Xiaojia, the family of the gods who controlled the thunder and punishment, Xiao Xiao looked flustered along the cobblestone path and came to a huts surrounded by bamboo.


"what happened again?"

Sitting in Xiao Yuโ€™s hand on the stone table outside the huts, there was a fragrant scent, and the brows were very unhappy. They obviously disturbed his tea, and his mood was very bad.

Seeing Xiao Xiaoโ€™s face, Xiao Xiao licked her lips with some weakness.

I can think of the importance of the following people reporting the news, he still bite his teeth and squat toward Xiao.

"Father, some people report it below. Some of the lower three realms under our jurisdiction have fallen. โ€


Xiao Yanโ€™s indifference should be a sentence, with a sip of the citron. At the moment of the entrance, there was a look of enjoyment on his face.

He was obsessed with a closed scorpion, and his mouth was accompanied by coziness.

For a long time, he put the citron on the table and couldn't help but talk to himself.

"Sure enough, itโ€™s a good baby."

Not much to say, he poured a cup again.

Xiao Wei, who was on the sidelines, had not seen Xiao Weiโ€™s response for a long time. He could think of Xiao Weiโ€™s temper and he did not dare to go to the front.

He stood so quietly, and the time passed.

The citron in the teapot on the stone table made Xiao Xiao all drink, and he looked at the teacup and teapot. Immediately he sighed and lazily stretched out.

The lingering light of the scorpion happened to notice Xiao Wei, who was outside, and could not help but raise his eyebrows.

"I almost forgot you, what are you going to say to me when you come here?"

"There is a report to the father, belonging to the lower three circles of our jurisdiction, and some people have fallen."Xiao Wei answered without hesitation.

Wen Yan, Xiao Xiao smiled faintly.

"The recent wild land is quite good, but the gods will drop the gods. Why do you have to come to me to report it, is it the son of the previous good luck?"

"No."Xiao Yan shook his head. "This person is the second sir, the singer of the Heavenly Court, Yang Lang."

"Well, since it is not the son of the good fortune, what else do you do?" Can resist the nine thunders and let him come up, but the resistance does not mean that he did not become a god. You are now the patriarch of the Xiao family. Do you still have to take your own ideas? โ€

Xiao Weiโ€™s gaze became severe. He pursued power, but now he is now in the next year. From his now hiding in the mountain huts, he can see that the pursuit of power is not so keen. He wants to let Xiaoโ€™s Everything is handed over to his son.

Only the sole seedling of Xiao Xiao was left under his knees, but this son was too arrogant and always made him look down on his eyes. Whenever he does, he will think of his eldest daughter.

Although it is a generation of women, but it does not allow eyebrows.

Before he was patriarchal, his eldest daughter was dusted. Until it really disappeared, after Xiao Yu was in power, he had some repentance with his age.

Itโ€™s too late.

Slightly sighed, Xiao Yan's nephew was a little tired.

"It seems that I am not coming."

At this time, there was a man in the vain sky wearing a black robe. Although he deliberately concealed his true tone, he could argue that she was a daughter.

Seeing the person who came, Xiao Xiao suddenly exposed the hot, and said.

"No, the dog is just talking to me about trivia. It happened that you came to me and the tea you sent me was letting me run out. There was still some distress at the time, I don't know how to contact you. โ€

"This visit, I also think that the Jun may drink almost, and specially sent you some."

In the hand, the black robes were in the hands of a long piece of tin foil. Xiao Yuโ€™s eyes reveal a hot light, and immediately toward Xiao Xiaoโ€™s eyebrows.

"Okay, go back quickly. Don't bother me with these trivial things. I am ready to live in seclusion and I don't want to take care of those trivial things. โ€

"Father, I haven't finished yet."

"Don't you understand what Ben said?"

Xiao Yuโ€™s emotions became irritable, and Xiao Xiao couldnโ€™t help but shrink his neck. In this case, he is absolutely afraid to say something.

Rubbing his lips, Xiao Xiao nodded and left to leave the hut.

Drinking it back, Xiao Wei changed to a gentle smile and looked at the black man in front.

"I don't know how…"

"If you don't need it, you will give it to Jun."The black robe smiled and threw the long piece on the table. Xiao looked at the long block with his lips hot. "How is this good? I can't always take your baby."

"It's nothing."The black robe smiled and immediately said, "I have other things to deal with here, so I won't bother you."

"How can I find you to buy this after that?"

"When I drink almost the same, I will appear."

As soon as the voice fell, the black robe was suddenly abruptly disappeared from the hut. At the moment she left, Xiao Wei went straight to the stone table and opened the long block.

Carefully knock a bit of slag from above and put it in the teapot…

Light drink.

In the second moment when the toon entered the throat, his body was like a slight trembling of malaria, and his eyes were full of refreshing colors.

"You guys come in with me."

Being angry with Xiao Wei does not mean that Xiao Wei is also a weak person in front of the tribe. After returning to the mansion, he pointed to a few doormen, and he came to the front hall of the mansion.

"Jun Shang."

Looking at the angry face of Xiao Xiao sitting in the chair, the following few guests are treacherously screaming towards him.

For a long time, Xiao Wei did not speak.

His knowledge of the sea has been thinking about what he reported to him before.

Eighty-six-six-fourth-day thunder robbery, but the robbery did not fall on the looters, someone helped him block, but the burglary did not leave any useful information. When they were ready to add mine, the Thunder was directly wiped away.

With this means, the people who wiped out the thunder of their Xiao family are not in the minority.

Xiaojia is also a very famous family. It wipes the fallen Tianlei, but it is playing the face of their Xiao family.

Who will do this.

Inexplicably, he suddenly thought of Xuan Ji, who was in front of his father when he was thundering.

"Let you stare at Xuan Ji and there is news."

"I have never been to any place in mysterious time."The doorman replied.

Xiao Xiaomei.

"Continue to stare, if there is any change, no, she must report to me in time for any action."

"Yes."One of the clerk left the room, and Xiao Xiao locked his eyebrows toward the two people left behind. "You have always been with your father. Who knows who the black robes are closer to the father?" ? What did she give to her father? โ€

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