As the comet fell, Ye Zichen appeared in front of the Great.

With a burst of explosions, the zombies that swarmed toward the Great Stall all flew out.

"Great Saint."

Without any hesitation, Ye Zichen turned back. The shocking hurt, his eyes were red, his flesh and blood showed white bones, and the limbs were distorted.

The eyes on the left are still bleeding, and the right eye is also showing a slight exhaustion.

"You came."

Hearing the call from Ye Zichen's mouth, Da Sheng was struggling to open his eyes and was full of tired grin.

"My grandson is a little tired, let the old grandmother sleep for a while."

As soon as the voice fell, the great saint in front of the wishful golden hoop was softly slipped to the ground. Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen hugged him and kept shouting his name.

"Great Saint!"


The constant proverbs in the mouth, no matter how Ye Zichen shouted, did not receive any response.


Just then, there was a sudden glow of light in the void.

Gently calling out from the clouds, not only a ray of light fell on Sun Dasheng's body, and immediately the Great Saint disappeared into the arms of Ye Zichen.

Suddenly looked up, when Ye Zichen looked at the clouds, the rays of the sun had disappeared, so if there had never been anyone in the clouds.

Quiet and calm.

When the mysterious man appeared, his mouth spoke with a bit of sadness, and the "family" was decided to speak to the Great.

After that he plundered the Great Holy Spirit and thought it was to save the Holy Spirit.

With a fixed number in mind, Ye Zichen was not entangled in the identity of the person, but fell to the battlefield outside the Red Maple City.

Is it terrible?

Now that I can describe the situation in the field, I should only have this vocabulary.

Looking around, he could see the soldiers of the Three Realms, like a moth, and sprinkled his blood without any fear.

The great powers outside the animal domain and the fairyland are also struggling to fight the elite of the demons and zombies.

As a result, Ye Zichen did not notice anything about it.

Just then, he felt that two air machines appeared on both sides to lock it completely. Looking around, I saw that Black Dragon and Gu Li were standing around him and surrounded him.

"Leaf brother."

The opening was ancient, and he looked at Ye Zichen with a sly smile, and there was some faint ridicule in his eyes.

"It’s a bit late to come to Ye’s brother of the Savior. How are you going to end the current mess?”

"Hey, Ye Xiaozi, when you left, you were scared by this seat." This seat has been parked on the top for a long time, but you have delayed my big event. ”The black dragon also laughed at this time.

Without paying attention to them, Ye Zichen subconsciously fell to Su Yiyun.

Su Yiyun in the distance sat in a wicker chair, and he could not feel any anger on his body. Now he is the body of the candle, like a flame that is about to be extinguished, without the wind blowing, it has the possibility of extinction at any time.

As if I also felt the eyes of Ye Zichen, Su Yiyun turned back and smiled at him, even if he turned his head back, he was not looking at it.

"Ye brother?"

I haven't been answered by Ye Zichen for a long time, and I can't help but call it.

"Ok?"Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows indifferently.

"Ye brother does not need to look at me like this. In fact, the current situation of Black Dragon adults also has half the credit. I almost forgot to tell you that the Black Dragon adult is not clear about your Liuer sister, and now it is no different from a waste person. ”Ancient away from the taste.

Brows lightly, not long after Ye Zichen saw Su Liuer holding Yuan Hong in the distance. There was no blood color on the pale face, and the dark pupils were engraved with empty holes.

My heart suddenly hurts…

"Don't tell me this part, if not your person will kill Yuan Hong. The patriarch of the Fox family will not become like this now? Sun Dasheng will not be mad at the end of the game, and Sun Dasheng’s limbs are actually your waste? Ye Di's anger can not afford it alone, you don't want to push all the responsibilities to our Mozu. ”

"Is this still the case?"Gu smiled and scratched his head. "It’s a bit late, not quite sure what happened in front. However, the Black Dragon adults have said this, then I do not deny it. But the trick is now in front of Ye brother, each other! ”

"makes sense."Black Dragon is also a smile.

"Ah……Say enough? ”

Ye Zichen, standing in the middle of them, smiled faintly, watching the black dragons around him and the ancients leaving the mouth.

"When did the two of you learn the bi-consultation? Painted and painted? ”

"Ye brothers don't get angry. It's not a bit late for you to come. We are just going to give you a sigh of the situation."The ancient departure is still a playful chuckle. "Ye brother is angry and screaming at the sky. We must not distinguish between the two, and we are going to bear the anger of Ye Xiong."

"Yeah, Ye Di's anger, we can't stand alone."

make a fist.

The two of them sang together and apparently ridiculed Ye Zichen. They used a panic face to show off their record.

Is it to stimulate him?

Ye Zichen had to admit that the two had succeeded.

He is really angry in his heart now.

Angry, even if they are killed, they may not be able to vent their anger.

Slowly closing your eyes, there is a scene in the mind where the big saint is leaning against the golden hoop and facing tens of thousands of zombies.

Twisted limbs, the left eye of the hedgehog, and his exposed wounds.

Immediately, the picture was converted to Su Liuer's body.

The empty, godless eyes, the pale, bloodless face, and the hole in his chest that was shackled in his chest, almost not even the blood flowing out of Yuan Hong.

At the end of this is the bloody sea of ​​the corpse, the group of soldiers who died in the hands of the Mozu and the zombies, or before the death of the serious injury, still spelling the last breath in order to leave a trace of the enemy.

These are deeply imprinted in his heart.

These pictures, like the flaming agents in his heart, burned from a small flame to a hot raging fire.

"You are very good."

Ye Zichen's tone has an indescribable calm. Can he say that he doesn't care?

No, he cares.

Anger does not mean that he is going to come out. Sometimes the silent silence is more able to express the anger of his heart.

Just say now!

"There was a problem, Ye brother was really angry."The ancient departure is still the playful smile, said, "You can not spread the fire on my body, Ye brother, my small body can not resist your big god toss."

"This seat is also."

The black dragon seems to be contaminated with this kind of evil taste, pretending to be afraid and laughing.

Yes, Ye Zichen just looked at them with a faint look, and immediately shot!

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