The hall was filled with a dignified breath, and Xiao Xiao stared at the two below, and the brow was deep.

Recently, Xiao Wei’s behavior made him have to pay attention to it. In the past, the father’s possibility would be a bit violent, but it would not be as arrogant as he is now.

More importantly, he recently began to stop dealing with matters within the family.

"Why don't you talk?"

The two people in the temple had no words, and Xiao Xiao locked his eyebrows and looked at them, asking in a very deep tone.

"Don't tell me that I don't know, you are always with the father."


The two people in the temple couldn't help but swallow, and this dignified atmosphere really made them feel scared. They are just the diners who Xiao’s recruits, and they are not the sidelines of Xiao’s family.

"Just, we don't…"

The diners were so weak that they just had to open their mouths, and they saw Xiao Xiao’s face sinking in an instant.

"This gentleman lets you say!"

A faint pressure was applied to the diners, and a thin sweat could not help but shed from their heads. Now they are really distressed.

One party is Laojun, and one party is now.

The mind circulated, and the slightly thinner man in the diners opened his mouth.

"Jun Shang, the person who is closer to Laojun, we are not particularly understanding. Only half a month ago, this person suddenly appeared to give Laojun a pack of fragrant tea. After that, it disappeared. After that, as long as the fragrant tea on Laojun was almost the same, she would appear. ”


Xiao Yu locked the door low, but his heart was a loss.

To be honest, the series of actions just made were hard-packed. He actually didn't value this power at all, and he didn't have the kind of heart to deal with it.

Only this monarchy has hereditary on his body. He has no way to install it.

"Don't you say that you don't know her identity? Then you dare to let her approach the father? ”

As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Xiao’s face turned pale, and the tone became especially cold at this time.

"This gentleman recruits you to take care of your father, but you let an unidentified stranger approach the father. How do you care?" Come, drag them into the Thunder Pool, suffer from the forty-nine Thunder. ”


The diners in the temple were soft and kneeling on the ground.

They are just the most ordinary monks, and there is no such thing as a god. The strength of the card has been in the sky for thousands of years, in the outside world may be considered a hero, but in the Xiao family is nothing.

Living in the Xiao family like a thin ice, just for the opportunity to find a breakthrough.

Now Xiao Xiao has let them suffer from the thunder of the thunder, and with their heart and cultivation, they are living in a position that they can’t bear.

"Jun Shang!"The diners yelled at the ground with red eyes. "It is Laojun who does not let us manage this matter. The meaning of Laojun is that we have to go from it. Please also check it out."

"Please check it out."

Looking at the two who are crying on the ground, Xiao Wei, who is sitting on the throne, can't help but feel a little moved.

“Is this handled wrong?”

To be honest, he is a very kind-hearted person. With his heart, if the Xiao family has no children, he is a hereditary genius.

"No matter what Lao Tianjun said, when the two of them met each other for the first time, why didn't you block them? Did they say that they just met, did Laotianjun have a good impression on her? After all, you are still not thoughtful. Can you recognize this? ”

A particularly deep discourse appeared outside the hall, and Xiao Xiao’s eyebrows looked toward the hall.

"Whoever dared to be in front of this king…"

Halfway through, Xiao Xiao’s is to close his mouth, and immediately he got up from his chair and blinked his eyes and didn’t know what to say.

"Younger brother, I don't think you are now the monarch."

This sentence is obviously a bit embarrassing and ethereal. Xiao Xiao only felt a flash in front of her eyes, and she saw that the woman standing in the doorway wearing a plain clothes had already appeared in front of him.

Familiar faces and familiar tone.


Xiao Yan’s face instantly burst into a pleasant smile. He just wanted to give the other a hug, but he stopped hard and took a step back and was full of hostility.

"Who are you, dare to pretend to be the people inside the monarch."

"Don't be hard, you must be very tired when you are a temper."The woman sighed at him and shook her head, and her eyes were about to fall on the diners in the temple.

The diners were also shocked. They never heard that there was a lady in the Xiao family.

Only at this time they dare not go to a sigh of respect, they can only bury their heads deeply, screaming on the ground.

"You said, oh, in fact, it seems to me that I can’t talk about it. In the final analysis, you still let the person approach the old Heavenly King. You said that God is not allowed to control you, but I am here to ask you, is it true that Laotianjun is very close to the person when he just met them? ”

The diners are silent.

"Definitely not, it is your negligence to let this ill-intentioned person deliberately approach the old Tianjun, this will lead to a series of follow-up issues. However, the punishment that Xiao Xiao has given you is indeed a bit heavy. With your heart and strength to face the forty-nine thunders, you are categorically unable to resist. But if you are guilty, you have to be punished. Go on your own and take 27 thunder and thunder. Maybe, this is also an opportunity for you to break through, and you have been in the sky for a long time. ”

I thought this time was dead, but I didn't expect to have a turnaround here, especially the woman even said that it might be an opportunity for them to break through.

They are willing to punished now, but they must see…

"Okay, go."

Xiao Wei waved at them, and the diners in the temple smashed their heads and rushed to the penalty.

"Younger brother, when the patriarch wants to learn to weigh, he can't just pressure it." Thunder and rain are all Jun, you have to be flexible to learn to use. ”


At this time, Xiao Xiao really determined that the woman in front of him was the sister he had not seen for tens of thousands of years. He reached out and hugged the woman. The woman stunned and tried to push it away, but I thought about it. Did not do this.

For a long time, Xiao Yan just released the woman and grabbed his wrist and shouted.

"Sister, hurry to see my father, I will see you will be particularly happy. As stated, this monarch can also be passed to you. ”

"Little brother."The woman broke his hand at this moment and shook his head toward him. "This monarch is still sitting by you. I am coming back here just to get something, as for other…Even if it is. ”


"Don't say it, I have to go, and I can't tell Xiao Xiao that I am coming back, do you know?"

"Sister, are you still hating your father?"

The woman who was about to leave was trembled, and her eyes looked at the front and opened her eyes.

"Hate, and hate him more and more."

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