"There is an ambush!"

In the front of the road, Luo Wei, faintly saw a group of moving figures at the end of the road.

Everyone stopped, and it didn't take long for them to see the four zombie ancestors and the Zhao brothers, leading the blood stasis that could not be measured in front of them.

"It is blood stasis."

Someone in the crowd speaks, and more desperate news

"The road behind us has blocked the people of the Mozu."

Let the dumplings be surrounded by a group, which is somewhat different from the previous situation. The space before it was vast, even if it was wrapped up, they also had room for activities.

But now in this small space, they

Can only wait to die.

This is the real desperation. Some people are unable to curb their emotions at this time, and the collapse is on the ground.

They are full of blood, they have the contempt for death.

But why did they give them hope when they were ready for everything, and now they let them face despair.

Really can't resist it.

When someone is kneeling on the ground, it is like someone who can be infected and who is on the ground.

Looking at the past, it is like cutting wheat, all on the ground.

"Just stand up and give me a stand up!"

When he saw this scene, Luo Wei burst into tears. Of course, he knew that the current situation is so desperate. Can you despair to die here?

He is indeed a giant, and is also among the top strengths in the outer world of the fairyland or the elders of the animal domain.

But he is still an individual. If they want to break out, though the possibility is embarrassing, but if they really want to break through, then they will be twisted into a force.

"All stand up, what are you doing?"Luo Wei stood in the void and yelled. "Do you want to die here and wait for death, coward!" Remember what we said at the beginning, where did your blood go from now! ”

Not moving.

Blood, of course, burned, can they be re-burned when they are extinguished?

Burned out!

From their pupils, they can see their inner collapse, and they are so stunned on the ground, turning a deaf ear to the words of Lowe.

Luo Wei couldn’t help but sigh, but he understood

Understandably, he can't just let them die here because of understanding.

"Think about your children, think about the people you want to shelter. If your blood is burning, burn your life."

In fact, Luo Wei did not want to say such a thing, so that when he said this, it was very low.

To be honest, desperate?

He also feels desperate!

Ye Di spoke to him and said that he opened the gap for him and let them withdraw. To be honest, if Ye Di does not have this voice, maybe even if they are dead, they can stand up to death.

Ye Ye let them withdraw and gave them a live hope.

But the result is the same.

Blame Ye Emperor?

Can't blame it!

After all, he is kind, and the starting point is good, but the people on the opposite side are worse than them.

Do it all at once, second time tired, third time exhausted!

They are really tired!

Now that Lowell can only move out of his children, mention a little bit of everyone’s spirit, as for the result.

Listen to your fate!

Sure enough, the mention of the children was effective, and the group of warriors who stood on the ground stood up again. They were armed with weapons to meet the enemy, but they could never see the fearlessness from their faces.

Broken jar broken?

Can kill one count, if you can't kill, then die!

"The ancients are really a godsend, and they can count on going here."

Stopped in the drought and the opening of the zombie ancestors in front of them, her ugly face was filled with mocking smiles.

"Look at this poor reptile and have lost hope for the future."

"Zhao Zikai!"

Just then, a spoiled drink came out of the crowd. Lin Xihe, who was seen in the blood of the bath, came out of the crowd. The apricots were filled with unspeakable emotions. Zhao Zi, standing in front of the zombies, shouted.

"What shouts, long, pretty, but I hate long, pretty women."

The eyes of the marmots flashed through the haze, and the voice was going to be shot, but at this moment a figure was in front of her.

"Anger anger."

"Ok?"The man with the drought and the eyebrows locked his eyebrows and looked at the man in front. "Who are you, dare to stop me?" By the way, are you the ones who follow our team? ”

"Little Zhao Zi."Zhao Zikai owes his body.

"Zhao Zikai?"Drought and raise eyebrows.

"This kid was introduced by the ancients and returned to him."Houqing explained on the side.

"such."The drought and flood nodded and said, "The woman just seemed to call Zhao Zikai. Is it you?"

"It's small."Zhao Zixiao smiled. "Also ask the grown-ups to get angry and let the small past solve everything."

"Go ahead."

The people who came from the introduction of the ancients, the droughts and floods are also easy to do.

Zhao nodded and looked back to Lin Xihe. The blood on the body made him unable to hold his eyebrows. To be honest, there was love for Lin Xihe in his heart.


"You don't deserve to call me."Lin Xihe apricots erected and looked at Zhao Zi's teeth. "I am stupid enough to trust you so much." I did not expect that you were alone with the Mozu, and even had a connection with them. Zhao Zikai, you are really good! ”

"what do you know!"Zhao Ziyu angered.

"I really don't know anything, I admit it."Lin Xihe nodded. "If I knew everything, I would not have taken the plan of your villain."

The voice did not fall, Lin Xihe could not help but frown and touched his lower abdomen.

After Zhao Zikai saw it, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. He immediately looked at Lin Xihe's abdomen.


"Oh, it doesn't matter to you."Lin Xihe was angry.


I took a sigh of relief.

"Well, you can be as if it doesn't matter to me, but I can't." Don't say that I don't read the old feelings. Now I will give you the opportunity. If you like, I can let you go! ”

"What about the group of people behind me, what should I do with my men!"

"They can't go."Zhao Zikai has a sullen face and no open space for circling. "They have to stay here, letting you go is my bottom line."

"Bottom line?"Lin Xihe smiled and said, "A good bottom line, Zhao Zikai, is your conscience let the dog eat it!"

"Whatever you say!"Zhao Zikai also burst into tears at this time. "I will say the last time, you still can't go, if you don't go, then you will kill you!"

The body stepped back, and Lin Xihe’s face became pale at this time, and she immediately laughed.

"Then kill it!"

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