"are you OK?"

When the Great St. was ready to take out the stick and solve the drought, there was a gentle call in his ear.

At the same time, the world in front of him did not have the heavy rain, only the white mist.

"are you OK?"

There was another contempt in the distance, and Dasheng only felt the heart swaying.


Is she?

For tens of thousands of years, the person who made him dream

Is it really her?


The wishful gold hoop in his hand was tightly held. He turned his gaze and stared at the front. The upper and lower larynx also became hoarse at this time.

"Is that you?"

"it's me."

The gentle call came to the ear of the Great St., and in response to this affirmation, the Great St. struggling ran towards the front.

There is a shadow between the clouds, no matter how hard the great saint runs.

But they could not see the face of the man.


The wishful golden hoop in the hand was thrown on the ground, and there were few dazzling eyes that showed the truth.

"If it's really you, can you come out and see me?"


The gentleness and contempt in the distance are also appearing, and the great sacred heart filled with volatility has become a bit lost.


A terrible smile emerged from his mouth, and he sighed and looked at the shadow of the distance.

"Are you still blaming me?"

For a long time, the opposite person is not opening. At this time, Dasheng sat on the ground and kept shaking his head.

"Yes, you must be blaming me. If I were you, I would definitely not forgive me. In 70,000 years, it has been 70,000 years. I have always lived in self-blame and thought that I became a Buddha. I can cut off your red dust, but I found out that I was wrong! ”

The Great St. sat on the ground and kept talking to himself, but the powers of the beasts were all stunned, and the droughts and sorrows were also stunned.

What's happening here.

In the drought, the stick of the Great St. has been attached to her head, but he just took his stick.

After that, he turned and madly ran

Throwing the golden hoop, sitting on the ground, the non-stop slang in the mouth.

After a brief horror, the eyes of the marmot are bursting with color.

"Monkey, go to hell!"

Just as she was ready to take the shot, the minister was dragging her out.

"Go in and find death!"


The elders of the Huofeng family opened their mouths, and the Huofeng family knew the Qimen armor. He just looked at it and decided that someone was setting up a magic array.

"Fantasy?"Other great powers of the animal domain, "How can the Great St. have a magical array, and we have been here all the time, and no one has found someone to arrange a spiritual array."

"This is where the other side's high-mindedness can be arranged without leaving its line, at least the level of the master of the formation."

"Then you can break it, you can't leave the Great Stall in it all the time, and he is dangerous."Someone in the animal field spoke.

The elder of the Fire Phoenix sighed and shook his head.

"It is already a master level to be able to arrange without leaving it, and the order of this spirit array seems to be very high. Just looking for a long time, I have not found the array of the array. It is at least the master level to reach this level. I can't break the old age."


"But you don't have to worry about the safety of the Great Holy Spirit. The Magic Array has no substantial attack power. It just pulls out the obsession of the marching people and sinks." And the illusion is generally an indiscriminate attack. Anyone who walks into the scope of the illusion will be recruited, so the sacred is safe now. The only thing we have to worry about is that the Great Saint can not come out from there. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the elder of the Fire Phoenix family sighed.

"I heard that Dasheng was the year."

Halfway through the words, the elders closed their mouths. This is the most concealed past of the Great St., but if he passed it, it made a big blasphemy.

I licked my lips and shifted the subject.

"Let's hurry to find out where the people are, and find him in a natural way."

"Su brother, you did it."

At this moment, the black dragon locks the eyebrow above the void and looks at the big sacred eyebrows sitting on the ground.

"I just saw that the minister has always been on your side. He has been with you since he left, between you."

"Nothing, he let me save my life and I have reached a certain agreement with me, that is, we will cooperate with each other." I don't think this is a loss. Moreover, the monkey did have a certain threat to us, so we should have set up a magic array. Black Dragon, won't you blame me? ”Su Yiyun sitting in the chair opened the door.

"How come, it is best to be able to reach a collaborative relationship, or I am worried that we will be enemies."

Black Dragon smiled and replied, and immediately looked at the monkey road below.

"Then we are now"

"Now I can't shoot, wait until the monkeys in the magical array are self-disciplined, and we are going to solve those defeats."

"70,000 years, I have been thinking about looking for you in the 70,000 years, but"

Dasheng still sat on the ground and kept sighing, and the person standing in his distance also said at this moment.

"Then why don't you go to me, you regretted 70,000 years, why didn't I have been holding you for 70,000 years?"


Apologetic laughter filled the face of Dasheng, he sighed in sorrow and kept shaking his head.

"In fact, I shouldn't let you go at the time. I have already gone to save you, but everything has passed. I have no way to see you for this life. I didn't expect you to come. Even though I know that you will not forgive me, I still want to say, forgive me, okay? ”

The tone of Dasheng has an indescribable gentleness. He looks forward with the look of expectation and waits for the answer given by the other party.


What you get is a retreat of indifference.

"Now you know it is wrong, now you know let me forgive you, but what did you do at the time? Since you think that I am wrong, then you have always recognized it. Now suddenly you admit your mistakes. It is not saying that the feelings between you and me are so fragile, so weak that even the most basic trust is not there, right? ”


The great saint that squirmed on the lips did not speak for a long time, after a lengthy silence.


"Sorry, you will only say a word of sorry."The voice of the distant people is no longer gentle. "How did I ask for your trust at the time, but how were you at the time!" Sorry, can you solve everything with a sorry? ”

"Then what do you want me to do! Do you want me to die! ”

"can."The answer given by people from afar is still so indifferent. "Death is indeed a solution, you are free, and I am free!"

"Okay, then it depends on you!"

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