held his Erlang knife high, like a shell-like slamming on the stone pillar at the steps.



There was a crack in the stone pillar that he hit, and the surrounding immortals could not help but raise their eyebrows.

Since they were very curious about the birth of this space, they have tried the hardness of the material here. In addition to the wooden seats here, whether it is stairs, the ground, or the stone pillars standing on the steps.

Their textures are quite quirky, and even if they use the strongest attacks, they can't leave any traces on them. Even the sword of Ziwei Emperor, it is an artifact-level weapon, even on the ground, even a white mark can not be left.

But Yang Lan’s impact is to make the pillar crack, and the momentum is so strong that they can’t imagine it.

More importantly……


Yang Hao, he was not injured.

He just smiled contemptuously and patted his sleeve and got up from the ground.

"That's amazing? It doesn't seem to be warming up, there is still something to play with you. ”

Yang Yan licked his mouth and licked his mouth. The Erlang knife in his hand let him throw it to the ground and began to move his muscles.

There was a squeaky voice between the bones. From the beginning to the end, Guzichen looked at him with indifference.

a long time.

After a vomiting, Yang Lan’s radio gymnastics stopped.

He bent down and used a slow movement to smash the ground's Erlang knife, but his eyes were always staring at Gu Zichen sitting in the chair.

Just as his finger touched the edge of the blade.


The sound of the wind began to appear in the space, and the immortals around him could use the naked eye to capture his traces until their naked eyes could not be distinguished.

Countless shadows appear in this space, suddenly…


The disappearance of Yang Hao’s abruptness caused the whole space to be in a strange silence, but Guzi Chen was still indifferent and smiling, and immediately the palm of his hand extended toward the front.

"The true meaning of killing stars, you have really understood."

In the hands of Gu Zichen, it was Yang’s neck. He forced him out and the body of Yang Lan in the inverted flight disappeared again.





Yang Lan has hidden many times, but in the face of Gu Zichen, there is no effect at all.


After watching Yang Hao's numerous failures, Ye Zichen couldn't help but burst.

Guzi Chen heard shrugging his shoulders, but Yang Lan was red-eyed toward Erlang…

"Star warfare, a blow!"


He was greeted by a ruthless slap.

"Really, I really want to kill you directly here, lest you make the killing star shame."

Guzi’s morning face looked at Yang Lan, who let him fly, and said that he stepped over.

"Guzi Chen."

From the eyes of Gu Zichen, Ye Zichen really saw the killing. He rushed to the front and stopped in front of Yang Lan, and looked at him with his eyebrows.

"Do you think I dare not kill you? Ye Zichen, I told you that you are not my only choice. ”

Not moving.

The surrounding immortals also hung their hearts, and they all looked at Ye Zichen and Gu Zichen on their lips.


A faint sigh, Guzi Chen is going back to his chair and sitting down.

The fairy people also put down their hanging hearts at this time, and Ye Zichen also turned around and looked at Yang Landao.

"It's okay."

"This is a minor injury…"Yang Lan still wants to be stubborn, but a blood can't help but spit it out. He reached out and wiped his mouth, and immediately smirked. "This guy is really amazing. I am a bit too good for him."

Of course I can’t beat it

Even if Yang Lan got the inheritance of the killing star, the time for inheritance was still short, and now his strength is only sublime.

The early days of the ancients are already the existence of giant pythons, at least the masters of the dominant level. The gap between the two is like a scorpio, how could Yang Lan be his opponent.

"But just give me some time, I am sure…"

A blood can't help but flow out, Ye Zichen screamed.

"Don't talk, just adjust your interest and don't let the injury worsen."

"Oh, I know."Yang Xiaozui smiled, and the blue power of the stars began to appear around his body, wrapping it.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen just let go of his heart. Immediately, his face sank and his eyes screamed toward the ancient child.

"Guzi Chen!"

"what happened?"Gu Zichen faintly raised his eyebrows, "What do you want to say?"

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