The youth is still draped in the Buddha's field, and there is a string of sandalwood beads in his hand. He smiled and walked to the voting office.

The finger stroked a few strokes on the paper, and the top of the voting card appeared to be an ancient word.

Throwing into the ballot box, the young man in the squatting back took two steps. His face was filled with a smile that was slightly playful, and he looked at Ye Zichen, who was sitting in the chair and Ye Zichen not far away.

"It's him."

Not far from the faint brows, the surrounding celestial people are surprised by the monks who appeared. I heard the low-pitchedness of Fuxi, and asked the Ziwei Emperor.

"Fu Fu brother knows?"

To be close, the relationship between Buddhism and Heavenly Court is the closest, followed by the government, and there is almost no intersection with the Buddha domain.

Ziwei has never seen this monk since she asked herself. From the tone of Fuxi, he knows.

"Ziwei, you are taking a good look at who he is."

Fuxi looked at the back of the monk and did not go back to the Ziwei Emperor. Not long after, he moved his eyes to the front of Amitabha, and his brow was locked.

"Buddha, should you give an explanation?"

This kind of questioning tone makes the surrounding immortals see a jump in the eyelids. Looking at the whole three circles, I still have not dared to speak to the Buddha.

Of course, the yang of that rib is not counted. He is a girl, and he will dare to go up and say a few words.

But Fuxi is different. As a representative of Xianyu, he is extremely measured whenever he does things. Suddenly speaking such a thing, obviously has his intentions.

Amitabha did not speak, and Emperor Yan observed the situation under the eyes.


"Buddha, I have always respected the Buddha domain. So, it will only let you take this child and the beast. But now he is here again, shouldn't you give me an explanation? ”

Fuxi's face gradually turned negative. When the Buddha took the beast and the ancients away, what did the Buddha say?

After 30 years of chanting.

But how long ago, he actually appeared here in a month.

The immortal around them looked b, but those who could sit in the chair, after carefully examining the youth, were flashing inexplicably.

At the time, they were all on the scene, and they all knew the true origins of this youth.


Even if it is the Emperor Ziwei, I can't help but want to get a saying from the Buddha.

"You must not blame the Buddha, you may not know the Buddha domain."At this moment, the monks who voted for the votes turned back and smiled at Fu Xi and other immortals. "Don't go to the Buddha domain, I have always wondered why people in the Buddha domain will have such strong strength. When I arrived at the Buddha domain, I knew that the speed of their own speed was different from that of yours. One day in the Buddha's domain, one year in the Three Realms, I have been chanting in the Buddha's domain for thirty years, and you have just been here for thirty days. ”

All the fairy sorrows, even the Heavenly Court, who is deeply involved with the Buddha domain, do not know the real situation of the Buddha domain.

There have been rumors in the world, one day in the sky, one year in the earth.

But now the ancients are telling them that the Buddhaland is one day, three years in a year.


They moved their eyes to the Buddha and Bodhisattva in the Buddha's domain, only to find that they were all coveted. He left Hehe with a smile and his mouth curled up.

"Buddha, don't blame me and tell the truth of your Buddha domain."

Although he is owed to him, anyone can see that he is not afraid at this time.

He does have no fear.

If he is outside, he may be afraid of the Buddha, but the spiritual power of anyone here is sealed, but the power of the stars can be used here.

The only thing that can use the power of the stars is to let Guzi go away, so who else can threaten him.

What's more, the power of the stars, he is not impossible to use.

He is the one who makes the emperor star!

"Old away!"

Ye Zichen, who is not far from the ancient morning, is also a brow deep lock. Don't look at the old shaved head, it looks like it was not as good as it used to be.

But the entanglement between them, even if it was ancient and turned into gray, Ye Zichen can recognize it.

After anger, Ye Zichen’s heart was filled with countless doubts.

Why did he appear as a monk in the Buddha domain and why he appeared here.

Is it the ancient morning?

Looking at the ancient child in the morning, Gu Gu was at this moment and turned back and smiled.

"Ye brother, I really can't think of it, let's meet again. How are you going to be good? ”

"Oh, I have been very good. But when I saw you, I didn't feel very good. ”

Ye Zichen's face sank instantly, and immediately he made a fist in his right hand, and he could see a little fluorescence on his fist. The deep Emperor Wei suddenly emerged from his body, and the distant virtual space suddenly appeared in the stars.

Behind his back there was also a dragon chair, and a man with a robes and a man sitting above the dragon chair, overlooking everything with a condescending look.

The power of the emperor, the object of all things.

After the other immortals in the field felt the breath of this atmosphere, they could not help but surrender. Some of the lesser-minded immortals could not help but bend their knees.

Those powers are resisting this stalwart in their hearts, and look at Ye Zichen in front of them.

Just when all the immortals were resisting the monarch, the corners of the ancient leaves were upward and light.

"Is it you?"

At the time of the Buddhist scriptures, he made the stars appear.

At the beginning, his confirmation was that he was the co-owner of this world, and he thought that he would be the Emperor of the Eight Kingdoms. However, after enjoying the ancient books of the Buddhist domain, he realized that he was not the only heavenly emperor.

The purple MSI's emperor, he only took half.

Since then, he has been thinking about who is the other half of the passengers who carry the emperor star? Thinking about it, the picture that has always appeared in his mind is Ye Zichen.

In view of the current situation, it is true that Ye Zichen carries the other half of the Emperor.

Chess opponents.

From the beginning of the world, the two of them are the two opposites, regardless of when he has the absolute advantage in planning, but only

Ye Zichen always has an inexplicable helper. He is not his opponent at all.

In ancient times, Ye Zichen was able to see him with him, but he was lucky.

But now, it’s hard to make the emperor star look like a man of choice, and Ye Zichen still wants to share a piece of it.

Absolutely not!

The co-owner of heaven and earth may only be his ancient departure, and the rest of the people are all chickens and dogs in front of him.

As for Ye Zichen, it’s just a jumper!

Since Ye Zichen is divided into air, then

Just kill him and win it.

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