Tap your lips and slowly walk a few steps toward the front.

Retreat is inevitable, but he needs to drag the Guru and Black Dragon guys.

call out.

Flapping the wings and falling onto the void.

The black dragon of the Mozu is still standing on the void, as if waiting for him to come back.

At this moment, Gu Gu’s eyes fell to the position of Ye Zichen’s right arm, the degree of distortion and the inability to fall.

"Is Ye Yi injured?"

A faint smile.

"Is Ye Yi envious of my self-healing ability?"Gu said with a sigh of relief, "At the time of our physical strength, it takes at least three or five days for the broken arm to heal." When there was no injury, Ye Di was so struggling, then…Is Ye Ze want to run now? ”

The finger trembled, and after seeing it, he grinned again.

"It seems that I am talking about it, but I may have said that running is not very good. How can Ye Di be a running person, and it should be a strategic retreat here. For the sake of the overall situation, right? ”

"Can't remember what I said to you a long time ago?"Ye Zichen, who had been silent for a moment, suddenly spoke.

"What did you say?"Ancient and light smile.

"Due to death."Ye Zichen’s meticulous face appeared a smirk, β€œIt’s you.”


The ancient face was a meal, but it didn't take long before he returned to his inertia.

Died in words?

He just likes to laugh at him when the enemy is desperate. He is willing to give the enemy hope to make him feel desperate.

This may be really bad habit, but he just likes it.

"But I have never died."

The black dragon on the side gave him a faint look. To be honest, he was a bit annoyed. When you are dying, you will be like a grandson. If you have an advantage, you will look like a villain. He really doubts why such a person can live for so long.

Ye Zichen didn't have much to ignore the answer to Gu Gu, just a faint smile.

"You remember what I said."

"Hey, is there any backhand for Ye Di?" People are really scared! But now Ye Di’s arm is broken, I don’t know what can I do? ”

Too lazy to take care of him, Ye Zichen turned his eyes to him, it was to spread the spirit.

"Los Angeles Lord."

The voice of Ye Zichen appeared in the sea of ​​Lowell who was healing the wounded elders of the animal domain. He subconsciously looked over Ye Zichen and heard the other voice.

"Dont look at me."

With this response, Rowe looked awkward.

"Ye, what happened? I saw you just now…You are not hurt! ”

"I don't have to manage the situation here, I can handle it myself. What is the situation on your side now? ”Ye Zichen's voice.

"The situation is not optimistic."Luo Wei looked at the injured people around him, and those still able to fight, but also suffered a lot of minor injuries, warning people around the frowning voice, "the power of the demon and zombies is too strong, let's do it Prepare, but still too small for them. Moreover, our preparations at that time were purely against the Mozu, and now the extra zombies made us somewhat unprepared. ”

Although there is no mention in the voice of Lowe that they are seriously injured, they can feel from the line, they can't stand it.

"Remove all of our people back. I will make a hole in the northwest later, and you will break out from there."

"it is good."

Luo Wei did not say much. Now he is very aware of the critical situation and the precious time. Since Ye Di chose to let them retreat, he did not need to know the reason, as long as it was done.

"Ye, the account is clear?"

At this time, the old sayings of the words are also open. "Let me think about where you will let them retreat from?" To the east is the Death Valley, and it seems that there is only one dead road. The South is the base camp of my people. When I go there, I will go back to me. The west is the Mozu. If you are going straight to the north, it should be unlikely, northwest! ”

He actually saw through!

Despite the hustle and bustle of the heart, there is still no change from the face of Ye Zichen.

He was so faint smile, and spread his hands and smiled.

"Who knows?"

At the moment when the voice fell, tens of thousands of swordsmanship appeared from behind his back, bursting out in the direction of the northwest.

"It's now."

When Lowell, who had been waiting for the signal of Ye Zichen, saw the tens of thousands of swords and shadows, he also yelled at the surrounding soldiers.

"It is now, withdraw!"

The warriors outside the animal domain and the fairyland run toward the northwest, and the elite of the demons want to block it, but all of them make Ye Zichen's tens of thousands of swordsmen obliterate.

There is no obstacle along the way, but it is short-lived…

Ye Zichen also said that he can only tear a hole. It won't take long for someone to fill the gap. When they can't break out, they will look at themselves.


Just as Ye Zichen landed the sword, there was a smile on the face of Gu Zi.

"Hey, what can you do if you say it!"

Ye Zichen smiled indifferently, and immediately the body was full of majestic momentum, and the eyes completely locked the ancient and black dragons.

"If I am here, you don't want to go. Especially the Black Dragon adults, killing so many Mozu, you can not blame. ”

Who knows…

I thought that Black Dragon would look at him with anger, but Ye Zichen saw no movement on his face. Looking at the ancients, he is also full of playful laughter, holding his shoulders with a pair of fearless look.

I looked at the northwest.

No one guards.

After the group of demons that his swordsman had erased, no one actually went there to defend.

Do they want to let them leave?

Absolutely impossible!

There must be a demon when things go wrong, there…

There is fraud!

"Ye Di Ye Ye, I really don't know what you think." I have given you some points before. The place you want to break through is the northwest. Since I can think of it, do you still think that I will not be there? ”

At this moment, the ancient sigh of holding his shoulder shook his head.

"Thank you very much, let them run to the northwest and kill them all." Just don't know, how they hate you, it's you, push them into the abyss! ”


When Ye Zichen looked shocked, he saw that no one was guarding the northwest direction. A group of zombies appeared in abruptly, and in front of them stood the four ancestors of the zombies and the two brothers of Zhao who held the soldiers.

"Do you know that from the beginning, I have laid an ambush in the northwest…Just before all this has started. ”

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