The void is like opening a hole, and the rain is pouring down.

The thunder of the bang is hidden in the middle of the clouds, and the clouds like ink make the atmosphere here extremely abnormal.

Just under this cloud

"Is that Sun Dasheng?"

The people on the side of the animal field looked at this scene with sorrow. The worst of them was the master of the great fairy. Under the energy of the release of the Great Holy Spirit, there is a feeling of being flying.

The Mozu and the ancestors of the zombies also noticed the anomaly of the Great.

Da Sheng, still like the god of the gods, glittering with gold, indifference to the drought in front.

"It's you."

There is a slight feeling of infertility in the almost indifferent tone, the stick in his hand keeps dancing in his hands, and the heart of the heart is awkward.

No, it’s not just a wind.

At the same time as the golden hoop dances, there is still a wave of energy impact.


The old tree was broken and the boulder was smashed, which was caused by the big saint under the random dancing golden hoop.


Standing in the heart of the drought, I don’t know why she felt a faint fear in this state of Dasheng.

"I just hurt your third brother, right?"


Suddenly there was a loud tweet in the mouth of the drought, and in a few moments, the group of blood stabs came as if they had received orders.

Thousands, and even 100,000 zombies are in front of the Great.

"Go to kill him."

Lori's dry and raging anger, she was very nervous, when she looked at the golden scorpion of the Great St., the fear in her heart seemed to be nourished, and kept climbing.

She kept going back, standing behind the tens of thousands of blood stasis, she was a little relieved.

The zombies did not hesitate to bite the past, and the sticks waving in the hands of the golden light of the Holy Light suddenly stopped.

"I am asking you, why are you running? Is it for me to come to you and ask you personally? ”


Da Sheng has used the word "I" more than once, and he does not know why he used the "old grandson" for a long time and suddenly let him abandon.

Is it angry?


The golden scorpion faintly groaned, and the stick that stopped dancing in his hand made him lift again.

"Then I will go to your side and say hello."


Another step.

The Great St. slowly moved forward, and the wishful golden hoop in the hand dragged on the ground, leaving a long gully on the ground.

What makes people care is that the gully is also golden.

No, it is a golden flame.

The golden flame is burning, even if it is a downpour.

The group of blood stasis was only a few meters away from the Great St., and it stopped the slow progress. Fortunately, Zou Rong’s sudden facial paralysis

Flocked up.

Dasheng indifferently looked at this group of blood stasis, and in a short time, his body was covered with blood stasis.

"Great Saint!"

The power of the beasts trembled, and the corners of the dry mouth in the distance were also lifted.

"Fox Tiger!"

This group of blood stasis is especially bloodthirsty, and now they are no worse than cannibal ants. The monkeys dared to let them rush, and he would become a skeleton when it was not long.

Go eat it.

He swallowed him and shattered his bones.

The marmot was stunned in the heart, and the eyes were staring at the great saint that had already wrapped the blood.

Eat it!

Eat it!

Just when the resentment in the heart of the drought and drought, a golden light suddenly appeared in the blood stasis wrapped in the Great Holy Regiment.

Golden Light.


The blood stasis around Dasheng was all bombarded by this golden light, but he still stood still in perfect condition, his body bathed with golden light.


The expression waved indifferently to the stick, and the stick appeared in the air and there was a sound of breaking the wind.



The zombies that were still vacant in the air were all divided by the shadows, and the broken meat and broken bodies fell from the air on the ground.

The bloody rain is mixed with the heavy rain of the void, pouring down.

Blood was stained on the face of Dasheng and stained on his hair. It didn't take long for the blood on his body to wash away the majestic rain.

The pure hair that is still gold is still the face without any emotions.


Drought and dry, and immediately in her throat is the light that flashes.

"Go to kill him."

Zombies have no emotions, no feelings, no fear.

They will not feel the fear of shrinking because they saw the former companion let the big saints die. Under the command of the master, they are like a moth fighting in front of the great saint.




Dasheng casually waved the stick in his hand. The stick had not touched the zombies. The zombies were already falling apart on the ground.

"that's nice."

Inexplicably, Da Sheng suddenly looked up at the heavy rain. It’s so good under the rain, no matter how much blood he has contaminated, the rain can be washed away.

"It seems that God supports me to do this, it's good."

Under the faint lows, the eyes of Dasheng converge instantly. Instead of using that slow pace, he directly locked the marmot with his gaze and spiritual knowledge.

call out.

It is like a light.

The people around them only saw a golden light, and even though they saw the zombies in front of the Great Holy See, they all vacated.

The shadows of the sky came one after another, and all the zombies that were vacated were all torn apart!

Blood will soak the earth and soak the Great St., and under the rush of the heavy rain, the Grand Saint will become pure gold again.

The rain is mixed with blood and flows to the feet of everyone in the distance.

"Is this really a great holy?"

The power of the animal domain can not help but stunned, they looked down at the blood in front of their feet, and the great saint in the zombie group.

Although the great saint is stubborn, he is not a killer. His sticks kill the enchanting, not fake, but

Too much.

"Don't worry, I will come to you soon."

After the thousands of zombies were separated, the Great St. stopped and stopped. The zombie's broken meat fell on him, but he did not see it.

A faint smile, golden light is now.



A golden light smashed all the zombies in front of it, which was also the last dead waiter before the drought.

Tens of thousands of zombies, between the fingers, the smoke is gone!


The eyes of the marmots are full of fear. This is just between the electric and the flint, and tens of thousands of zombies have all died.

The back and forth kept falling back, and the dry and dry lips became pale.

Dasheng looked at him indifferently, raised the golden hoop in his hand, and the rain washed all the blood on the stick. Then he danced the stick again, and the right hand held the golden hoop.

One finger.

A golden light bombarded the road where the drought fell, and felt the attack, and the drought and flood stopped.

I heard

"It's you! Right? ”

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