If you play it, of course, it is the best. After comprehending the 3,000th road of Buddhism, Gu Zi recognized Ye Zichen as his opponent.

There was some eagerness to try, but I heard Gu Zichen open the way.

"of course not."

Gu Gu is also a brow, and this answer actually makes him not particularly surprised. In his opinion, the reason why Guzichen is constantly refusing to fight is to protect Ye Zichen and worry about what happened to him.

It seems that in the heart of Gu Zichen, Ye Zichen is not his opponent.

I thought that the corners of the ancient leaves here would be upward and light, and then he looked at Gu Zichenโ€™s opening.

"Then, how do you say it is better to solve now? The vote is what you said. I thought you were the one who decided on it, but now you say that you donโ€™t have this right at all? Can you say that you are scrupulous? It doesn't matter, if you want to give this position to Ye Zichen, give it to me, I don't care. โ€

"You can give this position to Ye brother."Someone in the power speaks.

The rest of the powers followed the dagger, even the group of ordinary immortals under the steps followed. Although Ye Zichen is a member of the Xianyu, the relationship between the land and the fairy of the Heavenly Court is particularly close to him.

Although it is not their boss who eventually became the master of the three realms, Ye Zichen is also good.

"All right."In the nostalgic response of the immortals, Guzi Chen extended his hand to indicate that they should not continue to say, "I have to repeat it. In fact, this method of voting is not my decision, but the road." Of course, the result of the same vote is also very unexpected, but…Are you sure you are the same ticket? โ€

The immortals around can't help but stagnate.

The number of votes has been clearly shown here, Ye Zichen and Gu Li are flat votes, but Gu Zichen still said that…

"Predecessors, what is your intention?"Yan Di could not help but open the door.

"You don't want to be careful, it's not the end result."Gu Zichen said.

"Oh, that's interesting."The ancients couldnโ€™t help but reveal a playful smile. He looked at the group below and the ticket above. He said, "Do you want people who have already given up voting to vote again?"

"Of course not, they chose to abstain, then they have no chance to vote."

"then youโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

"I still have to vote for it."

As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding immortals turned their eyes to the position of Yang Lan and Tian Qiren. They were not present at the time and they were the only ones.

Yang Lan has to fly to God, it is impossible to come here. Can it be said that Tian Qiren Holy Emperor will come over?

"Is he not always retreating, is it a breakthrough?"

The immortals can't help but start to talk about it, no matter which side of the people know that Tian Qiren, the Holy Emperor, has not appeared for half a year, in order to break through.

Just as the fairy people talked about it, Ye Zichen, who was silent, was open.

"Can I quit?"

His tone has an indescribable calm, without any emotional fluctuations, but his words are causing an uproar among the surrounding immortals.

drop out!

Ye Zichen actually chose to quit at this time.

"Ye brother, we are all on your side."Yandi couldnโ€™t help but raise his eyebrows and said, "This position is definitely on your body."

"Who said no, if Ye Di is to withdraw, is it necessary to let the three realms fall on Chiyou?"

"Ye brother…"

"Ye brother…"

The powers were all talking and comforting, but no one noticed that Ye Zichen had some red hair.

Until he looked up, the talents noticed the redness of his pupil.

"I am very kind to my heart, but now I just want to end this all over and let me go out…"

It is still a very steady tone, but some clues can be seen from his pupil.

"I will print the hand to the ancients. Is this the end of the hegemony? I will be able to go out. So, just do it. โ€

Just before half an hour, or at the beginning of the ancient era, Ye Zichen's heart was involuntarily a little panic.

He has been worried about the situation outside, especially those closest to him.

Unknown is always the most fearful.

Ye Zichen doesn't think he can make a big difference on the spot, but at least he can see everything at the scene.

But now he can only sit here and grab the so-called Lord of the Three Realms!

He didn't want to delay time here, not for a second.


Even if Ye Zichen said that, Gu Zichenโ€™s refusal did not have any room for manoeuvre.

"No?"Ye Zichen's tone did not change until then. He looked at the ancient child in the chair with a red eye. "If it weren't for you and me, I would send it here. Now I should stand in front of the Red Maple City and follow them. Deal with the Mozu together."

Just before the vote, Ye Zichen took the phone out and saw the forced delivery page.

The mobile phone that shuts down his phone can be forced to boot, and he will be forced to send it here.

Only Guzi Chen can do it.

"Now I shouldn't sit here and talk to you about the so-called Lord of the Three Realms. I need to go out and take care of the people I love. I have no time to delay with you here, let me go out? โ€

"No."Guzi Chen still replied meticulously, "You must stay here before the campaign really ends."

"But I said I quit."

"You have no right to quit!"


The fist clenched hard, and under the anxiety and fluster, Ye Zichen finally could not suppress the emotions in his heart.

He stared at the ancient child in the morning, and he scolded.

"If they have any problems, are you responsible?"


Ye Zichen believes that Gu Zichen knows who he is talking about.

"You can't go."Guzi Chen still answered this way.

"Oh, Ye Di wants to leave and let him go."It was at this moment that Lu said with a smile, "You forced him to stay, he must have hated you in his heart." Our Ye Di is in the world, worried about the situation outside, then let him go out, so that he can witness the tragic situation outside! โ€

In this way, anyone can hear that Gu Gu was deliberately provocative. It fell in the ears of Ye Zichen like a fuse, and all the pressure in his heart was ignited.


In an instant, there was a gust of wind around his body that made people unable to face.

"I said it last time, let me go out!"

The immortals in the hall have already felt the anger in Ye Zichen's heart, and Ye Zichen is looking at Gu Zichen…

The result that can be drawn is still…


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