The old man who fell heavily on the ground had a pain in his chest, and he couldn’t help but spit out a blood.

He stared at Ye Zichen standing in the void, his two white clouds behind his wings fluttering back and forth, and holding his hands, he looked at him in a look of indifference.

Just then, the thick, dark ink cloud drifted away, and a ray of light shone through the whole land.


Now Ye Zichen is like an angel often mentioned in the book, with the glory of the sun, standing proudly above the void.


Gu Zichen, who is hiding in the void, can't help but raise his eyebrows. Of course, he knows that Ye Zichen is of the sacred demon, and he knows that he has wings behind him, and that his wings will grow in the future.


The premise that this wing condensed appeared when Ye Zichen became a god.

If the track of history has not changed, then the pair of wings is condensed when Ye Zichen is a god. Just under the god, his god is broken, and the wings disappear.

When he rejoined the pair of wings, it was time for him to descend.


The ancient child in the clouds suddenly frowned. At the time of the chaotic void, the spiritual power of the handprint was absorbed by the broken godhead of the ancient child.

Could it be said that the energy in the fingerprints caused the damage of the gods to heal.

This pair of angel wings is also re-aggregated.

If this is the case, then everything will turn. However, if the godhead is successful, Ye Zichen should not fall under the old age.

"Really, if you didn't show your wings, I might have forgotten."

Ye Zichen looked indifferently at the ancient departure below, and said, "I hate this pair of wings. It seems to be swearing that the blood of the Mozu is flowing in my body. I hate the Mozu, so I rarely use it, and I almost want to abandon it. But now, maybe it’s not the time to care about it, right? ”

Gradually moving toward the ground, the ancient departure of Ye Zichen, every step of the sky, there will be a ripple in the void, the wings behind it are not falling in the feathers of the ray.

"Thank you very much, let me think of such a card, but your sins are unforgivable."

"Ha ha ha ha"

The ancient lie lying on the ground suddenly laughed. He wiped his wings with his hand and waved his wings and landed a hundred meters away from Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen and Gu Li are so far away, the wings behind them represent



I have to admit that the two of them are really worthy of their opponents. From the beginning of the world, to the recognition of their respective reincarnation, even the current wing

It is also the opposite of black and white!

"I was really hurting that punch."Ancient hand stretched out his hand and rubbed his chest, and then stretched out and said, "But it is a win, what is so proud." As a result, you are still not dead. ”

"Is it?"

Ye Zichen's mood is not undulating, not sorrowful, not angry, not laughing.

"Try not to know."

As soon as the voice fell, the ancient departures 100 meters away were already disappearing. After a brief pause, Ye Zichen waved his wings and followed.


The frequency of the two sides is too fast, and the people on the field can no longer capture the situation in which they play.

There are only two people who can only see clearly.

Black Dragon and Guzi Chen.

Within a few breaths, Ye Zichen and Gu Zi are no more than a hundred times.

Pair of punches.


The two are separated.

Ye Zichen went back to the rear, and the old is also the same, but his right arm is constantly shaking.

In the boxing, his arm was broken.

"I do not believe."

The injured right arm trembled softly, and the old man tried to cover up the injury at his arm. He stared at Ye Zichen, who was still indifferent in front of him.

He doesn't believe it, but just a pair of wings, his strength can be stronger than him.

If he does not believe in evil, he will go on his face.


The left arm is broken.

The arms are weakly falling on both sides of the body, and the ancients are red.

"You are not my opponent."

Ye Zichen looked at him indifferently and shouted. "When you broke the big sacred limbs, then I will break your body."


The ancient yin smiled, and immediately his body was filled with purple mist.


"I can't lose!"

Gu Gu was also a gloomy burst of ecstasy, and immediately after his demonization, his skin became completely purple-black, and his side was filled with a pungent purple mist.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen's eyelids moved, but he knew the resilience of this demonization. Just as the wings behind Ye Zichen twitched gently, he flew out like a gas gun.


There was a coldness in the nose, and Ye Zichen, who was rushing over, smiled at the old mouth.


The fist did not hesitate to stretch out, but Ye Zichen, who was about to punch him, suddenly disappeared.

Even if it appeared on his back, he stepped on his back and stepped on the ground.


One foot fell.

The bones on the back are broken.

It’s just that the back of the sunken back is still healing and reborn.

"Healing ability? At that time, you made this self-healing ability very bad. Are you sure you want to use it?"


In the same level of dealing with the hands can be said to be quite b, but in the face of absolute strength suppression, it is only to let the enemy add pain to him.


It is also a foot that will smash the back of the ancient.

It didn't take long before it healed again.

"Ye Zichen."

Let the ancient shackles stepping on the ground scream, and the zombie ancestors under his hands felt the danger of the ancients, and they all wanted to come and help.

"Block them, and they can't let them disturb Ye Di."

Seeing Ye Zichen's dominance, the beasts and the powers outside the fairyland are also fighting. They know that they may not be the opponents of the zombie ancestor, but they also want to stop.

As long as Ye Di can make a free hand, they will turn over!

The strength of Ye Zichen is also a great encouragement for the group of bloody soldiers. For a time, the soldiers in the three circles are in full swing.

"Break the four limbs of the Great Holy?"

"Let Liu's sister be sad?"

"Let Yuan Hong live and die?"

Under every word of Ye Zichen, he will smash all the skeletons of the ancient body, and after all waiting for a while, he will heal again.

Let the ancient departs under the feet be biting their teeth and not screaming.

"Don't talk, is it much harder than before?" Forget it, go to hell. ”

After being tired, Ye Zichen also lost interest in him, lifting his feet and heading down to the ancient head.

"Black Dragon, you still can't shoot it!"

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