Somewhere in the 18th floor of the government.

An energy fluctuation appeared inexplicably, and the jailer of the local government felt that the fluctuation could not help but explore the past, but did not think…

"The Great."

When you see the one, the jailers can't help but fall.

Tian Qiren Holy Emperor!

No one can think of it. The retreat of the Emperor of Heavenly Qi Ren is actually the 18th floor of the government.

Gently nodded toward the group of jailers, the emperor pointed to one of the prisoners.

"Let Meng Xi go to this seat."

As soon as the voice fell, the Emperor turned into a smoky smoke.

The surrounding jailers were still immersed in the shock of seeing the emperor. They were the jailers of the 18-story hell. The status of the government was not particularly high.

Usually I have to deal with the ten temples of the king of the king, and now I can see the emperor and they are excited.

The only pity is that I have not said a few words with the Emperor.

"I don't think we can still see the great emperor who sees the dragon without seeing the tail."

"Who said no, why can the emperor come to the 18th floor of hell? This place is not even a land king. ”

"The mind of the great emperor is not what we can guess. Right, wasn't the emperor just looking for Meng Hao?" Go ahead, don't delay the Emperor's business. ”

There was a ghost in the jailer until a jailer next to him quickly put down his hand and said to the jailers around him.

"A few brothers, then I went."

Hidden in the 18th floor of hell, the jailer disappeared.

The rest of the jailers looked at where he disappeared and couldn’t help but admire.

"Lucky guy."

In their view, there is a chance to run for the great emperor, which is the glory of supreme.


Meng Hao wore a very old-fashioned robe, wearing a small flower on the top of his head, swaying his calf and sitting on the chair at the bridge.

Her badge is still a trainee Meng Po, but to be honest she is tired of this job.

The face is always those who are in love with the red dust, which makes her who has never left the land, full of curiosity about the red dust outside.

What's more, her sweet looks are not suitable for being a Meng Po.

Meng Po, as the name suggests.


Her youthful and beautiful face, to be honest, many people who died in the land to see her thought it was to come to heaven.

"It's boring."

Meng Haotuo sat on the bridge and looked at the end of the bridge. She was really curious about what the other world of the bridge was like.

call out.

At this moment, she had a savage jailer with a savage appearance at the long table.


Seeing the jailer scared Meng, she screamed and almost fell to the ground. For a long time, she only converged her emotions and looked at the jailer in front.

"Who are you?"

"You are an adult."

The status of the prisoner in the local government is lower than that of the trainee Meng Po, so he said that Meng Hao is an adult.

"I am, why?"

Meng Hao’s sly scorpion responded with a stern response. In the face of the eighteen layers of hell, the wicked people have to keep a fierce jail, but at this time they put on a smile.

"It is like this. The small one is the jailer of the 18th floor hell. The emperor just appeared on the small side, let the little come over to tell you that the emperor is waiting for you in his temple. ”

"The Great is looking for me?"Meng Hao stretched out his white little finger on his nose.

"Yes, the Great really said this."The prison guard.

"I don't want to lie to me when I study less. Why do the people who are so high on the emperor look for me?" Moreover, even if the Emperor really wants me, he will not go to the 18th floor of Hell, let you come to me. ”

"This little is not clear."The jailer lost a smile, "Let's go check it out."

Looking at the flow, Meng Hao looked at the jailer's body for a few laps, forgive him for not daring to transmit the news under the name of the great emperor.

When I thought about it, she nodded and said, "Okay, then I will look at it." But if I go to the bridge, there will be no one here, or you will stare at me for a while. ”


"Okay, it’s such a pleasant decision."Meng Hao couldn't help but let the jailer sit in her position, and then she turned and left. She didn't take a few steps and she stopped. "But I still have to tell you that you are really ugly."

Giggle smiled Meng Meng is disappearing in the misty bridge, the jail of sitting in the chair can not help.

Just then, there was a fat man with a weak look who narrowed his neck and walked cautiously.

"You are Meng…"

The fat man came down the bridge and went straight to the jailer. He just happened to see the jealous face of the jailer.

"Mom, I don't want to die, I don't want to die…"


The jailer of Meng Po at the beginning felt that all this was quite novel. I didn't expect someone to come over when I was sitting in this position. He was a little excited.

But the reaction of the other party made him very unhappy!

"Give me the old man."

When the right hand grabbed it, the fat man let him pull it over, and immediately he picked up the scoop on the table and slammed it toward the bucket next to him.

"Give it to Laozi."


Hard to send Meng Po Tang to the fat man's mouth, the fat man who is gradually struggling is not struggling.

Until he is completely safe…

"OK, go in."

The fat man walked toward the ground, and the jailer sat in the chair full of sense of accomplishment. It happened that at this moment, another thin man came over…

"A lot of work!"

As soon as the voice fell, he hooked his fingers toward the thin man, and the shadow of the haze was locked.

"Come and drink soup!"


"Want to run, give Laozi back!"

The nightmare of the deceased is coming, at least…This is the case in the near future.

Of course, Meng Hao would not know the tragic situation of the deceased. She jumped to the emperor's house and stood in front of the door with curiosity staring at the door.

For the first time in the government, she came here for the first time.

"come in."

"what."Meng Meng stood outside the door, and immediately she could not help but smile. "The emperor is really amazing."

She just arrived at the door, and the emperor could know that the emperor was very strong in her opinion.

"When you go in, you must discuss it with the Emperor, and you are not going to do it." When Meng Po did not turn positive for so long, then more than I did afterwards. Moreover, I have not taken time off for so long, and I have to discuss with the Emperor to let him go out to play for a few days, it should be no problem. ”

Thinking of her whole face is full of happy colors, listening to so many red dust stories in Naihe Bridge, she is really full of curiosity about the novel world.


Stretching out the door of the Great Emperor's Mansion, it was a dazzling white that caught her eye.


Just then, her heart beats violently. Immediately, let this white light engulf!

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