"Are you still not shooting?"

The thundering anger was lingering in the ear of the black dragon. Of course he saw the miserable appearance of the ancients. After he took advantage of the wings behind Ye Zichen, he was actually pressed into this.

No wonder the demons of the Mozu are masters, and the bonus of the wings is too much.

But he did not shoot in the first time, it was hesitation in his heart, he wanted to die.

The depth of the black dragon's resentment against the ancients may be the most clear in his heart, even the devils who are also occupied by the home, can not feel the same.

He hates the ancients too much!

In the past six months or so, he could think of the old-fashioned laughter at that time, and the scene of his forced departure.

He is the commander of the Mozu, the king of the Mozu.

The former Mozu subspace was his kingdom. He controlled the land that could last for tens of thousands of years and even let the kid rob.

This is playing his face.

It is also on the side to highlight his incompetence!

If he died here, is everything over? The embarrassment in his heart may also stretch at this time, but after a short hesitation, he still chose to shoot.

Ye Zichen, who punched, suddenly felt a dangerous taste and swept from his front.

The fist that had already fallen made him recover, and he could feel that if he fell, he would be seriously injured.

Between the wings, the figure retreats.


so close.

The position where he quits happens to be on the edge of the Black Dragon attack range. He has almost no chance to breathe. He sees the position where he stood before, and the ground suddenly protrudes like a demonic palm.

"It's still working together."

Ye Zichen locked the eyebrows, although now he can feel the power of the body. Faced with these two people, he still needs to be cautious.

What's more, Black Dragon really gives him a very dangerous feeling.

"It’s still timely."

The ancient lying on the ground got up on his own, and he certainly wouldn't think that the Black Dragon would be good enough to lift him up. They didn't seem to have such a harmonious relationship.

The black dragon that shot was standing a few meters away from him, but he never saw him from beginning to end.

"Don't be like this, since you choose to save me, the tricks now belong to the grasshopper on a rope, and you feel the crisis for Ye Zichen."

Gently dagger.

The Black Dragon is a million people who are unwilling to come to save the ancients. The black dragons with four pairs of wings have indeed noticed a deep deterrent from Ye Zichen.

Of course he will not doubt that he is not his opponent.

It’s just that he doesn’t want to make too many scorpions. To be on the safe side, it’s better to save the ancients. It’s better to deal with Ye Zichen together.

"The Mozu really is not a commitment to the generation."

Ye Zichen in the distance is also a faint opening, of course he will not doubt that Black Dragon will always stay out of the game, and this result has long been in his expectation.

Therefore, he is not so angry, very indifferent.

The Black Dragon has no words, just a faint gaze at the front. This silence made the atmosphere around the three of them sink and sink, and Ye Zichen tightened his nerves, staring at their shoulders and alerting everything.

call out.


After a short period of silence, the ancient abrupt disappeared into this void. The black dragon beside him was also smashed into a line at this time, climbing the scales on his arms and cheeks.

The two of them must have discussed each other in the silence.

Now that the enemy is in the dark, Ye Zichen’s gaze keeps looking around, immediately


Turning back to the back and smashing the past, at the moment he turned, the black dragon was also turned into a stream of light to launch an attack toward him.


The roar of the explosion reappeared above the void, and when you look at it, you can only see a few light collisions, and when they collide, it will also produce a little light.

The people around them are also fighting each other, but

There is obviously a disadvantage in the animal domain.

Ordinary warriors are imposing, they seem to be fighting like a chicken blood, killing. At the high end or the top combat power, the demon's twelve devils or the four zombie ancestors are not the masters of the animal domain can resist.

Although they have already played two games, especially when they are against the demon, they have reached five dozen.

Still slightly showing the trend.

But they are all biting their teeth, as long as they stay through this time. Whether it is Ye Diteng's shot, or waiting for the aid of the reinforcements, they still have the possibility of surviving.

Above the void, the black dragon climbing the dragon scale at the arm is like a trunk-like right arm, and the blood vessels on the arm are completely blown up.

Like a worm, he kept climbing on his arm, and his face was full of cockroaches.


"not good."

Ye Zichen, who had just repelled the ancients, suddenly felt the danger behind him, but he knew that it was too late to avoid it.

But in an instant, he made the best judgment.

Turn around.

Cross arms, hard resistance.


At the moment when Black Dragon's fist and Ye Zichen's arms touched, Ye Zichen flew like a cannonball.

"Ye Di."

Notice this scene, the people in the animal domain and the three worlds are all in the heart.

But the masters are in the middle of a small amount of time. Their short pause is to let the people across it catch it almost.


Almost at the same time, the power of several animal domains and the three worlds fell heavily on the ground. And their injuries also affected the soldiers who were fighting in front of the blood.


Landing on the head or letting the zombies feed.

All this is like a butterfly effect, which affects this ring.

"It seems that this arm is a waste."

Ye Zichen climbed out in the deep pit, and he pulled his right arm and rubbed the ash on his body with his left hand.

The previous strike of Black Dragon was particularly fatal. At the moment when his fist fell on his arm, Ye Zichen blew backwards and used force to remove some power.

It can be said that his right arm still interrupts him, and there is no way to heal in a short time.

The double boxing is really difficult for four hands.

Just in the fight, Ye Zichen felt that he had to lose a single shot, maybe he still had some chances. But the two men shot at him at the same time, he was too tired to deal with too much, and at their level, even if they have never cooperated, as long as the other party shot, the other person knows what he should do.

In the absence of an attack vulnerability on both sides, Ye Zichen's situation is really miserable.

What's more, he also feels that the masters on their side are not as strong as the people of the Mozu and Zombies. Now his right arm has also been damaged, and it is even more impossible for them to be opponents of the ancient and black dragons.

Then now

Got back!

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