Itโ€™s a bit heavy.

This kind of words fell in Lowell's ears, so harsh.

Everyone has a fire in their hearts, but the fire is dissipated in an instant, and the deep feeling of powerlessness comes with it.

The elders of the Fengfeng family, the strength of the half-step fairy king, were actually smothered by this kind of master.

Even if they are all on, it is difficult to leave any trace on the black dragon.

"But don't blame me too much. There are always people who are not self-sufficient to provoke the seat, such as the old guy just now, or the little beauty."

Black Dragon smiled and smiled.

"I have to say that this little beauty is indeed some means. Even if I am forced, I have come up with a force of 70%."

Seventy percent!

Isn't this his real strength?

After this words came out, they felt that they were not feeling powerless, but desperate.

"Don't look at this expression, come and bring a little spirit. The favorite thing in this seat is your kind of rebellion under despair. Hey, what happened to the little beauty, is it to make this seat gray? Itโ€™s a pity that the pretty little beauty is so fragrant. โ€

The black dragon kept laughing and he enjoyed this feeling.

Very cool.

The rest of the people were also a glimpse, looking back at the back.

Su Liuer, who was lying down before, really disappeared, and they didn't know when it was gone.

"May be disappointing."

A sneer came out from the void, and in the eyes of everyone, this empty space was a door, and Lin Ru helped Su Liuer to come out from inside.

Su Liuer's face is still pale as paper, and the breath is very weak.

According to Lin Ru's idea, she was allowed to rest in the room, but she couldn't resist the resoluteness of Su Liuer, and she had to take it out from inside.

"I didn't even die, that's really good news."The black dragon in the smirk picked up his eyebrows and looked at Su Liuer's body. "Little beauty, there is no interest in being a woman in this seat, this seat can protect your whole family without worry."

"Ahโ€ฆโ€ฆ"Su Liuer just smiled disdainfully.

"It seems that you refused."

The black dragon had a sad look, and the eyes were about to fall on Lin Ru.

When he and Su Liuer played against each other, he noticed Lin Ru, who had been watching from a distance. Being able to wait and see in that situation, if there is no accident she should be the master of the rules.

Therefore, he deliberately did not use spiritual power, and simply relied on strength.

"It seems that you are the ruler of the rule here. Isn't the rule not to be contaminated with these red dusts? Are you breaking the rules?"

"To shut up!"

Lin Ru locked his eyebrows and looked at the black dragon, his face was gloomy.

Grab the vulnerability.

This guy caught the loopholes in the rules and made her helpless.

Very angry!

"Hey, the ruler is angry, can you say that you want to do something about this seat, but this seat has never used more than the spirit of the king."

"Ok?"Lin Ruโ€™s eyes screamed, โ€œAre you challenging me?โ€

"Don't dare not."The black dragon hurriedly waved. "How can you dare to provoke the ruler of the small, you are the rule of the world, provoking you is not looking for death?" butโ€ฆโ€ฆWhat can you do when there are no rules in this seat? โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the black dragon's face had sunk.

"When the rules are good, the rules are not to come here." Give you a face to respect you, don't give you face, what do you count? โ€


"Hey, look at it, look at the ruler."

Full of ridiculous black dragon disdainful wave, Lin Ru clenched his fists but nothing. She is indeed the master of the rules, the master of the rules above, but…

Black Dragon did not break the rules, then she could not do anything at all.

"Forget it, this seat is too lazy to waste time with you, is it that you die, or is this seat to send you to die?"

After taunting Lin Ru, Black Dragon squinted and looked down at the ant-like people in front.

Luo Wei and others looked at each other.

"Oh, don't talk, then this seat will default you want to let this seat send you away?" Yeah, this will eventually be decent. โ€

Gently nodded, Black Dragon's hand slowly lifted.

All of Luo Wei and other people are posing to meet the enemy. Even if the Black Dragon is really invincible, they also want to try it.

"Go ahead."

Almost at the same time, in the moment when the black dragon voice fell, a burst of water was transmitted from the void.

"Itโ€™s great to eat old grandson!"

In a short time, the shadow of the sky is on the top of the black dragon.

"Great Saint."

In the eyes of the beastmasters who are already preparing for a desperate fight, they are all burning up.

Fighting for the Buddha, Sun Wukong!

Whether it's in Heavenly Court or the Beast, it's the first god of war!

His appearance is like a ray of light in the abyss.


The black dragon brows a cluster, and the arm that climbs the dragon scales greets the past.

The shadow of the Great St. carries the momentum of the Millennium, and the huge momentum makes the ground under the feet of the Black Dragon cracked and broken.


The wind was mixed with dust, and the masters of the animal domain quickly put up a barrier in front of them.

"Greatly big…"

The wishful golden hoop in the hand became thicker and thicker, and the black dragon legs that hardened the golden hoop were deeply immersed in the ground.

The demon statue behind him instantly saw his hand…


The low scorn appeared from the void, and the withered petals fell from the sky.

This black and white petal is a feeling of crisis that makes the devils feel the heart, and they quickly retire to hide the petals.

When the petals landed, the ground was immediately eroded out of a large pit.

"Flower door."Luo Wei raised his eyebrows.

"Damn ant!"

Let the golden hoop sticking to the black dragon in the ground, and the arm suddenly force to open the golden hoop.


I felt the big sigh of the golden hoops coming from the impulse, and immediately turned to the front of several people in Luowei. At the same time, the door of the flower is also swept from the void.

Then, Yuan Hong took the monkey monkey and grandson of Huaguoshan, and Li Jiayi took the teachers and brothers of Baihuamen.



Seeing the pale-looking Su Liuer, Yuan Hong rushed over and asked for help.

Sun Dasheng and Huazhangmen are standing at the forefront of them, just like two mountains that cannot be crossed, facing the Mozu Black Dragon.

"There are two more to die, well, then this seat will be yours."

As soon as the voice fell, there was a thick magic around the body of the Black Dragon.

Dasheng kept squinting and the gold hoop in his hand tightened.

"Oh, my grandson, don't be afraid to flash your tongue when you are talking big?"

But at this moment, there was a sudden scream in the back of the Mozu.

"Yes, people are quite good, but it is a matter of saving one."

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