The great sacred sacred sacred sacred, now he is like an attacking giant, all the zombies like ants are crushed and shredded.

The ancestors of the zombies had to avoid their edge at this time, and fled under his attack.

"Where will it be?"

Su Yiyun's gaze gaze at the void. Suddenly, his gaze stopped, and his eyes stared at the clouds as if they were going to wear the clouds.


Standing in the clouds, the youthful eyebrows dressed in brocade suits, picking up his playful smile and gazing on Su Yiyun's body.

"Found us."

call out.

At this moment, a ray of light slammed towards them, and the young brows with a sullen face were locked.

"Don't dare to do it."

When the voice fell, he was ready to start. The young people around him are holding them, and Su Yiyun's offensive is resolved in the hands, and the eyebrows are locked.

"Don't make a living, I have violated the rules of the family within this time."

"The rules in your family are really troublesome."The young Chinese costume sneered, and immediately smiled and said, "Oh, this time it’s for the monkey, it’s the guy."

"I can think so best."

The youth around him locked his eyebrows and nodded. At this moment, the jade at his waist flashed at this moment.

"Little sister."

Put the jade on the waist into the palm of your hand, and the young man opened his mouth.

"Three brothers, where are you?"

"What about drinking with a few friends?"The young man’s face was indifferent.

"drink?"The voice in Yu Pei is obviously somewhat suspicious. "You let me see who I am drinking with."

"It doesn't feel right. They all drink too much, and some of them are not well dressed. You haven't seen the cabinet yet, and you can see that there is something wrong with it. Moreover, you will be engaged in a few days…So, I am a Hui, what do you want to say, let’s go back and talk. ”


Returning Yu Pei back to the waist, the youth looked at the young people in Huafu.

"The little girl has some doubts about me. Don't delay the time and go back quickly."

"no problem."

The young man in the Chinese costume shrugged and saw that the young man had turned and left. Immediately, his gaze fell on the sacred sacred body.

Give a shot.

The right leg of the great saint in the violent walk is to make people pierced, and a blood smog appears.


Stumbled to the ground.

The blood stasis around him saw this scene, especially under the stimulation of blood, and rushed toward him without any scruples.

Looking at the big saint that made the bloody and heavy wrap, the hazy young man’s mouth showed a touch of disdain.

"Hey, grab a woman with me, you also match."


The young brows who walked in front of the light lock, the young Chinese costumes also chased after the smirk of the big sage.

The light flashed and the two disappeared. And not long after they left, Lin Ru appeared in their place.

"damn it!"

Su Yiyun in the Mozu also has a deep complexion. He did not find a mistake. It is indeed in the depths of the clouds. However, facing him, he is helpless.

Dasheng’s leg was seriously injured, and Black Dragon was still by his side. If this time, he would definitely let him discover.

Ask for more happiness!

A faint whisper, Su Yiyun turned his head back and closed his eyes.

He must now maintain his strength, and it will not take long before he will use him.

Blood stasis.

The sudden injury caused him to kneel on the ground, and the pain in his legs kept him squatting, and the zombies came forward. However, in a few breaths, his body was covered with zombies.


The zombies licked their bodies and licked their mouths, and the water dripped down, and their eyes changed.



Roaring in the violent sacred mouth of the pass, he got up from the ground with a red scorpion and shook all the zombies on his body. The zombies that are detached from his body are more or less stained with the hair of the great saint or blood.


It was another roar, and the Great Holy Ghost fell all the hatred on the bloody shackles of the ants.


Seeing the great saint who turned his back and chased the zombies, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. The ancestors of the zombies all gathered to his side, and they heard the minister open.

"This monkey is now mad and has no reason to speak. All his actions are the instinct of the beast. After the madness, his strength has multiplied, but from the bite of the zombie, he can see that his defense has not changed much. And his legs are not known why they are injured, which is an opportunity for us. ”

"Big brother, what do you say?"The skinny squatting back.

"What can I do? Kill it."The shirtless win is full of anger.

"So, are we looking for the Mozu to join forces?"The drought and flood also opened at this time. She knew the agreement between the minister and the Mozu.

"Look for them?"There will be a cold sigh in the room of the minister. "They now want to let the monkey annihilate, and you want them to help us." This offensive and defensive alliance is also to talk about it, but it really depends on its own interests, and this alliance can be invalidated. ”

"Then we…"

"How can it be done directly?"

Winning the hook is not in the mood to talk to them so much. He has no hesitation in his shirt, and rushing toward it is toward the great holy.

"Win the hook!"

After the murder of the minister, Hou Qing was waving his hand.

"Don't care about him, he is like this. Let him go, although his mind is not very agile, but the fight is very sharp. There will be no problems, let me talk about your plan. ”

“……”The face of Chen’s face was dull at this moment. “In fact, I have no plans. The time is too short. The characteristics of this monkey after madness have not been ascertained. But we can't go on like this, let's just watch it. ”

"it is good."

The rest of the zombie ancestors also took shots, and at this time the winning hook has come to the back of the Great.

"Big guy, eat me a punch."


The fist is printed on the calf of Dasheng. His full blow is even if the master of the fairy level wants him to break, but there is no effect on the big saint.

Da Sheng is still hunting for blood stasis, winning the hook and frowning.

"Don't be too small."


Another punch.

Only this time, his fist caused the attention of the Great Saint. He saw that the Great St. slowly turned back, and he had a big scorpion with his head, and gave him a faint look.


In the eyes of the win, there was also a flash of excitement. He looked like he was eager to try, but he saw that the great saint had collapsed at this time.


The rough gas that was pulled out of the nostrils almost flew it, and the Great Saint also reached out and flexed his hand.


The little man standing in front of the Great Saint won the hook and flew to the sky without any resistance, and the ministers who shot behind him stopped.

"The plan has changed!"

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