Seeing that Su Liuer was in danger, Yuan Hong’s pupils were instantly covered with bloodshots.

Chasing the drought and flood behind him, the corner of his mouth is also a cruel smile, and the right hand does not hesitate to explore.


In this extremely dangerous situation, the potential of the body erupts instantaneously.

call out.

The red light flashed away, but he had already come to the back of Su Liuer in the breath, and the body was hard behind her.

Until then, Su Liuer felt the sense of crisis behind her.

When I looked back, I saw Yuan Hong holding his stick in his chest and the stick was broken into two pieces and caught in your hands. The hand of the marmot, with its claws, was also immersed in his chest after breaking his stick.

"Yuan Hong!"

With the screams of Su Liuer's screaming, all the people preparing to retreat stopped.


The drought and flood did not expect Yuan Hong to appear here. In a short horror, she thought of the scene of the big holy play at the time.

The old head of Shouxing is still in a dull pain. Since he can't catch the monkey that jumps and jumps, take his brother to vent his anger!


There was a coldness in the breath, and there was no handkerchief that hesitated her to wear through her chest.


I don't know if it is pain or how, Yuan Hong couldn't help but frown a hot air. He grabbed the two sticks that he had interrupted with a red scorpion, and slammed his eyes into the dry eyes.

The body of the zombie ancestor is indeed a must, but the eyes are generally vulnerable to mortals.

Without hesitation, the drought and drought forcefully pulled out his hand and jumped a few steps toward the back, pulling the distance away.

Yuan Hongdong's chest pierced the bleeding line instantly, standing behind Su Liuer, the stalwart body that sheltered the wind and rain was also slamming on the ground at this moment.

"Yuan Hong!"

Screaming and running to his side to hug it, the rest of the crowd is also blocking the surrounding, warning the drought and drought not far away.

Su Liuer, who had not much spiritual power in the body, spared no effort to nourish his body with her meager spiritual power.

"Don't waste power."

Yuan Hong, who was in the arms of Su Liuer, grabbed her hand and shook her head gently toward her.

"You didn't even break it, and this hurts."

In exchange for the previous Yuan Hong’s hand to catch Su Liuer, I have already let the other party smash. But this time Su Liuer not only did not break free, but also forcefully held the other hand's hand, and the beriberi bit his lip with a faint crying.

"You don't want to talk."

Tears screamed and slammed down, and Su Liuer continued to give him spiritual power, and his mouth was still screaming toward the people around him.

"Dan medicine, give me the medicine!"

At the first time when Yuan Hong was injured, Dasheng was holding his mobile phone and kept sending messages.

His conversation was the Old Lord Taishang of Heavenly Court.

Monkey King: The old man, hurry to give the old grandson a holy medicine.

Monkey King: Hurry and send it to your grandson.

Monkey King: Hurry up.

Constantly urging Old Lord Taishang, he immediately ran to the red envelope group and sent a message.

Monkey King: All members, how long will it take you to come over! ! !

Da Sheng is really anxious, and he can feel the anxiety in his heart from the news he sent. The situation on the floor is now not something he can master. He is now in urgent need of reinforcements.

Can be before this

Monkey King: Old man, remedy!

In the next second of his message, Laojun’s reply appeared on the screen.

Old Lord Taishang: What kind of medicine?

Monkey King: Healing, the effect is good, and I will send it to my grandson.

Old Lord Taishang: Why?

The old man originally wanted to give the medicine, but he felt that the big saint seemed to be giving orders to him, which made him very unhappy.

Monkey King: Laojun, just ask the old grandson to ask you, OK!


From Sun Wukong, the sacred stone monkey, to the great sacred priest, after he arrived, he became a Buddha and defeated the Buddha.

For a long time, I have seen the Great St. in a tone of pleading to talk to people.

Old Lord Taishang was also stunned, and he did not hesitate.


Return to the spirit of life.

Old Lord Taishang: This medicinal medicine is not made by me. I found it from somewhere in the ancient cave. I have tested the effect and should be more effective than any of the medicinal herbs I have refined.

Old Lord Taishang: I also saw the news from your group. God of Thunder They are already on your side.

Monkey King: Thank you.

In fact, with Yuan Hong, the level of the half-step fairy king, the self-recovery ability can be said to be quite strong.

The chest that can be worn by the marmots, the situation with the help of Su Liuer is actually getting worse.


A blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, and a chest of blood was pierced by a hole in the chest when he coughed. When the spirits are exhausted, Su Liuer will simply enter the spirit.

"Liu, forget it."

Holding the hand of Su Liuer, Yuan Hong’s face suddenly appeared like the red light of the returning light.

His dark scorpion slyly looked at the face of Su Liuer, who was in the face of the country, and immediately reached out and rubbed her face.

"Do you know, when I saw you at first sight, I liked you at that time. Only when I was young, you are already an adult. I am afraid that you are worried that the age gap will reject me, and I will bury this feeling in my heart. But I kept telling myself that you must be mine in the future. ”

"do not talk."

"Let me say it, I am afraid I will have no chance in the future."Yuan Hong shook his head. "Fortunately, there is no time for practice. When we met for the second time, I was an adult." I don't have any scruples to pursue you. I let the Beasts know that you are a woman who Yuan Hong has seen, but I didn't think that I won't marry you. ”

"Don't say it, don't say it."

The pure essence kept moving toward Yuan Hong's body, and the tears in the scorpion kept falling.

"Oh, that's fine. We are not married yet, and we will find someone who cares about you to marry later. Haha, you have to know like me, or they can't be worthy of you. ”

"Don't say Yuan Hong, I only marry you, I only marry you!"

"Really."Yuan Hong’s face was bright, but the smile on his face soon became dim. β€œIf you told me this for hundreds of years, how good it is.”


The arm fell weakly, and Su Liuer reached out and held his hand tightly.

"Yuan Hong."

Yuan Hong, who was able to close the scorpion, did not have any movements.

"The female emperor, General Yuan Hong has already been." The people around the animal domain couldn't help but open their mouths. "Don't waste your energy in unnecessary things, your body is also"

"To shut up!"

Su Liuer angered, still regardless of the ability to cross into the spiritual power. The Great St., who got the medicinal herbs from Old Lord Taishang, ran over at this time, and kept yelling in his mouth.

"Three brothers, saved and saved."

But what he saw was Yuan Hong, who had closed his throat, and Su Liuer, who kept his hands and kept tears.


That made the old Lord Taishang feel the painful medicinal herbs falling on the ground.

"Three brothers!"

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