Stunned shots.

There is no such thing as Gu Zichenโ€™s sitting in the pure white space. The power of all of you and the Buddha Bodhisattva of the Buddhaโ€™s domain are also left, so there is no existence that can deter the ancients.

He deliberately chose to shoot at this time, but also seized the situation that the immortals are relaxed and vigilant. Moreover, it is absolutely unfavorable for him to go out for this group of immortals.

Now, it's a great opportunity to weaken their strength!


The palm of the hand pierced the chest of the immortal in the field. This sudden scene caused panic among the immortals in the field.

The choice of the celestial people rushed to the door, but


At this time, the ancient desolation is like a wolf in the flock, and the body shape is left with a bloody body.

"Brothers, our spiritual power has recovered!"I don't know who suddenly burst.

"Hey, even if it's restored, you all have to die."

The ancient eyebrows were filled with disdain, and he twisted his neck and made a squeaking sound. The immortal who learned that the spiritual power has recovered has also become calm, and there is a fairy spirit.

Then there is nothing to fear.

The flustered escape gradually disappeared, and the immortals in the field were watching him with pupils and blood.

Among the immortals who just died, there are friends among them. Just running away is subconsciously thinking that there is no spiritual power, and that being a mortal cannot resist.

But now, they are different.

"Well, if you want revenge, then go on."

Very disdainful, they hooked their fingers, and the surrounding fairy brows a cluster.


A quarter of an hour passed.

When Gu was caught and ready to escape the neck of a fairy, his side had become a bloody sea.

Just a few seconds after the immortals started, they realized the difference in strength between the two sides.

I want to escape, but I can't escape.


The fairy who has been pinched off his neck is thrown to the ground, and the immortal in the field is only left by three people. Gu left and walked toward the three people.

All the immortals sat on the ground and kept squatting toward the back.

I said before that the participation in the hegemony is actually some new people. They have not seen too many big winds and waves, and this scene in front of them has already scared them.

"take it easy."

At this moment, the ancient corner of the blood is gently tilted.

He put the blood-stained fingers in his mouth, sucked his eyes and then curled his neck and raised his eyebrows.

"Give you a chance, I turned around dozens of numbers, you can run in these ten numbers, but how far you can run depends on your creation."

When the voice fell, the ancients turned back.



Frightened three immortals face each other after a brief hesitation


They almost used all the spiritual power to escape, but the ancients only counted the numbers while they were still smiling.



"They have already ran."

Just then, a man appeared suddenly around his side. The other side looked at the old and looked at the old road.

"What do you mean by deliberately letting them go?"

Gu Gu also looked back at this time, watching the immortal who rushed away in the distance, did not mean to chase.

"Isn't that interesting? Let them go back and ventilate, and the old guys will be very angry."

"Deliberately angering them is really good for us?"

"Who knows?"I donโ€™t care if Iโ€™m shrugging. โ€œI simply think itโ€™s more interesting.โ€

As soon as the voice fell, he raised his eyebrows at the man next to him.

"How about the guys there, and what are you going to do as I said."

"You did lie to them."The man around him said, "The ancestors of the zombies have already taken people, but the people who happened to meet the Mozu and the Three Realms are fighting, and now belong to the situation of the three parties."

"What about chaos?"The ancients are like a snake-like squatting squatting, and the corners of their mouths are swaying. "Itโ€™s good to mess up, let's go, let's go, let the scene become more chaotic."

Ling Xiao Bao Dian.

After returning to Heavenly Court, Ziwei Emperor did not hesitate to summon the group fairy to the main hall.

"The Devils attacked, and our Heavenly Court couldn't be alone. In fact, at this time, Ye Di should control the overall situation, but now that Ye Di is not there, what the colleagues think should be handled. โ€

"send troops!"God of Thunder took up the road without hesitation. "The situation outside is very dangerous now, not only the Mozu, but also the blood stasis that made us a headache." Now the beast has been shot, and we should be like Heavenly Court. โ€

"I don't think so."In the hall, the old man with a white beard opened his mouth. "In my opinion, our Heavenly Court should actually stand still." Now the main battlefield is placed outside the fairy domain, the most headache should be Xianyu instead of my Heavenly Court. We are now rushing to send troops and will only weaken the strength of our Heavenly Court."

"Wind, are you still thinking about your own interests?"God of Thunder is angry.

"Hey, God of Thunder is really a big deal, but not the other two worlds." The heart of the victim cannot be there, and the heart of the person is indispensable. โ€The wind screamed.

"I agree with the views of God of Thunder."

"I agree with Feng Bo's point of view."

The immortal people began to stand in the team. The Ziwei Emperor sitting in the chair frowned. In fact, the two immortals said that they are all reasonable. His commander of Heavenly Court needs to be weighed.


Just then, at the door of Ling Xiao Bao Temple, there was a sudden appearance of a little fairy with blood on his body. When he came to the hall, he fell to the ground if he lost all his strength.

"Who is coming, don't you know that you are in a meeting?" Drag him down. โ€The wind screamed.

"Is there a disease in your mind, can't you see the blood on him?"God of Thunder snarled and ran, and immediately ran to the side of the immortal. "Brother, what about you."

"Dead, all dead!"Xiaoxian whispered.

"What is dead?"

God of Thunder locks the eyebrows. If the Mozu attacked Heavenly Court, they will definitely report it, but they did not receive the news. It is obviously not that they attacked Heavenly Court.

"The people who went to the hegemony are dead."


The Ziwei Emperor couldn't sit still. Because he was too worried about the outside world, he left alone. After he came back, he opened an emergency meeting and did not care about the rest of the immortals.

He walked quickly and frowned at the fairy.

"Do you say that people who are going to fight for hegemony are dead? What exactly is going on. โ€

"Itโ€™s Chiyou."

Xiaoxian re-described the scene at that time with a weak tone.


"Bully too!"God of Thunder blasted directly after hearing it, and immediately he shook hands toward the Ziwei Emperor, "please ask the Emperor to send troops!"

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