Talking and laughing, the bald-headed old-fashioned shackles are already on the steps.

Who is able to become a fairy is not an exquisite heart. Of course, Yang Hao is a very small one. From the words and deeds before the ancient times, this group of immortals was the identity of his Chiyou.

However, the power to sit in the chair is that no one has ever acted aggressively. They all know that even if their words are sharp, it is irrelevant for the ancients.

They are only a mortal person who seals the spiritual power, nothing more.

To say that what they care most about now is not the flat ticket on the court, but the ticket vote in the court.

Chiyou can be said that it is a hot relationship with Xianyu. Although the two circles of the government and Heavenly Court have no direct conflicts with Chiyou, the relationship between the two sides is not harmonious. The Buddha domain is even more detached from the Three Realms. There are only a few Bodhisattvas.

Then the question came.

In the end, who gave the ancients a ticket, but also enough to let him eat 28 votes so much.

The ticket given by Gu Zichen is indeed open, but there are no details of the immortal vote.

Gu Li also noticed the change of the eyes of the powers in the field. He just smiled and laughed. He certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to point at their noses and laugh.

Hey, you guys are mentally retarded, and the people under him let me know what to do!

If he really does this, then he is really brain-destroyed.

True and false, fake is true.

In the end who is standing on his side, let this group of self-righteous guys guess.

"The results have all been seen."

Sitting in the forefront of Guzi Chen faint smile, seeing this result he did not have any moving color. He looked at the immortals in the field in a very plain tone and opened his mouth.

"The highest number of votes is the Yellow Emperor Ye Zichen and the reincarnation of Chiyou, but the handprints of the Lord of the Three Realms can only be handed over to one person, so one of them must be selected to inherit the position."

"I admire Ye Emperor for this important task."

No one can think of it. The first thing that opened up was actually the most beautiful Ziwei Emperor in this group.

The difference between the votes of one vote, the heart of Ziwei Emperor is indeed very lost.

He is ambitious and ambitious.

If he can be the head of the Three Realms, he will certainly believe that he can truly exert his fists and instill his ideas into the entire Three Realms.

Can be defeated is the election, the loss is also lost

Since the results on the field are so obvious that they can only be chosen between Ye Zichen and Gu Li, then he will stand on Ye Zichen.

"The reason is very simple. This son is especially reincarnation. Everyone who is in the presence of Chiyou is clear, so I won’t say much here. Even if he was not his past life, his farce was not worth sitting in the position of the Lord of the Three Realms not long ago. The Lord of the Three Realms, as the name suggests, dominates the masters of the Three Realms. Those who take on this group must be mindful of the world, and the three views must be right. This seat is not sure, if you let Chiyou's reincarnation sit in this position, the future of the Three Realms will be what, this seat elected Ye Dicheng the three worlds. ”

The rest of the immortals can't help but give them a thumbs up. The little fairy may not know the emperor's obsession with this position, but the immortals who can sit in this position are clear in their hearts.

He is able to get out of the loss so quickly, without any personal emotions.

In this group of immortals, it is not easy.

"I also respect Ye Xiong sitting in this position."At the moment when the voice of the Ziwei Emperor fell, Yan Emperor was the one who took the path. "Ye brother belongs to my immortal domain. Originally, our Xianyu was supposed to avoid it." But even if I don't say it, I believe that all of my peers also have a tendency, and the tendency is to specify Ye Brother. ”

"It is true that Ye Xiong came to us for a short time, but his personal life should be seen in the eyes."

Fuxi also opened his mouth at this moment, and immediately his eyes sank.

"But before that I was very curious, who is the ticket to Chiyou."

The leaders of all walks of life have turned their attention to the immortals of their own forces. They will not be naive to those who think they are not voting.

In this case, whoever is under the hand is possible.

Feel the sharp eyes of the leader, no matter from which angle, the immortals who dare to look at it do not occupy the majority.

There may be guilty conscience, and some do not dare to anger the Lord.

This is like a pool of water, making people elusive.

"When the matter is over, I will definitely investigate the matter after I go back."

Some of the immortals in the immortals will bury their heads lower, and the power of the chairs will record the performance of these immortals in their hearts.

Although they did not say that they should be thoroughly investigated, they must be investigated in private. The people under his command were actually rebelled, and if they were not carefully examined, it would be a scourge.

"If you need to stand by, this seat may also stand on the side of Ye Di."

The neutral Tibetan king who was supposed to be neutral also spoke at this time. He did not have as many as the predecessors said, but also had many reasons.

He just wants to stand Ye Zichen, why?

What do people in the Buddhism need to act?

For a time, almost all of the people on the field stood on the side of Ye Zichen. There was no dissatisfaction with this ancient departure, and this situation has long been in his expectation.

He just listened indifferently to the immortals to keep commenting, until no one opened him and smiled.

"Guzi Chen, who do you think this position should be? This group of uninspired immortals said a bunch of useless words, but in my opinion there is no use at all. The decision is in your hands. What if they say the flowers? However, if you want to come to you, you have to give Ye Zichen the location. Hey, in the end, I am still busy. ”


The ancient child in the chair smiled and smiled. He listened to the ancients and used this to deliberately scold him.

I want to use this method to make him scruples. Gu Zichen can only say that the ancient idea is too simple.

He didn't belong here, and no one knew him. He doesn't need to worry about the public opinion, even if he really decides how to give Ye Zichen the position, it has no effect on him.

It is important that he has no decision.

He does have the means to go all out, even if it is a giant-like existence in the Upper Three Realms, but he is not strong enough to influence the rules of the world that does not belong to him.

Indifferent smile, Guzi morning is a chuckle.

"I really heard the thoughts of you here, but I am sorry, I really have no way to determine the attribution of this position. The handprint of the Lord of the Three Realms is indeed here, but who is the last master, I have no way to decide. ”

"That's interesting."Gu Lixiao said with a smile, "Do you want us to fight one game?"

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