"I don't think so long, my room is still being cleaned."

The woman in a plain long dress stood in a bedroom that was very short-sleeved, and Xiao Xiao followed her with a follower.

"It’s the father’s arrangement to clean up.”

"he?"The face of the woman's skirt is faintly mocking, and her eyes are very disdainful. "Little brother, even if you said that you arranged for cleaning, I will almost believe, you said it is him?" Do you think I will believe him? ”

"Sister, it is really the person arranged by the father. After you left, he sent people to find the whole god world. Even if it was the Yaozu and the Mozu, the father had personally searched for it, but they did not find you. After that, the father was sitting in your room and sat for a full year. When he came out, his hair was completely white. ”

Xiao Yu couldn't help but open her mouth. The plain skirt girl smiled faintly, and she couldn't see the slightest movement in her eyes. She just raised her eyebrows in some strange tone.

"Yes, that's really…Deserve it! ”

As soon as the voice fell, the plain skirt woman took a ring from under the bed in the bedroom and put it on her finger. Then she turned back and smiled at Xiao Xiao.

"Well, your kind invitation, I have not refuted your face. It's not too late, I should be leaving. ”

"Sister, are you really going? Don't you go to see the father? ”Xiao Yu locked the eyebrows.

"There is nothing to see, just like this."A faint smile, the plain skirt woman turned back and said, "The lower bound of Yang Lantian was ruined, right, you still don't want to take care of this matter, just be my sister's please." ”

Floating away from Xiaojiafu, Xiao Xiao stood in front of the bedroom door and watched her back for a long time without leaving.

a long time.

"Come on."

With a deep call, Xiao Wei is surrounded by several people.

"Jun Shang."

"The woman in the skirt who just appeared here, went to secretly to protect, and touched her where she left, and told me back. No one can mention the arrival of this woman with outsiders, otherwise it will kill innocent people. ”


A few people in front of him all succumbed to nod, just then Xiao Xiao thought of the woman’s request.

"The people who told me to investigate Yang Lan’s affairs are coming back. In recent days, they have also sent people to stare at the flying pool. If you see Yang Hao flying, you can secretly give some help. ”


"Okay, let's go on."

A few people in front of the door all disappeared, leaving Xiao Xiao with a sigh of relief and looked back at the bedroom behind his eyes.

Immediately, he shook his head and turned away.


No one can think of the situation that has been tit-for-tat, and the change has become what it is now. The group of immortals in the pure white space are some pictures of the front, and the brain circuit is not enough.

Ye Zichen, standing not far away, can clearly feel that Gu Zichen’s breath is at this time. He locked his eyebrows at the ancient child in the chair and couldn't help but talk.

"What happened to you?"

Without paying attention to the sympathy of Ye Zichen, Gu Zichen’s eyes fell on Yang’s body.

"The road to the future will require you to find it yourself. After half an hour, you will have to fly up the upper bound. Here I have to remind you that there are people outside, there are days outside the sky, you must be a convergence. You may be a giant in this third world. After you go up, you may not be a middle-level figure. Do you have to be careful to know? ”

Immediately, he did not care what Yang Lan said, and his right hand waved.

"Go back and say goodbye to your relatives and friends. Maybe there will be no way to meet in the next few hundred thousand years."

call out.

Fluorescent flashes, Yang Lan, who has not yet recovered from the distance, is so faint that disappears into the eyes of everyone.

The group of immortals sent Yang Lan to leave, and most of them were envious in their eyes. Being able to fly up the upper bound is the wish of most of them.

Although Yang Hao, he is the deities of Heavenly Court, but in the eyes of Ziwei and Yuren, they are just juniors.

Unexpectedly, Yang Lan would have to fly higher than them, which is not a blow to them.

Some sighed and sighed, and saw the right hand of Gu Zichen sitting in the chair, so that Yang Hao gave the broken chair all in front of it.


The powers of the Three Realms returned to their previous positions in order to sit down. Not long after, they found out that there was a stone table in front of their eyes, and there was a ballot box on the stone table.

I have never had a scene before, but I think this time is really different from the past, especially the person who has been standing behind the scenes, this time went to the stage.

"Predecessors, I don't know what this means."

After seeing the confrontation between Gu Zichen and Yang Lan, Ziwei Emperor has already deeply recognized the true strength of the people in front of him.

Yang Yu, who is a god, is not his opponent, and the strength of this person is much stronger.

In the face of such a master, it is not a shame to call it a predecessor.

“In the past, I’ve got some rewards based on rankings, but this time it’s a little different, it’s…vote. ”

Guzi Chen looked at the fairy in front of him and smiled.

"The position of the Lord of the Three Realms has been empty for too long, and now you have a situation on your side, and you really need one to control the whole situation. The holding of this hegemony is to elect the Lord of the Three Realms. The way to run the election is based on the prestige list, that is, the people who are standing here now vote, according to the number of votes to decide the final candidate, you can have objections? ”

The group of immortals are very horrified.

The Lord of the Three Realms.

This has not happened in hundreds of thousands of years, because the development of all walks of life is also very stable, they almost forgot the existence of the Lord of the Three Realms.

But now…

"Predecessors, there have been records in ancient books. The re-emergence of the Lord of the Three Realms is the time when the Three Realms live and die. You suddenly say…"Yan Di’s eyes are dignified. “Can it be said that these three circles have reached this time?”

"Do you still think it is not?"

Guzi Chen smashed the scorpion into a slit and swept it from the minds of the immortal.

"What kind of turmoil have you experienced here in the past few years, have you not noticed the weirdness in the middle?" I am not alarmist. Now you are here at the time of life and death, that is, you need to come out to preside over the overall situation. ”

"This……"The group is stunned.

"Well, the fun is playing outside, and you should not delay your time here. If there is no objection, just start voting. ”

With a snap, a group of voting cards appeared in the hands of the immortals.

"let's start."

Just when the group was hesitating, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd, and a young man with bare heads came up from the steps.

"I vote for myself, can you!"

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