"What the hell is this situation, Dasheng He"

The people on the side of the animal domain all looked at the great sacred sacred sacred scorpion. Before the Ming dynasty, the illusion was broken through the eyes of the fire. Why did it become like this now?

There is no reason, only the bloodthirsty that the beast can't.

"Isn't the illusion already broken? How is the Great St.?"

Everyone has turned their eyes to the elders of the Huofeng family. Their families are not proficient in the Qimen armor. Now the elders of the Huofeng family have the most right to speak.

When everyone looked at the past, they discovered that the faces of the elders of the Huofeng family were full of haze.

"Twofold, I can't think of the enemy who still has such a master."

"Double array?"People around are puzzled.

"Double Array is to arrange the double array method on the basis of the break after the squad has broken the initial squad. This will cause the squad to re-enter the phantom after subconsciously thinking that it has broken. The Great St. is indeed breaking the initial spirit, but it is the road of the double fantasy. ”

The elders of the Fengfeng family locked their eyebrows.

"The double illusion is a deeper level of excavation of the inner world of the insiders. Dasheng is now in the illusion, and has lost his mind. My suggestion is to give up. ”

"give up!"The people around are a glimpse of what they can see from their looks.

"Do you have any way to give up?"The faces of the elders of the Huofeng family are full of powerless feelings. "The Master of the Faculty is not something I can deal with. Now the other side has placed a double array, which is the top of the ranks." Moreover, the double array cannot be broken. Only the people in the magic array can break themselves, or no one can help him. ”

"Now the Great St. has lost its sense of reason. We are also the target of his attack. Don't give up on him. Do we have to stay here and wait to die?"

The rest are silent, even if someone starts.

"It can only be done now, withdraw it! If the Great St. is really unfortunate, then we will avenge him when it is time. ”


People in the animal domain and outside the fairyland agreed with this statement. They also came to the front of Su Liuer.

At this time, she still holds Yuan Hong's body, but at this time she is no longer crying, but with the light of godlessness, watching the person in her arms, even if the body of her mind is already It is cold.

"The female emperor, withdraw it!"

"I do not go."Su Liuer is like a lost soul. He is holding Yuan Hong’s body, just like being embedded in the ground. β€œI don’t go”

"The female emperor!"

"I said I will not go!"


The great saint who has become a giant has begun to attack, and his first target is the zombie. But despite being far away, the roar of the people still makes the people on the side of the animal domain can not help but scream.

"The female emperor, let's go, Dasheng, he has been mad, and we may all die if we stay here."

The people around him kept urging, and Su Liuer was still the look of godlessness.

"Then die, I will never leave Yuan Hong, absolutely not."

"Su brother, what is the situation?"

Going to tell the soldiers to do the black dragons prepared before the station, and happen to see the great sanctuary as a giant scorpion, like a human-headed harvester, constantly trampling on the group of zombies who seem to be ants like him.


One foot went down and there were several zombies that made him step on the meat.

"Double array."Su Yiyun locks the eyebrows.

"Is it arranged by Su brother?"

"No."Su Yiyun shook his head and stared at the empty road. "There is a master."

Perceiving Su Yiyun's gaze, Black Dragon looked at him with his gaze. At the same time, he is also spreading out the spirit and exploring it in the distance.

"no one!"

"If you have someone, you may not be able to find it."

At this time, Su Yiyun slammed the black dragon with no mercy.

"Now you do have the supreme strength and not the fake. Looking at the three worlds, there is absolutely no rival. There are people out there, and you have to know some days outside. ”

"Can be here"

"Yes, it is not a realm here."Su Yiyun said, "But the people who can arrange the double array are at least the level of the squad, and the double squad has a very high understanding of the squad. You have to know that the other is in my base. The difficulty of doubling the double array on the top. The other party has such a means, I want you to find him in the district, isn't it simple? ”

"This Su brother thinks what should we do now?"

The black dragon with the prestige is also letting Su Yiyun say that he has no confidence in his heart.

"Do not move."Su Yiyun said.

"Do you want to move?"Black dragon raised an eyebrow.

"Since the other side has placed a double array on the basis of my spiritual array, it is natural to deal with the monkey. The monkey I heard was very proud, and it was a crime to offend the enemy. But after all, the other party is not ours, and the idea is not that you and I can snoop. From the point of view of insurance, it seems to me that we are still better off. ”

Su Yiyun's face was full of dignity, and he immediately opened his mouth.

"But the monkeys now have the goal of being a zombie. Isn't it a good thing for us to reduce their strength?" Let's just stand still and it is better to sit down and fisher. ”

"Su brother said it is extremely!"

Heilong also thinks that Su Yiyun is right, or that he subconsciously thinks that Su Yiyun is all right.

Nodded, he told him not to let the people of the Mozu do not move.

Su Yiyun also sighed with a sigh of relief at this moment, and immediately stared at the void, as if to find out the array of people.

"This monkey is the one she has always been obsessed with."

Some people existed in the emptiness, and they stood in the middle of the clouds, dressed in brocade suits, with some sullen faces and dark-eyed youths, laughing and watching the big sacred sacred below.

"It should be."Another young man next to the youth said, "Before the Hui people, the younger sister seems to have only had an intersection with him in the lower bound."

"Hey, the demon. Your family tutor is also very harsh, and even with the Yaozu. ”

"This is not for you."The young man said, "Oh, if it is not for the younger sister, I will not be able to come down with you. Now that the monkey has lost his mind, the result can be imagined. Let's just leave, but there are high people here. ”

"You said that the Master of the Law?"The young man in the haze smiled and laughed. "It is indeed rare to be a master of law in this place, but he is already exhausted and threatened."

"Oh, then you stay here, I am going back!"

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