Chapter 878 Tentative **Hand

In this pure white space, when the morning voice of Guzi fell, the emotions of the group of immortals in the field could not help but be nervous.

The result of the vote will determine who can become the three mains, but they never thought about why they should listen to Gu Zichen, and never thought why the way of running is so playful.

The powers sitting on the stage have the opportunity to be elected, but the faces of the Buddha's domain are full of indifference, and obviously there is not much interest in this position.

The local government did not have the presence of the Holy Emperor of Heavenly Qiren. When the vote was made, the immortals of the local government were in the state of 懵b. They did not know who to choose. Is it necessary to choose the Tibetan king, but as long as it is the landlord, he will know that he is not interested in these.

The same is true of several people in Xianyu. The monk is not so important to power, and Fuxi is from the realm of God. To say that the only thing that is nervous is probably Yandi, but his tension is compared with the Ziwei Emperor…

It is obviously too relaxed.

The man's palm sitting on the chair couldn't help but hold on his satin robes. He tried to sort out the emotions on his face. He could see from his throat that he swallowed, how much he valued the campaign. .

Both eyes stared at the position of Gu Zichen, and the nerves of the whole body were also tight.

To say that the only thing that didn't pay attention to this campaign is probably Ye Zichen. He did not have any concern for him since the election, until he had been sitting in his chair after the vote.

He now doesn't care who can be the leader of the Three Realms. His only thought is to quickly end it all so that he can go out from here!

There are too many people he cares about there, and he has no way not to worry.

Before that, he can only pray in his heart, they can be safe and sound.

"Ice and snow."

The goose-like snow fell from the sky, and Su Liuer, standing on the void, lifted her hands.

The snow that slowly fell from the sky turned into a blizzard in a flash. Under the whistling wind, the black dragon was covered with a thick snow coat.

Not only him, the fighters who fought under them also felt the extreme temperature drop around them.

During the breathing, there will be a white gas in their nose and mouth.

Icy and icy.

When the snowflake was stained on the skin of the black dragon, he was shocked by the shock. He squinted his eyes and released the body's spiritual power, which was to scatter all the snow on his body.

"not bad."

While talking, the black dragon still braved the heat. The white steam floated to the void, and he reached out and wiped the purple lips.

"That's it."


In the distance, Su Liuer’s breath was scorned, and the red scorpion was flashing. Just seeing her white fingers like playing in the air, there is a strange wave of volatility in the void.

Not long after, the snow in the air formed a cyclone in front of her.

Immediately, the snow condenses.

Become ice!

This ice is like a lion roaring in the air. The only difference from the real lion is that it has no charm.

call out.

The Suliuer’s fingers suddenly pointed toward the front, and his fingers twitched two blue rays. The light hits the lion's eye like a finishing touch.


The ice-cold lion roared around his neck, and at the same time, Su Liuer was also sipping at this time.

"Ice roar!"

The ice lion roared away, and the black dragon's mouth squinted slightly.

"Shaping, pregnant, good!"

Just now, Liu Liuer’s ice roar is the shape and pregnancy of the black dragon, which shapes the lion and adds soul to it.

As for the spiritual attack geometry that is shaped by this, it is judged according to the soul strength of the caster.

At this moment, the claws of the ice lion were also caught at this time.

The black dragon slid away from the claw in the move, but the cyclone that was created in the space when the paw was waving still left a blood mark on his face.

Fingers wipe the blood off the face and put it in the mouth to suck.

It was this short moment that the Black Dragon was able to conclude that the snarling lion had almost surpassed the strength of the King.

"It seems that you can't just play."

The neck twisted and the black dragon was lazy and stretched.


The ice lion is roaring again. This time, the black dragon does not retreat, and the lion's one catches it. The right hand grasps its front paw tightly and pushes it forward.


The ice lion did not have any room to resist, letting the black dragon fly, hitting the mountain wall and turning it into pieces of broken ice crystals. At this time, he also looked at Su Liuer with his neck, but he didn’t speak, but the gaze seemed to be saying…

"Little girl, come on?"

Just as he looked at Su Liuer with a lot of fun, he saw the smile on the other side of his mouth.

She has a move!

Tightly nerves constantly detect the surroundings, but there is nothing in the void that makes him feel dangerous.


He lowered his head.

I don’t know when a thin layer of ice has been placed on his sole.

"Ice three feet!"

With this delicate drink in the void, the ice of the black dragon's foot quickly swept toward his body. His face was filled with panic and stunned colors, but he wanted to struggle but turned into an ice sculpture.

Reaching out and making a snap.


The black dragon that turned into an ice sculpture was so broken in front of Su Liuer’s eyes that the crystal ice crystals were dazzling and dissipated from the void.

"Due to death."

A faint disdain emerged from Su Liuer's face, and her pupils and tails returned to normal color at this time.

But she did not show too much excitement, still the look of the cold, slowly moving towards their position in Luowei…Going over.


Two steps.

Three steps.

She suddenly turned back and her fingers quickly printed.

"Icy bones!"

In the position of about half a meter in front of her, there was an icy flower that appeared in the ice. The words were covered with spikes, and the sharpness made people feel unbearable.

A purple blood flowed down the spike, and the spike was broken.


Su Liuer’s mouth was accompanied by a confident chuckle, and she squinted and pulled back dozens of meters to open the battlefield. After a while, there was a figure in the position where the ice thorn appeared.

Black dragon.

The black dragon that had been turned into ice crystal appeared there, and his palm was also pierced and bleed.

"How did you notice it?"Black Dragon Emei Road.

"The Lord of the Devil is so easy to be killed, who will believe it?" Although I don't want to see Ye Zichen, I still affirm his means. ”Su Liuer’s rare expression of Ye Zichen’s affirmation, and immediately looked sad, “Tentatively, then…Is it the spirit of starting the game? ”

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