Senran's murderousness emanates from the ancient body, and this kind of feeling that people will be trembling when infected, can anyone detect that he really has killed his heart.

Indeed, the ancients really moved to kill.

Here he does not need to have any scruples, those who stand in the ethical commanding heights of the Buddhist monks, at this time there is no means to go through the world.

The powers of Heavenly Court, the land of the gods, are now mortals who have no power.

How good the space is, it is a sacred place for him.

The enemy met, and the eyes were red.

Seeing the moment of ancient departure, Ye Zichen has been fluctuating like a pool of water. In the next second of feeling the ancient killing, he took a step toward the front.

On killing the heart.

He is no less than ancient.

"This is not the place where you fight."

Just as this sword was arrogant, the old man sitting in the chair opened his mouth. He was sullen and his face was stunned with a glance at the smell of gunpowder.

"Give me a point."


Seeing the deep face of Gu Zichen, the old-fashioned corner of the accent is upturned, and the chilling murderousness disappears in a blink of an eye.

This sudden change made the surrounding immortals unprepared, and looked at the light and light appearance on his face at this time, as if he had never touched the heart.

The left eyebrows moved, and the ancient shrugged his shoulders.

"At this time, you still want to protect him. This is a bit different from what I said before. It seems that you are still trying to go back to the old road that you can't recover before?"

He heard from the ancient words that he had communicated with Guzi before the morning.

After a short hesitation, Ye Zichen was clear. When he knew the sea, Gu Zichen mentioned his choice.

At that time, he simply thought that Guzi Morning Club would choose Gu Gu after he gave up.

But now it seems that he has already paved the way for his second plan. Although this is nothing to Ye Zichen, it's just a little bit different.

The rest of the immortals are also exposed, this guy actually knows the high man.

Is it true that the old man was the one who was willing to do so before. And before the Buddha brought it back to the Buddha domain, and now let him appear here, are they trusted?

The Buddhist monks in the Buddhaland are all looking as usual. From their faces, this group of immortals can't see why. The high man can't ask, all of this can only be a mystery, buried in the hearts of everyone.

"Failed countless times, but still insisted on the road that will surely fail. Do you think that Ye Zichen can be your turnaround chip here?"

After the laughter of the ancient play, he was still taunting.

"And right, in the final analysis, you are the whole, and I have nothing to say. I have never thought of borrowing your hand. Tell you the truth, in fact, when you say your identity, I have already refused. ”

"Speaking enough?"Gu Zichen raised his eyebrows and could not see his emotions from his face.

"Don't use this tone to talk to me, the choice of the two emperors, I am the person who makes the emperor star. In other words, my existence is the possibility that you will turn things around, you will not be how I am. ”

Why did Gu Zichen not implement his two sets of plans in the first time, or that "they" did not follow the path of ancient times.

The main reason is that the ancients are too arrogant, always thinking that he has the conditions that make him feel helpless to him. The second is his thoughts, and it is indeed contrary to "they".

Face of this provocation, there is still no movement in the eyes of Guzi.

"Speaking enough?"

The ancient shy shoulders raised his eyebrows, and the provocative look of Ye Zichen next to him was full of resentment.

You can see the ancient child in the chair, he is still the light look.

In the face of the heart, he and he are still too much.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh in the heart. Sometimes he couldn't control his emotions and let his emotions chaos his own feet. Although Gu Zichen is a loser, he can be much stronger than himself in some aspects.

But I think about it, if I have experienced his sorrows. After experiencing big ups and downs, after great joy and great sadness.

He will do the same, it is not worth pursuing.

Concealed to look at Gu Zichen's eyes, has been provoked his ancient departure, the other party did not want to ignore him, but also stunned the ropes.

The hearts of the immortals around are still continually suspicion, calculating the relationship chain in the middle.

"This seat has never said who is going to stand, even if it is still the case."

Suddenly, the ancient child suddenly said something inexplicable. I don’t know why the immortals are confused, but both Gu Li and Ye Zichen know what he wants to express.

"What do you want to say, how do you say it?"The ancient shrug of the play, "This is your space, the rules are naturally determined by you. Since you think the votes are fair, the vote is yes. I have no opinions here, just…"

Halfway through the story, the ancients stopped and looked at Ye Zichen with a playful look.

"This vote is still going on faster, giving the hand of the three realms. If the delay is too long, I am afraid that when the morning brother goes out…"

Ancient is not in words, but the mouth is a faint smile from time to time.

Ye Zichen has heard some clues from his tone, and immediately his heart trembles.

"What happened after going out?"

"Why should I tell you?"Gu left his neck, it was a playful smile. "We are competitive, I don't think it is necessary to share information with you?"


Ye Zichen, under the wrath, appeared, looking at the anger of his face, the heart of the ancient is not cool.

He was very happy to see the enemy's anxious appearance. If he didn't say it, Ye Zichen might be violently disregarding the obstruction of Gu Zichen and directly shot him.

If Ye Zichen is shot, this is of course better for him. However, thinking of Gu Zichen may have personally shot, in the face of this guy's ancient centrifugal force is still not bottom.

This emperor was a thing in his bag, and he was not in a hurry. It was better to play Ye Zichen here.

Let him be anxious, but can't get out. Just sitting in this anxious mood, it is also very interesting to think about it.

When I think of it, the ancient separation is a look of fear.

"You don't scare me. I am a courageous person. I will forget a lot of things when I am nervous."

"I let you say!"Ye Zichen's blue veins are all bursting out, and the ancients are almost the same. It is a smile. "The situation in Xianyu doesn't seem too good!"

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