"Brother, is your trick to cooperate with this group of people who are not ghosts or ghosts?"

Zao Ziming, standing behind the battlefield, looked at a group of unconscious zombies around him and couldn't help but swallow. These are all ghosts. I used to see it all on TV!

Now that he is going to be with this group of ghosts, he is afraid that these guys will come up and ask him for a bite.

Holding a jade slip in his hand, Zhao Zikai, he smiled softly and gave orders to the zombies around him.

He heard a nervous question from Zao Ziming, and he grinned and smiled.

"Yes, it is to cooperate with them."

"No, work with zombies."Zao Ziming almost bite his tongue, and he carefully hid the zombie road around him. "Why do I think it is better to work with the Mozu people, at least they are alive!"


Zao Ziming scolded Zao Ziming while dispatching the troops. "Do you remember our purpose?" The Three Realms are now unable to accommodate you and me, the Mozu wolf ambition, I don't think they will keep their promises. Let's work with the zombies and let them play against each other. Isn't it best that you and I are collecting fishermen? ”

"Can you be sure that we can take the fisherman?"

"Look at what I have in my hand."Zhao Zikai shook his jade in his hand. "As long as there is such a jade, this group of zombies will obey my command. Do you think that there are hundreds of thousands of zombie troops, can't you take the power of the fishermen?"

"Is this a soldier?"

"Roughly the same."Zhao Zikai looked at the jade in his hand and said, "You don't want to think so much. Watch the show well."

The sly smile came out from the void.

Hearing this laugh, the black dragon climbed the scales of the face and moved, standing on the opposite side of the big holy is also blinking to see the void.

Eyes of fire.

A golden light burst out of his scorpion, and the emptiness of the cloud became clear under the golden light.

Standing on the void is the ancestor of the four zombies.

"It's them."

There was a little dignity on the face of Dasheng. He had seen the strength of this group of guys. Even if he had some epiphany recently, he would not dare to pack a ticket to beat this group of guys.

Other ethnic groups in the animal domain are also exposed and dignified.

On the side of the Black Dragon, when he saw the ancestors of the four zombies, the muscles on his face were violently shaking.

That is them

It is this group of guys that makes his Mozu family homeless, and the rest of the demon statues are more bloody.

Just then, Lee Min Ho, who had been taking care of Su Yiyun at the rear, rushed over.

When she saw the ancestor of the zombie, she was also a glimpse of the scene in which her girlfriend was killed.

After a slight trembling of the body, she took a deep breath and walked to the front of the black dragon.

"Yi Yun let me tell you that the Zhao brothers are gone."

"Got it."

The black dragon's face was gloomy and terrible, and the two mortals dared to play with them.

"Gu Gu, you dare to come."

The black dragon angered under the wrath, he did not see the ancient separation, but the ancestors of this group of zombies could not get rid of the guy.

"The ancients still have something to do, he is not here."Loli's ugly female drought and waters smiled in the void, and immediately raised her eyebrows. "But the ancients told us that you must kill the light."

"Okay, it happens that this seat is going to find you here. Now that you are going to die, it saves you trouble. ”

The black dragon's face sank and shouted.

"Give me kill!"

In an instant, the three parties fight!

"In order to achieve a fair and just public policy, I decided to show the results of the voting directly to you."

Guzi, sitting in a chair, smiled and smiled. In the eyes of everyone, there was a curtain.

The top of the curtain is the result of voting.

Almost all the immortals in the field cast their gaze on them. Among them, they noticed that there were nearly 30 people who abandoned the votes. The rest still had a small number of unknown fairy tales who only got one vote.

I don't have to think about it at all. It must be that they filled in their names when they voted. In any case, they did not say that they would not vote.

The great guys sitting in the chairs are also interested in seeing the past, although most of them don't care about whether they can run for the election, but this is about the future of the three realms, they still have to pay attention to.

To say that the most nervous thing here is the Ziwei Emperor. At the moment when the result comes out, he will look at his boss and carefully look for his name and the number of votes, and calculate the order of ranking.

Contrary to him, there are two people in this group.

Ye Zichen.

Ancient away.

They haven't paid attention to the list from beginning to end. Gu Zi has been staring at Ye Zichen, and Ye Zichen is hanging his head and wondering what he is thinking.

"Where the hell is."

The heart of the Ziwei Emperor kept chanting in his heart, and immediately he saw his name in the center of the list.

"Zi Wei Da Di, 27 votes."


If his memory did not go wrong, he had not seen more than 27 votes before.

Could it be that

Thinking of it, he rushed to the list.

"I can't think of it, I can still get 10 votes."

Although I don't care too much, the watch list will naturally focus on the number of votes, and Fuxi is no exception. After seeing that his votes were only 10 votes, he knew that he could say goodbye to the position of the Lord of the Three Realms.

Just before he saw Yandi eating 15 votes.

"You see."

At this moment, Yan Emperor suddenly pointed out the list, the rest of the power looked down his fingers.

"Same ticket!"

Someone in the immortal under the steps made a speech, and the rest of the immortals also looked at it.

Huang Di 28 votes.

Chiyou 28 votes.

"How can there be the same ticket, and it seems that they are the highest number of votes."

"The highest number of votes is the same, what should I do?"

"Hey, you noticed that there is no, Ziwei Emperor is 27 votes, it is really pitiful to have a vote with the two of them."

"You didn't pay attention to the point."An elderly fairy in the immortal said, "Don't you see that these two people are the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou?" Here, Ye Di is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. Who is that? And why Chiyou will eat 28 tickets so much, have you never thought about it? ”

"Yellow Emperor, Chiyou."

The great guys sitting in the chair also locked the eyebrows, and it happened that the Ziwei Emperor also saw the votes.

To be honest, he has seen more than 27 votes on the list. The highest is 15 votes from Yandi. He thought he could be the owner of the Three Realms.

Available at the end of the list

28 votes!

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!

He sighed a little, but suddenly noticed


"Oh, I really can't think of eating so many votes."At this time, Gu Li squinted out of the crowd, his face was full of contemptuous smile. "But you are a bit too much. Marking me on the list is Chiyou. This is not to make me embarrassed, but this is flat. What should I do with the ticket?"

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