"Moving, the Great Saint moved."

The great powers in the animal field saw that the great saint did not put the stick on his neck, but took a stick and smashed it out, and suddenly he was happy.

"I know that Big Saint has a bright eye. Being able to see through everything in the world, how could it be the way of this little magical array. ”

"Who said no, we are worried about it before."

"The Great St. is not a great saint."

At the moment of the Great Holy Movement, this group of people who have been paying attention to him are all alive. They kept admiring, or laughing at the people around them, and the emotions were very relaxed.

The situation of the devils and the zombies is not so good.

"He actually broke this magical array?"Drought and eyebrows, the minister is also a brow deep lock.

The Black Dragon on the other side of the Mozu also sent the same question, Su Yiyun also said at this time.

"Sun Dasheng has a bright eye, and the magical array is not too much threat to him. Moreover, this illusion is what I have laid out, in order to save the drought, not to kill him, he will break the line is also reasonable. ”

I don't know why Su Yiyun has an unspeakable ease when talking about this. He blinked and immediately opened his way to the Black Dragon.

"Prepare to defend the enemy, the monkey did not know how it turned out to be so powerful." Although the illusion does not solve him, you should be able to understand it again and again. Now he is certainly not as strong as before. ”


Black Dragon nodded and left, until Su Yiyun's mouth appeared a touch of laughter that was undetectable.

"Give me broken!"

The great saint, who was bathed in golden light, copied the stick in his hand and waved toward the distant shadow.

He has a bright eye and no eyes, and everyone outside thinks that he is breaking through the eyes of the fire.

But only he knows that he has no eyes at all.

The eyes of the fire are broken, and as long as the moment is opened, the illusion will vanish. He is looking forward to seeing her, deliberately trapped in this illusion.

But still did not get what he wanted.

"I want to see you more."

The sacred heart of the sacred heart still remembered her, and immediately his stick slammed on the illusion.

In his view, this illusion is the place to break.



The Great St. lived.

At the moment he swung the stick, he stopped.

The feeling that came from the stick, standing there is not the illusion of illusion, but the living person.


The blood is filled with blood.

"Fire eyes, open!"

Accompanied by a anger in the heart, the scorpion of the Great St. instantly burst into a golden light.


A breeze blew through, and the mist that made people lost was completely blown away.


When he really saw the people in front, the wishful golden hoop in his hand fell from the ground in his hands.

"Monkey, are you okay?"

After the fog dissipated, standing there was a woman. She wore a purple long dress with a lilac flower on her head. The slight rise of the lips seemed to be laughing, but at her forehead there was a stream of blood flowing down at this time.


Fall on the ground.

"How could it be you, how could it be you!"

The big icon is shouting like crazy. "You have not gone to the realm of the gods. You are not saying that you can't be down in the future?" Why, why are you here again, why? ”

"I miss you."

The woman standing there grinned and could feel a bit of bitterness from her face.

"Separated for tens of thousands of years, I miss you all the time in the family. It happened that my father had recently gone out, and I stole it to see you. ”

"It is impossible impossible. Since the people here are really you, why do you say that, why don't you come out to see me."

"I am afraid that after I am afraid to see you, I will never be willing to be with you forever."

The woman's tone became a little weak, and the big holy hands clasped her head with some madness and kept pacing, and immediately he blinked and came to the woman's face and hugged her.

The blood on the woman's head could not stop flowing, and the great sage was trying to heal the wound.

"I didn't mean it, I really didn't mean it."

The woman who held the big sage in her arms was especially pale. She reached out to the cheek of Capricorn, and her face was filled with a happy smile. "I would regret it when I left you. I really regret it." But the father’s command, I dare not disobey, and I am afraid that he will be angry with you because of me. These tens of thousands of years, I have fantasized many times that you can hold me one day, just like now, finally, I have got it. ”

"Why, why don't I use the fire eye early, why should I use it so convincingly?"

Da Sheng shivered his lips and kept talking, and the woman in his arms was still so gentle and smiling.

"It doesn't matter, isn't that good?" In this way, I am also free. There are people who have love, but they can’t stand up, it’s a torture for you and me, isn’t it? ”

"I don't want, I don't want"

"Really, I really want to be with you forever, I want to know if you have thought about me for so long."

The hand of Capricorn’s cheek fell to the ground, and the woman in her arms also turned into a light spot that dissipated from the arms of the Great Holy.

The great sacred madness seems to be holding the light with his hands, and he uses all the fame and fortune to condense the gods dissipated by the woman.

But all this is in vain.

"Do not"

The big shrine screamed on the ground, and at this moment, a purple morning glory fell to the ground. The gaze fell on the morning glory, which he personally wore for her.

Pick up the flowers on the ground and carefully put them in your arms.

Immediately, he looked at the wishful golden hoop that fell on the ground.

He used it to demonize the demon, he used it to punish evil, but now he used it to kill the most beloved woman!

What do I want this iron rod to do!


One foot puts the golden hoop stick into the ground, and in the mind of Dasheng, it keeps circling the picture just now.

Killed by hand

Actually killed her by hand!


The roar of the great Saint Hysteria on the ground, his body was turned into a few high-ranking monkeys. The golden color of the body is also completely dissipated, and the surrounding people exude a heart-warming blood.


The deafening roar, the sacred eyes that turned into giant pythons flashed a glimmer of red light, and immediately the eyes fell on the people around them.

There is no reason from his pupil, only bloodthirsty.

Everyone who saw this scene was trembled, but in the distance Su Yiyun was a brow, his eyes staring at the void.

"Double-matrix method, in the end is what is high!"

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