"What are you doing with me, why don't you take the opportunity to kill the monkey."

Let the eyebrows of the drought and the incomprehensible that the minister stopped, whether it was the fear of her, or the provocation before him, the big bags that were knocked on her head, let her It creates resentment that cannot be erased.

"Master Su has laid a magical array with him, and if you want to go as he did."

The minister is not a good-hearted person. He wants to save the drought and the whole is to see the face of her beast.

When the people in the animal domain were preparing to retreat, the minister told her to kill the female emperor of the animal domain.

In this group of beasts, only the female emperor has such a slight threat to them. He wanted to take advantage of her weak now and eradicate this scourge forever.

The drought is a miss, and it also angered the monkey.

If it weren't for her fault, how could there be so many moths? After breaking down tens of thousands of people, Hou Qing lost her arm for her, and now she dares to swear at it.

Cold and cold, the minister is not going to stop the drought, but directly push her forward.

"Go ahead."

Magic array.

When I heard the news, the drought and the drought did not dare to move. Although their zombies were not good at wisdom, she was still aware of the magical array.

The kind of memories that are deep, without any signs.

She does not want!

He smiled and stopped, and the drought and drought retreated backwards.

"How do you find the people of the Mozu?"

"An agreement was reached with them."The eyes of the minister are still so coldly replied, "The Mozu is now an ally of our common advance and retreat. Let us first dispose of the people in the three realms, and wait for them to solve the devil."

"But the ancients are over there"

"Don't worry about him."The court will say, "Why, even if he is present, he will definitely make such a choice."

The dry and smoky words were lightly beheaded, and the eyes stayed in front of the monkeys sitting on the ground and kept talking, and then they looked at the distant beasts.

"So, are we going to solve those guys now?"

"No, the scope of this illusion is not clear. The group of the Mozu did not move, let's not move. Although it is attacking and receiving the alliance, I still have doubts about them. ”

Will the minister faintly shake his head, the drought will open again.

"What if they ran with this opportunity?"

"How can they run? This group of people are self-sufficient in justice. They can't leave the monkeys alone."Seeing the appearance of the minister seems to have touched the people here clearly, "Why, even if they ran, it was only a breath. Can you run out of the Red Maple City, can they still run out of these three realms? ”

In response to the words of the minister, the benevolent people outside the animal domain and the immortal domain did not escape. On the contrary, they also mobilized the spirit to prepare for the protection of the Great.

The surrounding powers are all locked in, the devils or the people in the zombies who can threaten them, for fear that they will not be suddenly attacked.

"Hey, look at the Great Saint. What are you doing?"

At this time, some people in the animal domain shouted, and the people around them cast their gaze in the past, and they saw the sacred sacred singer in the ground slang to pick up the wishful golden rod around him.

He walked slowly toward the front, and the stick immediately ran across his neck without hesitation.

"Great Saint!"

The people of the animal domain screamed anxiously, and the Mozu Black Dragon standing in the distance saw this scene as a raised eyebrow.

"What is he doing?"

I don't know that Su Yiyun's face is very gloomy at this time. He locks his eyebrows and looks at the big saint that puts the stick across his neck. His emotions are very dignified.

The black dragon around him saw this brow and looked lightly.

"Su brother."

"Ok?"Su Yiyun went back to God and converges on his eyes. "What happened?"

"I just saw that Su’s face is not very good."

"Hey, I was just thinking about cooperating with us, maybe it would be a little trick for us. I think a little bit more, and the mood is a little overdone. ”Su Yiyun replied with a smile.

"such."The black dragon nodded and said, "Su brother really struggles for my demon. If I can, I really want to borrow a hundred years from the Soviet Union."

For the black dragon's guest set, Su Yiyun is only automatically blocked after listening to half.

He waved his hand and told him not to talk, laughing.

"I have received my heart, yes, do you just want to tell me?"

"Su brother, look at the monkey."When it comes to business, Black Dragon is not talking about other things, pointing to the big sacred channel. "He has been swearing after entering the illusion, and now suddenly he has crossed his neck to the neck. Can he say that he is self-disciplined? What happened to the magic array to make him like this? ”

"Everyone has the most treasured memories, but they don't want to touch them. The fantasy array I arranged is to dig this memory out. The monkey is obviously immersed in memory and unable to extricate himself. As for what he experienced, he may only know himself best! ”


The wishful golden hoop in the hand is across the neck, although this is not a blade, but as long as the family is holy, he can now arbitrarily cut it.

"The result you want, is that right?"

Dasheng stared at the shadow of the front, with a terrible smile on his face.

"Yes, this is the result I want. Why, you dare not. ”

The tone of the distance has become somewhat interesting, but I don’t know why her voice is not so embarrassing at this time, it is especially true.

"Then can you come out and see me again?"

"Can't!"The answer is very decisive.

The big holy mouth holding the golden hoop was pulled, and he immediately sighed.


The gold hoop was actually letting him fall on the ground.

"This illusion is really realistic."

When the stick was placed on the ground, Dasheng said this. He walked around the stick for a few laps, and the white mist appeared inexplicably in a picture, which was a memory hidden in his heart for a long time.

For tens of thousands of years, he did not dare to snoop and dare not touch.

Unexpectedly, he carefully guarded the memory for so long, and he would show it in front of him in this way.

He thought he would be mad, but he could not think of his inner feelings being so indifferent.

He seems to be catering to everything in the illusion, in order to see her again. But in the end, he did not get what he wanted.

He finally knew that the illusion was ultimately a fantasy, and that was not real.

That's it

What else is there to be nostalgic here?

Suddenly, the Great Saint grasped the golden hoop in his hand, and immediately leaped forward and smashed toward the shadow.

"Give me broken!"

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