Looking at Gu Zichen's eyes, there was no slight fluctuation. Ye Zichen couldn't help but think of him who was in the sea and mentioned Yang Lan's eyes.

It is not like a fake, but why did he go so far to the current Yang Lan?

"Do you know what to kill?"Just then, the ancient child in the chair suddenly opened his mouth and smiled. "The predecessor of the killing star has a dark word, and the dark is hiding, hiding…His existence is to give the enemy a fatal blow in the dark. ”

A faint smile, Gu Zichen opened his way to Ye Zichen.

"You want to blame me, is it too heavy for Yang Lan to start?" I know, I have already kept my hand, and if I think, he has already died many times. I kept holding hands on him, just wanting him to have some feelings, but what is the feedback he gave me? ”

I got up from the chair and walked over to Ye Zichen and Yang Lan.

"Guzi Chen."

"I won't be like him, but I have to say something to him directly."Gu Zichen looked at Ye Zichen and said, "Can you make it?"

"Ye brother, you let me go, I don't believe what this grandson can give me."

The Yang Lan in the healing was also full of disdainful smiles, and Ye Zichen left after hesitating for a long while. There is no way, even if he is here to stop, as long as the ancient child thinks, he and Yang Lan will die.

In the final analysis, the strength is too weak.

Even so, when he left, he still looked at Gu Zichen's opening.

"You better not do anything special."

Gu Zichen raised his eyebrows toward him, and Ye Zichen came to the side at this time.

Yang Lan looked at the ancient child in front of him and said: "How? What do you want to say to your grandfather Yang? ”

The words are not very good to hear, especially at this time, the surrounding immortals are afraid that Yang Lan will anger the high man.

But Yang Lan’s face doesn’t matter. He can’t beat him now, or the only idea now is to pack up this guy.

Occupy his brother's body, but also gave him so bad. As Yang Yu Yang Tianshen, this gas he can't swallow.

"I saw it, this is one of the reasons why you don't deserve to inherit the killing star."

For Yang Lan’s curse, Gu Zichen was not annoyed, just looking at him with a mocking smile.

"Your breath is too rigid, and the hostility to people is too obvious. Know why, can you detect your position as long as you hide? ”

"Isn't it that you are high? If I am with you, don't cry for you, don't call me, I will lose!"Yang Lan disdain.

"I can't deny this."Guzi morning chuckled and nodded. "But even if I compress the strength to the same level as you, I can still find your position. Do you know why?"

"Who is bragging?"

Yang Shuzui, after he inherited the killing star, his knowledge of the sea is a lot more fighting skills to kill the stars.

He also knows how strong the killing of the killing star is. This guy is so vocal.

In this regard, he just reported a disdainful smile.

"When you inherit the killing star, I don't know if it has told you. The battle to kill the stars is like a ghost, making people unpredictable. To hide in the dark forever, let the enemy be jealous. Have enough patience and wait for them to relax a little and give them a fatal blow. ”

When the sound of Guzi’s morning fell, Yang Lan was stunned.

When he accepted the star-killing star, there were indeed these words in his mind. In order to be more direct, he also witnessed the fighting skills of killing stars.

"It seems to be there."From the look of Yang Lan, Gu Zichen saw some clues and immediately chuckled. "How can you do it?" In fact, I can say that your hiding can be fully integrated into this space and reach an impeccable level. Even if I can't find you, I can find you whenever you want to shoot me. Do you know why? ? ”

Can't find it!

Yang Lan’s heart trembled. This guy actually said that he could not find himself when he was hiding.

But when he shoots himself, he can…

"why?"Yang Lan asked.

"Killing."Gu Zichen replied, "When you are preparing to shoot at me, the killing is too obvious. You should be clear, not to mention me, even if you are a master of this level, their perception is quite keen. At the moment you show your killing, you are already exposed to their sight. ”

"This is actually the case."

Yang Lan locked his eyebrows and thought about it. Looking back at the previous battles, it seems that his killing is indeed too heavy.

But he didn't understand it. It was inevitable to kill when he was against the enemy. Before that, how to kill the star was not noticeable.

"Do you know how to control killing?"Yang Lan asked.

"This requires you to think about it yourself. Since you have inherited the killing star, then you will naturally know how to control the killing. But now you are too impatient, and you have not thoroughly understood all the true meaning of the killing star. ”

At the moment, Guzi Chen is really like a good teacher, and he keeps guiding Yang Lan. When the two asked questions, the time passed quickly.

After telling the flaws of Yang Lan’s exposure, Gu Zi’s morning blinked his eyes and aimed at the pure white void.

Turbulent, his face flashed a pale color, and his body shook slightly.

In order not to let others notice, he jumped back to the chair and sat down.

Yang Lan’s injury has long been restored by the power of the stars, but he is still sitting on the ground and thinking about Gu Zichen’s pointing to him. He will be connected together in one piece, and he will feel that the new door is welcoming him.

"Although you are not pleasing to the eye, thank you very much."

A little squatting toward Gu Zichen, Yang Lan’s face was reluctant. His temperament is like this. If he is kind to him, he will have to return.

"But don't be too happy. When I understand it, I will definitely marry you."


"Hey, brother, or you are so powerful, even in a few words, you can tell the true killing of this star." I really don't know if you are killing stars, or if I am killing stars. ”

"This can only blame you for being too stupid, OK, don't bother me, study it."

"Cut, what cow is a cow. Don't be too happy, I will definitely take care of you when I understand it. ”

In the dusty memory, there was an inexplicable picture in the inexplicable picture. The morning eyes of the ancient son sitting in the chair couldn’t help but get wet.

Yang Lan, standing in front of him, noticed that this scene could not help but raise his eyebrows.

"Don't drop, is this scared?" Don't panic, my Yang Lan is definitely not the kind of black hand. At that time, I can't get out of bed for half a year. ”

"Well, I am waiting for that day."Guzi morning converges with a smile, and Yang Lan pouts at him. "You are waiting."

"it is good."

Guzi Chen was a faint nod, but he couldn’t help but sigh.

"Brother, if you are standing in front of you, it is really how good you are. You are not saying that you have to beat me well, but where are you now? ”

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